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The Sutton Park Hotel (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands)

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2 Reviews

Address: 1 Boldmere Road / Sutton Coldfield B73 5UY / West Midlands

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 12:13
      Very helpful



      good enough but not brilliant

      Sutton Park Hotel is a pub/restaurant (not a hotel as the title would have your believe). It is part of the Sizzling pubs chain.

      ~Sutton Park Hotel - The Essential Information~

      1 Boldmere Road
      Sutton Coldfield
      B73 5UY

      0121 362 4951

      This pub is in a good location near some shops. The website states that it is in easy reach of Wylde Green, Erdington and New Oscott. We entered through an entrance at the car park. A few tables are located outside which is ideal for warmer evenings. Inside the pub, the layout is good and it is definitely more pub like than it is restaurant like in my opinion. There are various seating options for different sized parties who are dining at more casual seating for those wishing to simply have a drink.

      The pub has a pleasant decor with wooden beams and stained glass window panels. The tables were clean and the pub was spacious. The pub is all on the flat so disabled diners can move around freely. Children and babies are catered for. A few amusement machines were dotted around and televisions showing sports channels were present. The toilets were clean and well stocked. We did find the pub to be a little noisy and it was very much like a Wetherspoons type pub.

      ~Food On Offer~

      The website www.sizzlingpubs.co.uk has the full menu as well as any special offers such as Curry Night and Grill Night. A well displayed menu was on our table and clearly showed all the dishes on offer and how much everything cost. The food on offers is varied compared to many pubs but the Wetherspoons theme is still very much present. The food is very cheap. Many dishes can be increased to kingsize dishes or you can simply opt for a regular sized portion. Chicken shaker bags are available.

      *Starters priced from £1.50 to £5.99 - 10 options including garlic bread, breaded mushrooms and sharing platters.

      *Main courses priced from £3.19 to £9.59 - over 25 options ranging from burgers, steaks, various pasta dishes and salads to Indian combos, pies, sausage and mash and fish and chips. There is something for everyone and a range of sides are available.

      *Vegetarian dishes priced from £3.79 - vegetarians are catered for with dishes such as vegetable korma, Quorn chilli, Quorn fillets, veggie burger and also salad and pasta dishes.

      *Light bites priced from £2.59 - jacket potatoes and baguettes.

      *Childrens meals priced at £2.99 or £4.50 including a drink and dessert - lots of options including sausages, BBQ chicken and scampi with chips, jacket potato or mash. Children can also opt for sides and pasta dishes. Puddings including chocolate sponge, custard, ice cream or jelly.

      *Desserts priced from 99p to £4.99 - sundaes, ice cream, lemon ice cream cake, treacle pudding and lots more.

      Sutton Park Hotel also has a varied range of drinks like many other pubs. The bar is well stocked with beer, spirits and soft drinks. We found bottled beer and alcopops to be expensive (around £3.00 a bottle) but wine is priced from £6.29 per bottle. The pub has special drinks offers including 4 shots of Sours for £5.00. Soft drinks were around £2.00 a pint.


      We arrived at the Sutton Park Hotel around 6pm and were seated straight away. The restaurant was fairly busy and there weren't many staff on so we had quite a wait at the bar to order food. The staff were friendly though. Food should be ordered and paid for at the bar and this was an easy enough process. Our cuttlery and condiments were brought promptly but we found that the food was quite slow to come out and dirty plates took a while to be cleared due to the lack of staff on shift.

      ~Our Meal~

      During our recent trip to Birmingham, we wished to eat out for dinner on the first and second evening. The Sutton Park Hotel was recommended by gingelou (thanks again) and we decided to eat here for dinner after our long journey from Scotland. Whilst we had the car with us, we chose to get a taxi so my brother in law could have a drink and this cost £8.00 from the Streetly area - quite expensive.

      The restaurant itself looked attractive from the outside. We were all very hungry by the time we arrived so had a quick look at the menu and ordered our meals. We didn't have any vegetarians dining with us but we did have our son so can comment on the childrens meal. The food, overall, I would say was fine for the price but nothing particularly outstanding. If you are after cheap grub and a drink, then the Sutton Park Hotel is perfectly fine for this purpose.

