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The Union Rooms (Plymouth)

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3 Reviews

Address: 19 Union Street / Plymouth / Devon / England

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    3 Reviews
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      20.04.2010 08:26
      Very helpful



      Overall a good bar/restaurant

      The Union rooms is one of the cities best Wetherspoons, each has their own kind of atmosphere, this one is more for adults. I say this because by night it turns into a pub/nightclub. That isn't to say that families aren't welcome though.

      The lower part of the pub (as soon as you walk in the door) is the family area, on the higher bit is the adult section, which is situated beside the bar.

      To the back of the pub is a large outdoor seating area, a pond with a fountain runs through this area, which is lovely to look at in the sun and a real delight for children. Even though the Union Rooms is situated in the town and a busy main road runs beside it you completely forget this when you are inside. Even sitting outside, it is well secluded and safe for children.

      The staff are very efficient and polite and the food is served in an excellent time and all meals are cooked to a high standard. The portions are usually pretty good too. It makes a real difference when the staff are pleasant and those in the Union Room make you feel very welcome. They give you sound helpful advice to ensure you are getting good value for money when it comes to your food and drink.

      I know it shouldn't be a selling point, but the toilets are exquisite, very well done out. I think this is great and definitely reflects the night life image. There is wall to wall tiling and mirroring, each time I have visited these toilets have been very well maintained and cleaned.

      Im not sure if every Wetherspoons serve great food, however they all do in Plymouth, the food here is well prepared and cooked to your preferences. I like the way that they will swap certain things such as mushrooms or chips at no extra cost.

      The Union Rooms always have special promotions on drinks such as spirits or ales which helps you save even more money without lowering your standards.

      All the cutlery and plates are clean and are given to you when your meal arrives. I like the fact that staff don't bother you half way through to ask if your meal is ok, they leave it till the end, when you have finished. I have only ever had to complain once (and it was not in Union Rooms) about my food and I was given a full refund for all the meals even though only one meal was unsatisfactory, I think most of the pubs in this chain have the same kind of system.

      The best thing this pub has to offer is a great atmosphere to enjoy your meal or drink, the food is excellent and the staff are extremely helpful.

      As stated previously in the evening this pub really livens up, even though they usually have 2 bouncers on the door the atmosphere is always pleasant I haven't seen any trouble on any of the occasions I have been in there. Once you enter you get a stamp on your hand... im not actually sure what this is for but its always nice to know what you got up to on your night out... maybe it's a little reminder lol I don't think there is an admission charge to get in.

      Overall a great bar/restaurant that offers a good variety to its customers.


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      25.03.2010 12:34
      Very helpful



      Go for an evening out

      My boyfriend and I go to Union Rooms every couple of months for a meal before we go to see a concert in the near by Plymouth Pavilions. We went last night so I decided to let you all know how we got on.

      Union Rooms is part of the Wetherspoons chain on pubs and is a Lloyds No 1 bar. It is situated at 19 Union Street so it is close to most of the clubs in Plymouth so a lot of people use it as a starting point for their night out. We don't drink like that anymore so we don't go there at weekends but you do have to pay a few pounds entry on a Friday or Saturday nights. It does tend to get very busy on those nights but I didn't have any problems when I used to go there. There is a good number of security staff on the door and I have never seen a fight in there.

      The pub is easily accessible as it is on the main road. There are lots of taxi services in Plymouth which will take you there and last night we got the bus which dropped us off across the road. There are also lots of car parks near by (including the huge Toys R Us one across the road). As it is in the heart of the city, it is close to lots of hotels, B&Bs and restaurants too.

      Opening hours:
      Mon - Thurs 9am to midnight
      Fri 9am to 1am
      Sat 9am to 2am
      Sun 9am to 11pm

      We have eaten there a few times in the last 12 months and have always found the place to be clean and the staff friendly, polite and courteous. The tables are cleaned as soon as you leave so it is very unusual to find a messy table. We went in last night at about 5.30 and managed to find a table straight away. It did become busier from this time though but there are lots of different seating areas to choose from. Children are welcome in the designated family areas and there are also adult only areas so you can choose where you sit. You order your meal at the bar, give them your table number and the food is brought to you. Here are some of the meals available in Union Rooms (the ones I haven't tried yet are to give you an example of the cost):

      Two 6oz burgers with bacon and mature cheddar cheese and onion rings £7.84 inc a drink from a large list of choices - We both had this last night and it was lovely. The burgers are made from 100% British Beef and taste really nice. They are a substantial size and are succulent and juicy without being greasy. I think I had 2 drips of grease on my plate after eating the whole burger. The chips are made from 100% British potatos and were thick, well cooked and again not greasy. The chips ranged in size as you would expect. The bacon was not fatty and was all meat, it was well cooked too. The cheese was of the sliced variety but didn't have the usual plastic texture and flavour. The onion rings were served in their own pot and although it says you get 6, I had 11 and Justin had 9 of varying sizes. They were a little bit greasy when I got to the bottom of the pot but not too bad. We also had a good size pot of salsa to either put on out burgers or dip our chips in. It was tangy and had good sized pieces of tomato in it. I was absolutely stuffed after eating this meal.

