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The Ship Inn (Uphill)

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Address: 56 Uphill Way / Uphill / Weston Super Mare / Avon / BS23 4TN

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 17:08
      Very helpful



      A lovely pub to chill out in, friendly and with a good menu choice!

      When my parents come and visit me in Weston super Mare we often go out to eat. We tend to stick to places though that I have frequented over the past 3 years I have been there and very rarely just jump in the car in the off chance of finding somewhere decent. However one afternoon I had a hospital appointment and I had to starve a couple of days before said appointment and so we went a short drive to Uphill in Weston Super Mare which is a basically a road on the way up to a sandy seafront that I wanted them to see as they had never seen it before and we came across two pubs and we liked the look of this one and it had ample parking to the back of the pub so we nipped in to see if the place served food and it did so we decided to risk ordering as we saw lots of other people eating meals which looked really nice!

      The Place:
      The Ship Inn
      56 Uphill Way
      Weston-Super Mare
      North Somerset
      BS23 4TN
      Tel: 01934 621470

      Opening Times Of The Pub:

      All day till 11.30pm, Sat-Sun its open till 12pm though. Monday-Saturday food is served from 12-2pm/ 5pm-9pm but on a Sunday the evening time serving time finishes at 8pm.

      The Pub:

      It stands back from the road with like I stated earlier ample parking to the back of the pub. The place looks nice which is what first attracted our attention to it. It's a detached white building with a brown roof and from the outside looks very well maintained indeed with clean windows and curtains etc. Inside and straight ahead of you is a dark bar that isn't huge with bar stools infront of that, dark red carpet, lots of interesting local paintings and so on, on the walls and the chairs and benches around tables of lots of different sizes. Wheelchairs can access the main bar area and dogs and children are made very welcome.

      Down some stairs there is a dart board and a pool table and then down a corridor off that area are toilets and another entrance into the pub. If wheelchair users want to use the toilets which are clean, tidy and nothing special the only way I can see them getting to use those is by going out of the main entrance to the building and to just before the carpark there is a side entrance. You can sit in the main bar area to eat though there is two further sets of stairs going up and that is the restaurant area if you prefer to sit there which we did. There are ten tables available to choose from, again of various shapes and sizes all set out and menus are scattered all over the place and the tables are set up.

      This isn't a 'posh' eatery. You order and pay at the bar upon ordering. We found service (only one barmaid was on duty) rather slow and just to get drinks we had to find her as she had vanished so we had to wait a few minutes though ordering food was easier we still waited about 40 minutes for our food to be brought to us however we did get our drinks to be going on with.

      A pint, a Crabbies and a glass of wine came to just short of a tenner which we though was rather pricey. Although there wasn't loads to choose from drinks wise none alcoholic beverages and hot drinks were available and a selection of ales, lagers and wines though this isn't an alco pop sort of place.

      The food selection was good though but again a little pricey. I was starving and went for beer battered fish and chips which cost about eight pounds, mum went for steak and ale pie and chips (about the same price as mine) and my stepdad went for Sirloin steak and trimmings which cost about fourteen pounds. We could have gone for starters which included prawn cocktail, soup of the day, garlic mushrooms and the likes at about a fiver each and main courses includes salmon, homemade chilli and garlic chicken and lots of specials but we all chose pretty quickly!

      Although the meals took a while to come out and be served and we though the whole lots was pricey we were delighted when the food did come out. It was steaming hot, on huge and warm plates and really did look home cooked. My fish and chips were plentiful, the batter was great, no bones and I was really impressed with the chips and I even got a nice fresh salad. My mums meal again looked fresh and home cooked and I tasted a bit of her pie and the meat was tender and tasty and again she got loads of dinner and a side salad. My stepdads steak came out rare and tender as he asked for, he loved his chips too and also got a side salad with his. We ordered onion rings at about a pound for 6 each, again home cooked and fresh and although we are all huge eaters we all couldn't eat it all and all left a bit on our plates and not only did we praise the chef for good honest food of large potions my step dad was so impressed he left a tenner tip on the table!

      There is a selection of sandwiches and chips served and meals in a basket like chicken and chips, scampi and chips at about a fiver a go and these were what the majority of the people in the pub were eating. I didn't see any desserts on the menu though to be fair after consuming a main meal in here I'd be surprised if anyone could tackle or manage that anyway!


      When we looked at the prices for just having lunch in a pub we did think it was rather high priced grub at first however this is home cooked food at its best and you get loads of it. The surrounding are nice, it's not got loud music blaring though some background like Elvis and 70's stuff is played. The place is clean and tidy and the staff are unhurried and clean and tidy and very friendly. If your lucky you will greeted by the pub dog Sophie who we couldn't stop fussing and it is great this pub is dog friendly and child friendly as there aren't many of them in Weston Super Mare and The Dolphin pub which is the next pub along on the road doesn't allow dogs or children. We raved about this place and felt that ok it's a bit pricey but it's worth it to get decent quality and tasty food!

      The only thing that did put us off was that as we were leaving we did see a humane rat trap provided by Rentokill at the back of the building where the car park is. It's me that noticed it and Mum was a bit upset by this find that I shouted loudly and she said if she had of known she wouldn't have eaten there but as my step dad pointed out it is a bit of a rural pub and rats and that are expected and at least they are doing something about it!

      You can pay by cash or card here however I would think for disabled/wheelchair users this could be a tricky place to navigate. It does have bands and live music on from time to time so if in the area I would deffo check that out!

      This is a nice pub, quiet and worth a visit I just wish I'd found it sooner before moving from the area which is what I'm doing now!


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