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The Thomas Leaper (Derby)

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Address: 27 Iron Gate / Derby / Derbyshire / DE1 3GL

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2013 11:30
      Very helpful



      A different chain pub/restaurant - not noisy and nice atmosphere

      The Thomas Leaper
      27 Iron Gate
      DE1 3GL

      The other day I joined my other Homestart volunteers for a lunch at this establishment and until this visit I must have walked passed this place hundreds of times and not even noticed it. In fact it is right next door to the previous place we had a meal, 'The Standing Order' which I have reviewed previously.

      The Thomas Leaper is a Weatherspoons pub so part of a chain but it doesn't really look like a chain pub/restaurant from the outside. I am no expert on Weatherspoons and have not got any other Weatherspoons visits to compare this with.

      The building where The Thomas Leaper is today is in 'what was known as Iron Gate House' and it is though t have been built around 1740s. This building was built on the site of Thomas Leaper's house a lot older that 1740 but it must have been impressive as they had nine hearths to pay tax on.

      During the 18th and 19th centuries, 'Iron Gate House' became a bank in the 18th and in 1879, the pub next door was bought to become the bank and today this is 'The Standing Order' 'Iron Gate House became the tailors Brigend and Byank . The shop known as Brigends was still there until 1997 and I remember it well.


      I arrived and entered the building which was quite up market looking with a bar and some tables. I walked through to the back and couldn't see our group so made my way up the rather smart staircase to the next floor.

      In one corner by the bar was our table set up for about 15 diners. I met another volunteer as I arrived and we headed to the bar to buy our drinks before going to join the others at the table. There were a few other tables occupied and the young man at the bar was kept quite busy as he was also the waiter for our table. He served our drinks quickly and with a friendly smile.

      Once at our table we could chose from the rather over sized menu card. I do hate menus that are so huge they constantly flop onto the person next to you. On one side there was the drinks and on the other the various food options if I remember correctly.

      They were offering a special deal of two main course fro a choice of about eight for £6.75 or something around that price.The meals in this section seemed quite good and as Homestart are paying we tried to keep the price down. One of the other volunteers and I chose our meals from there making a pair and so did several others. She chose a sweet chilli chicken with noodles and I chose a chilli con carne. There was also a ham egg and chips which was popular, a bean meal whi was the veggie version of my chilli plus a few other options.

      My chilli was quite tasty and served with saffron rice and a tiny bit of sour cream.It was quite mild and I was happy to eat most of it without rice. Others all said their food was good and there wasn't much sent back. It wasn't gourmet food but for a quick cheap lunch it was very good.

      After our main course we were offered the choice of coffee or a dessert. No contest so most of us went for puddings. Many went for the traditional crumbles, some cheesecakes which looked good, the lady next to me had a waffle with strawberry sauce and I chose ice cream with maple syrup which also had a broken up waffle in it presented in a sundae dish. It was huge, very sweet but very tasty!

      I believe the dessert was around £3.50 which was pretty good for the huge amount I got. In total my meal was less than £10, the drink was a cider in a bottle and that was £3.70 which was expensive in comparison to the food!!

      I was impressed with the food and service here. It was a lot nicer I thought, than 'The Standing Order' next door. It felt more welcoming. It was smaller and less barn like and the food was also better too. It was nothing fancy but it was tasty and plenty on the plate.

      The toilets were on the floor where we were sitting. I am not sure if there were any downstairs as well. They were clean and had paper towels and all worked.

      I would certainly be happy if Homestart took us here again and would also be happy to pop in here for a lunch with my family members if we fancied a lunch in Derby one day. I probably wouldn't head for here for an evening meal because it was not that special and if we go out in the evening we want something a bit different or special to make the occasion

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username



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