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The Sailmakers (Hull)

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Address: St Andrews Quay / Hull / East Yorkshire / HU3 4SA / United Kingdom / Tel: 0148 261 0921

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2010 17:06
      Very helpful



      A shame this is so rubbish on food!

      The Sailmakers Arms In Hull is a really, really busy pub! Situated by the river Humber thus giving lovely views there is ample parking to the front of the pub and it's near Mcdonalds and a few shops, handy for nipping into here and having a nice little drink when you see fit!

      The Address:

      St Andrews Quay,
      HU3 4SA
      Tel: 01482610921

      Opening Hours:

      11.30am- 11pm (Drinks)
      11.3am - 9pm (Food)

      The pub looks great from the outside. Dark wooden double doors and lots of dark windows and to the front and the back of the pub there is plenty of outdoor seating and a small, covered smoking area. It looks really nice on the outside then when inside the pub it is actually rather large with lots of dark seating and some more secluded side tables which are more benches than seats type of thing. The tables are all well spaced allowing easy enough navigation and the tables of course come in an array of shapes and sizes.

      Inside the pub it has a sort of nautical feeling a bit like a boat inside with low beams. There are some grab machines to play on and you can request an activity pack which is free to keep the kids amused if you so wish. Music plays at a decent volume in the pub too not being too loud or too in your face so you can still hear yourself think!

      The bar is extensively stocked with a large array of alcohol, soft drinks and coffees though at busy times (which is around lunch time and in the evenings) you can have to wait ages to be served but saying that it is like that in most places isn't it really and this is a really popular location after all lol.

      Me and my mate had been here a couple of times for a coffee and always enjoyed the views of the river this gave us. We liked the hustle and bustle and always found the drinks cheap enough. They do great coffee as well at about 99p a cup and after looking at the menu one day decided that we really must eat here!

      This is where we changed our mind about this pub cos up until then we loved it here!

      You get drawn in by the meal deals here for sure. All day until about 4pm you can get a selection of things off the menu for a fiver. This includes a main course a dessert and a drink. The meals in this deal are rather basic and you get a burger and chips or a small cod and chips and say ice cream after and a tea or a coffee but to be fair this does offer great value for money. On a Sunday they do a roast dinner with fresh Yorkshire pudding for £5.35 a head (all day) and then all day every day apart from weekends they do 2 meals for the price of 1 all day long. This really does offer great value for money cos you can get say two steak meals with all the trimmings for around £10.00! They do a few starters including prawn cocktail and soups and desserts that mainly consist of cheesecakes and ice creams. The kids menu costs about £3.75 a head and has lasagna and chips and scampi and chips on it though there isn't a huge variety there to pick from and only two dishes that are completely Vegetarian that I saw.

      Me and my mate went for a prawn cocktail each and cod and chips. We sat for ages sipping our latte when eventually our prawn cocktail arrived. It looked as it should and then I bit into it and screamed out in pain. I almost chipped a tooth as the prawns were not defrosted! It really hurt me. My mate went mad cos her prawns were the same so we called a member of staff over and calmly explained the problem to him. We than sat and waited and then waited some more then the manager whizzed over with no explanation and simply took them. We then waited again and not knowing what was going on I had to ask a member of staff the situation with our food and he got the manager. The manager asked bristly what the problem was I said the prawn cocktail nearly snapped our teeth out what's going on? He said oh kitchen is making another one up for you both. By this time me and my mate were hungry, bored and frustrated and needed to get home to the dogs that were waiting for their walk! I said look no offence we don't want to eat here now can we have a refund please. He agreed to a refund on the prawn cocktails and we signed for that but he wouldn't let us have a refund for the fish and chips we were still waiting for. My mate wanted to just leave and not eat the fish and chips but like I said no point in cutting off our noses to spite our faces lets just see what happens. Half an hour later the meal turned up. My fish was battered and a bit greasy, my 10 chips were cold and my 16 peas (yes I counted them as I was disgruntled lol) were ok. We had enough sauces and everything and although it wasn't a wonderful meal it served it's purpose ok I suppose.

      The toilets were clean and a disabled one was available and that was clean too (I know this cos I have a radar key and use it lol) and that was that we couldn't wait to get out of there.

      We did go back actually a while after that happened and once again long wait and staff who ain't got much of a clue though the same manager wasn't there on this occasion and the guy that was on duty made sure the place was spik and span and that the kitchen ran alot more smoothly and the atmosphere was calmer though food still mediocre and we only ate there cos we knew someone who wanted to eat there.

      The menu isn't all that extensive, the portions are not that large and all in all I don't like this pub. Love the views and feel this is acceptable for a night out with the family type of place but I shouldn't have to eat frozen food and be treated like some sort of criminal person for saying anything. The manager was pushy and obtuse even calling me a liar when I told him how long we had been waiting and I found this pub to make me feel humiliated and sad! Won't go here again sadly and I really wish I could give it a thumbs up!


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