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The Sunnyside Inn (Northampton)

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2 Reviews

Boughton Green Rd, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2 7AG. Tel:08721 077 077

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    2 Reviews
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      20.12.2013 14:48



      Landlord Karl is very helpful, since Karl has been back at the Sunnyside the atmosphere has changed, its ideal for families and staff are polite and helpful. Karl insures the place is kept clean, and makes you feel welcome The food is hot and good value for money..I would recommend this Hungry Horse to my friends and family.


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      11.08.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      An excellent pub restaurant in Northampton.

      My younger daughter and son-in-law live in Northampton, one day around seven years ago we discovered a wonderful pub restaurant called The Sunnyside Inn. It's located opposite Northampton University and therefore is very popular with students, especially on Rugby day as we've noticed over the years! This doesn't make it a student bar however as it seems to be very popular amongst families and couples; it can get loud sometimes in the evening but during the day it's fairly quiet and even when it's loud I have never seen any ill feeling in this pub, I always feel completely comfortable visiting with my granddaughters and have even eaten here alone when I found myself very early for an appointment in the area.

      The menu is very good and centres around good old pub grub, the Scampi & Chips is excellent and this is the dish I usually go for when eating in Sunnyside. There is plenty of large pieces of perfectly cooked scampi, the chips are always free of grease and have a real home made feel to them that sets them apart from other pub chips. This is served with a fresh and tasty salad and wonderfully cooked peas; the whole meal is just divine and this is why I rarely vary my choice in this pub.

      Of course there are plenty of other menu options to choose from. My daughter usually has a steak meal, she is not overly fond of chips so always mentions how happy she is that in Sunnyside you can swap your chips for a jacket potato or boiled potatoes as apparently in Northampton there are several establishments which don't allow you to change any aspect of your meal when ordering. She asked for a medium rare steak on our last visit but specified she wanted it erring more to rare. I thought at the time that she was asking a little too much for what is a pub that serves basic meals, but when her food arrived she said it was cooked to perfection and I was astounded at how easily her knife slid through the still semi raw meat. It looked absolutely delightful, so much so in fact that next time I visit Sunnyside I intend to forgo my usual scampi and go for a steak. There are a selection of sauces available to compliment your steak, my daughter chose a peppercorn sauce which I dipped a chip into and can tell you it's worth ordering a steak just for this deliciously warm and peppery sauce.

      The current menu is excellent; food has always been very good in The Sunnyside Inn but they've changed things around and tweaked the options over the years with today's menu being the final, wonderful result. Their fish and chips is even better than the local (excellent) chippy, the pies all taste so fresh that even if they're not made on the premises I know they are of excellent quality, a rich lasagne which is so creamy and delightful that I have to stop myself licking the plate afterwards - visiting Sunnyside you'll have the choice of all this and more.

      There are a good range of starters on the menu including a few options for platters to share which we often go for. I like the selection of the platters and we have ordered them on a number of occasions and have never had cause for complaint, sometimes if my granddaughters' aren't particularly hungry (ie. if they've already wolfed down a Burger King from the service station en route to Northampton) I'll order them a starter platter and ask for it to be served with our main meal. This gives them something to pick at and the platters here are so generous that there is something for all of them, even the baby likes munching on a cheesy potato skin! Another starter I would wholeheartedly recommend is the Soup of the Day which doesn't vary as much as the title would suggest and is often a rich and wonderfully warming tomato and basil served with a chunk of baguette, especially delicious in the winter.

      Light meals are also available with a selection of baguettes, salads, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and other snack type foods. I've eaten a Ploughman's Lunch from the light meal section of the menu and it was excellent; crunchy fresh salad with a large chunk of smooth Cheddar, tangy perfect pickle and a wedge of delicious pork pie - for £3.95 you can't get better than that! Their baguettes are very good too and there are plenty of fillings to choose from, all of which will be served with a fresh salad and handful of chips. The basic cheese and onion baguette is my absolute favourite, but I also adore the tuna mayo one which is the perfect ratio of fish to sweetcorn and mayo and is wonderfully moist without being sloppy.

      There is an excellent children's menu in Sunnyside, my granddaughters' especially love eating here as they are given more adult choices than what can usually be found in this kind of pub restaurant. There are the usual fishfingers, sausages and chicken nuggets but these are offered alongside more exotic choices such as chilli con carne, prawn curry and admirals fish pie. My granddaughters' particularly enjoy the pizza meal which is a small stonebaked pizza with enough selection of toppings to make me think it's been freshly made or prepared rather than being a chilled mass produced pizza. They tend to feel very grown up while eating this meal as it is served in a much more adult style than if the pub had simply used smaller plates for their smaller meals, my ten year old granddaughter loves the fact that she gets a salad garnish as not many places provide it for children so she always steals mine!

      Desserts are wonderful here at The Sunnyside Inn. Like the scampi I mentioned earlier I have a favourite all-weather dessert and that is the Chocolate Orange Sponge Pudding - absolutely delicious is all I can say about it. It's basically a light and richly flavoured chocolate sponge which contains the best orange sauce I've ever tasted inside, the sweetness of the sponge and tartness of the sauce is absolutely divine and when married with the piping hot custard it is served with - wow! There are plenty of hot and cold desserts to choose from including a selection of ice creams, apple and fruit pies, fresh fruit and brownie type desserts all jostle for space on the menu making us greedy types drool, I love the fact that the desserts are all classics although some have been given a modern twist. A nice one I ate recently was an apple pie which had a 'lid' made of a rich toffee icing and was absolutely wonderful!

      The Sunnyside Inn is a pleasant pub to eat in, the decor is pleasant and light and seating is comfortable. The tables are all on the large side which is nice as I like to have plenty of room while eating, I also like the fact that there are wide aisles between the tables and I don't feel jostled at any point while eating. I always ask for a table near the window wall as outside is an excellent play area for children which is like an old fashioned (but basic) ropes course. My ten year old granddaughter in particular enjoys this as there are always plenty of children playing and it's great to be able to keep an eye on her from our table.

      The car park is fairly spacious at The Sunnyside Inn, although be aware that there is a short walk from the car park to the pub and no parking near the door. I took a slow stroll along the path and it wasn't an issue for me, although if you have more severe mobility problems then you may struggle with both the distance and very slight incline of the walk.

      I've never had cause for complaint while visiting Sunnyside. The staff are all friendly and food has always been great, the pub is clean inside and out with glasses and plates cleared away quickly and litter removed from tables. Each main meal from The Sunnyside Inn will usually cost around £6 - £7, with starters and desserts being priced around the £3.50 mark. Our last visit to Sunnyside cost just over £35 for the two of us, although we were very greedy and ate all three courses on that particular day! This included drinks too so the value is actually very good indeed in my opinion considering the size of the portions and quality of the food.

      The Sunnyside Inn
      Boughton Green Road
      NN2 7AG

      Telephone: 01604 713322


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