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The Tommy Wass (Leeds)

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Address: 450 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 7LJ

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2011 14:15
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Where its based

      Dewsbury Road
      Leeds 11

      On walking into the pub

      When you walk in to the pub you have 2 front doors both leading into different rooms so I will first start with the tap room, This is basically where you will find most people most days, its just a normal pub room with a dart board in and slot machines, there is not much more in there apart from seats and tables, then a large bar going through there pub, there is also a pool table which is situated out of the way in a corner. To be honest most times I have gone in this room it is mainly full of guys as there's not much in there for women unless you like pool and darts, my brother is in here quite a lot and I call it his second home, and I have only been in here a few times to meet him for a quick drink.

      Unless I have gone there for a party or a band which they do sometimes do, which brings me to the other room. You can enter this room either from the first room or from the outside second door. This room is slightly larger, with a small stage at the back of the room, and also a pretty big dance floor, then round the dance floor and the outskirts of the room they have plenty of seating area and also another bar, There are a couple of fruit machines also in this room.

      The entertainment

      Well as I said most of the time in the tap room there have been no entertainment apart from the darts and dominoes team playing their competitions, this is mainly a man's room but there is always a good atmosphere and you can have a laugh and the men still make you feel welcome.

      They do however sometimes have entertainment on in the other room, they have had charity gigs on where they will have bands playing and run other things like raffles, they do also hire this room out for parties which I have been to a couple in there, but you do have to hire your own entertainment which they do not mind if its a band, disco or whatever you want.

      The staff

      They usually have between 2-4 members of staff behind the bar depending on the day and whats on, the staff can go from one bar to the next as they do join so its like one big bar but going through 2 rooms, the staff there have always been really nice and polite, and they usually serve you pretty quickly, however waiting times can vary depending on just how busy they get. I have never really gone into conversation with the staff but I have seen them having conversations with others so I think they try to make you feel welcome.


      I pay in here £2.80 for a pint of lager and £2.90 for a pint of cider and i am pretty sure my brother pays £2.50 for his bitter.


      They do have toilets in both rooms in this pub even though the tap room is pretty small, in both toilets they have always been clean and well stocked up with toilet rolls and soaps, the toilets are also pretty nice smelling too, I have never had to queue in these toilets yet but with 2 lots of toilets pretty close by there has never been a queue.

      Suitable for disabled

      Yes for getting into the pub, they have a back door that has no steps to get in to, if you want to go in the front they both have steps so you must go round the back way, as for disabled toilets I am not too sure as I have never spotted one, so this you can always phone up the pub to check on if you wanted to go.

      Why you may like it

      * Like darts and dominoes
      * Likes pool
      * Want to hire the room
      * Clean toilets and pub
      * Good staff

      Why you may not like it

      *Not much entertainment for women

      My overall opinion

      This pub is a great night out when they do have entertainment on, but if it's just in the tap room then it can get pretty boring, they do always make you feel welcome but I can not sit and watch people play darts and dominoes or just sit around and chat, I prefer my nights much more livelier, some people will love the pub but its not really one for me unless they do have a charity gig on or a party. I still give this 4 stars as the pub is really nice and friendly just not my cup of tea on entertainment


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