      My brother in law and his fiancee aren't big on starters but did order a portion of garlic bread. It was a little crisp around the edges but apparently tasted fine and kept them going until their main course arrived. I love starters and opted for a bowl of buffalo chicken wings (straight from the grill, tasty chicken wings served with a BBQ dipping sauce). I received around 8 chicken wings but cannot say I was impressed. Whilst thoroughly cooked, the wings were tiny and had barely any meat on them. The BBQ sauce was nice and rich but the chicken was a big let down and I didn't really enjoy it.

      My sons meal was not brought with the starters but did arrive 10 minutes after we had finished our starters. He wanted sausage and chips and we requested no gravy. He enjoyed the chips but wasn't so keep on the plump sausages as they were a little overcooked. He refuses to eat anything that looks remotely overcooked. I was spoiled for choice with what to order but settled for the 8oz rump steak (seasoned with salt and pepper and char grilled to order. Served with seasoned chips, fried onions and half a grilled tomato). This was priced cheaply at £5.79 and whilst I found it to be a bit too char grilled, it was cooked to my liking inside and wasn't chewy or fatty. I added a pot of Jack Daniels sauce to my order which was absolutely delicious! The chips were very tasty - thick and nicely fluffy inside and the sides were fresh and flavoursome. I really enjoyed my main course.

      My fiance decided he wanted the Angus ultimate burger - a king size portion (burger with grilled bacon, melted cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings) - this was served with chips. His burger was huge and there were two burgers in the bun. He couldn't finish it all but did enjoy it. It was priced well at £8.29 and the meat quality was excellent. My brother in law opted for a chicken tikka masala at £5.99 which was served with naan and rice. His portion was huge and enjoyed very much. He confirmed the sauce to be full of flavour and the rice fluffy and moist. My sister in law opted for a regular cheeseburger with chips priced at £4.29. She commented that the meat was nice but the bun was a little too hard for her liking. She had some coleslaw as a side and found it to be fresh and tasty.

      Both myself and my sister in law opted for desserts and we had to go up and order them at the bar. Our son had ice cream included in his meal and it was the cheap, yellow ice cream but he enjoyed it. I personally fancied the sundae which contained Crunchie, Curly Wurly and Dairy Milk pieces but worried I may be ill afterwards so settled for the bramley apple pie at £2.99. Whilst I received a good sized portion, I found the base of the apple pie to be non existant. The apples pieces were lovely and sweet as was the cream and the portion was a pleasant way to finish my meal.

      My sister in law decided to try the Millionaire shortbread cake with cream priced at £2.79. She really enjoyed this. It looked lovely and resembled a slice of cheesecake with various layers including caramel ice cream, chocolate ice cream and toffee sauce on a biscuit base. We all commented that the food, on the whole, was fine but nothing amazing. We did leave full up and managed to work some of it off during a 3 mile walk that evening!


      I believe we spent around £65.00 in total in the Sutton Park Hotel. This included two starters, four main courses, two desserts, a childrens meal, two sides, two soft drinks and around 6 bottles of alcohol. This is a fair price for we got. If in the area again, I would happily pop in here for a cheap bite to eat but not for a special occasion or anything.

      Overall 4 stars - cheap grub but not without its minor faults.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        31.07.2012 09:23
        Very helpful



        The Park Hotel

        Firstly, don't be deceived by the name of the pub I am reviewing today, The Sutton Park Hotel, for it is not actually a hotel. It may have been in years gone by but to my knowledge it is and always has been only a pub. The Sutton Park Hotel is located on the corner of Boldmere Road and Jockey Road in Sutton Coldfield and was one of my many local pubs until I moved in October 2011.

        Inside the Pub
        There are two entrances to The Sutton Park Hotel, one is via the pub car park on Jockey Road and the other is on the corner of Boldmere Road. 9 times out of 10 I would enter this pub through the car park on Jockey Road as I was usually going here on my way home from my Nan's house. Entering from this side of the pub will bring you directly into the large seating area with the bar area towards the back of the pub and the second entrance located near the bar.

        When I usually visit The Sutton Park Hotel I am usually going for pre-town drinks, heading home from my Nan's house or on the odd occasion we have been for meals here with family.

        When it comes to the pre-town drinks we don't usually bother finding a place to sit as we prefer to stand at the bar or near a random shelf on the wall. I have no idea why we do this, it just seems automatic and stops us getting the lazy feeling after sitting down. The Sutton Park Hotel offers a nice wide range of drinks with almost everything from lagers and bitters through to alcopops, mixers, spirits and soft drinks. I tend to go for the Smirnoff Ice when I am here, I'm not sure why as usually I am a Fosters or Carling girl. I think my Smirnoff Ice costs around the £3 mark but as I usually order a few drinks at the same time I cannot say exactly. I have noticed that when I order my Smirnoff Ice it is always served chilled and the bar staff always offer me a glass and ice, which I quite often take as I don't always like to drink from the bottle. The atmosphere in the pub in the evening is alright, however sometimes I do feel a little young and like I am surrounded by drunk old men and by this I mean the kind you may find on a park bench with a few "tinnies".

        It is notable to say that the staff here are quite hot on ID and they do check regularly, I am almost 30 and I still get asked for ID about 70% of the time. Of course I don't mind this as it makes me feel young and at the end of the day the staff are only doing their job. I know some people may find this annoying but after working in a pub myself and knowing the penalties if caught serving underage drinkers I totally understand why they are so vigilant.

        Family Meal Time
        In the past I have eaten at this pub with my family. In general it has been a question of convenience because the pub is so local and also the choice of various family members who's birthday or anniversary we have been celebrating.

        The Sutton Park Hotel is part of the Sizzling chain of pubs and serves a reasonably varied menu including steaks, various chicken dishes, burgers and what I like to call traditional 'gravy meals' with pies, chips and gravy. On my most recent visit to The Park for a meal I ordered both starter and main courses but sadly didn't have room for a pudding.

        To place your food order you will need to order at the bar and provide them with your table number. For my starter I ordered Reggae Reggae Chicken wings priced at £5.99 to share with my brother. The wings came served on a large plate, I am unsure of the exact quantity as we were more interested in eating than counting, but there was quite a lot of them! The wings had been cooked in Reggae Reggae sauce which gave them a great spicy flavour and they came served with a small dish of Reggae Reggae sauce on the side. For me it was enough that they were cooked in the sauce, but my brother was quite happy to polish the sauce dish off and complain that there wasn't enough! The wings were cooked nicely and the chicken was easy to eat although very hot and falling off the bone. Obviously this was possibly the messiest starter we could have ordered and we did have to take a trip to the toilets to wash our hands when we had finished.

        For my main course I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger for £4.29. This came served with chips and a small side salad as well as a bit of salad on the burger itself which was soon removed by myself as I don't like leaves on my burgers. The burger itself was very nice, there were thankfully no grisly bits and the cheese was melted perfectly. The bun which the burger was served in was a little dry for my liking and I did end up leaving part of it as I just couldn't eat that much bread! The chips were delicious and crispy and I happily managed to devour them all!

        After eating both starter and main course I didn't have room for a pudding, although the pudding menu did look rather nice and included items such as treacle pudding, chocolate fudge cake, ice cream and lemon drizzle cake. Oh what I would have given to have room for a treacle pudding served with custard!

        All in all the food here gets a big thumbs up from both me and my family, we have only ever had one problem with the food here and this was an occasion around 2 years ago now when my mum ordered a well done steak and it came cooked rare to medium, she did send it back and they cooked it more well done for her with no questions asked.

        The toilets in the Park have always been pretty clean and well looked after as far as toilet cleanliness goes. They have never had any dodgy smells that I can remember and they have always looked pretty clean to me.

        Personally, I am not a smoker. However for those of you who are there is a patio area near the car park which has a few wooden picnic style tables and benches and umbrellas for shade in the summer.

        With regards to wheelchairs and pushchairs The Sutton Park Hotel is good, the entrances' are on a level with both the street and car park area and once inside the pub everything is on one level. There are parts of the pub which may be tricky to move around but in general the pub is quite spacious and laid out well.

        Location and Car Parking
        The Sutton Park Hotel has a small car park located on Jockey Road. It is free to park here and does get quite full so be prepared that you may have to park on the main Boldmere High street and walk 5 or 10 minutes to the pub.

        The exact address for The Sutton Park Hotel is:
        The Sutton Park Hotel
        1 Boldmere Road,
        Sutton Coldfield,
        West Midlands.

        Overall I would recommend this pub, I enjoy going here for a few pre-town drinks when I am back home and I like that it is local for my family to meet up and enjoy a nice meal together without having to drive. We have always received a friendly service here and the staff are always friendly and polite.

        Thanks for reading :)


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