      Fish, chips and peas £4.10 - The fish was well cooked and the batter was quite dark in colour as it has beer in it to add to the flavour. The batter was a bit crisp for my liking but I like soggy food so most people wouldn't have a problem with it. The peas were very green and tasted fresh and the chips were really good.

      Sausage (meat of vegetarian), chips and beans £2.99 - yet to try

      Scampi, chips and peas £6.19 - I had a good size portion of scampi which was a little over cooked for me but Justin loved his. The flesh of it was soft and moist and had a lovely flavour. The chips and peas were both really good and I had a good amount of both.

      Tortilla wrap with various fillings and chips from £3.99 - not tried yet

      8oz steak and chips £6.49

      BBQ chicken melt - chicken breast topped with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce with chips OR a jacket potato, peas, tomato and a large flat mushroom Or a dressed side salad £7.79 - I had the chips with my order. The chicken breast was succulent and juicy and was a good size. The cheese melted and added flavour and texture to the other ingredients. The bacon was well cooked and had all the fat removed. The BBQ sauce had a lovely smoky flavour and was not too rich. I had a good size portion of chips and these were lovely dipped in the left over BBQ sauce.

      I have never had any room for a desert but they range in price from £1.99 for 4 profiteroles, chocolate fudge brownie and ice cream and most of the others to £2.99 for the slightly more expensive ones.

      Union Rooms offers a good range of childrens meals. The kids menu includes a meal, a drink, a bag of fresh fruit and an activity pack for £3.79. A specific range of smaller childrens deserts are on offer too from 99p for ice cream.

      Breakfasts are served until noon and a full traditional breakfast only costs £2.79. I had one of these last year and found it to be a substantial meal and the plate was not swimming in grease afterwards as I have found with some other cafes etc. Union Rooms offers different themed nights during the week too,all of which include a drink in the price of your meal. Tues 3-10 is steak night, Thurs 3-10 is curry night and there is a Sunday club from noon-9pm for those of you who want a roast without the hassle of cooking one. I haven;t tried any of these themes yet but I am planning to in the future.

      I always stick to coke when I am in Union Rooms but for people who would like alcohol, there is a very well stocked bar with competitive prices. Single shots start at £1.99 and you can double up all spirits for an extra £1.50. Cocktails start at £6.95 for a pitcher which will give about 3-4 people a decent glass. Wine starts at £1.79 for a small glass but 4 different sizes of glass are on offer and a whole bottle is available from £8.69. Champagne starts are about £28 a bottle for Moet. Many drinks are cheaper from Sunday to Thursday.

      I always enjoy my early evening trip to Union Rooms. Last night we only had to wait 10 mins for our food. The longest time we have waited was 20mins but they had warned us in advance that the delay could be up to 45 mins. The staff went out of their way to say hello and goodbye to us and also asked if we needed anything else. Free wi-fi is available in the pub and all condements are available on a help yourself basis. They are laid out on a table so they are easy to choose from and there is always a good range. Also on that table are free leaflets that will tell you more information about how and where Wetherspoons source their ingredients and any other info you can think of wanting to know about the meals. The second leaflet is called nitty gritty and tells you the nutritional values on the meals they provide. I was really impressed with this as many food providers don't do this. The leaflet has sections on which meals are more of a healthier range and how many of your 5 a day you are getting with the most popular meals.

      As the pub is not a restaurant you may find that people will sit drinking near you having conversations you would rather not listen to. Last night we were sat in front of a group of younger lads discussing football and every sentance had the F word in it. This wouldn't have been suitable for children to listen to but then we were not in a designated family area. Quiet music is played in the background with a good mix of new and older music. There are lots of large screen TVs which play the videos to the songs too which was quite nice and would be good for keeping children entertained.

      The news is shown live throughout the day in Union Rooms but it is subtitled and on silent so you don't have to pay attention if you don't want to. There is a lovely garden out the back of the pub for sitting in during the summer. This is also the smoking area so the first part outside the doors is covered with large umbrellas to keep smokers dry. The garden is licensed so you can take your drinks out with you. From Weds 7th to Sat 25 April 2010, Union Rooms are hosting the World's largest international real ale festival with over up to 50 ales on offer. There are numerous fruit machines and other gambling quiz type machines for those people who wish to play them.

      I find the food good quality and enjoyable to eat. The drinks and the food are good value for money and I feel the prices are very competitive. I would definitely recommend it for an evening out.


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      09.11.2008 00:09
      Very helpful



      Would come here if you are on a major budget, if not - I wouldn't recommend.

      First thing to mention is that Union Rooms is part of the Weatherspoons chain of pubs. The Union Rooms is offically a Lloyds Number 1 bar. A few years ago, it converted and extended it's late licence to stay open longer and add music, as this is the main difference between Weatherspoons and Lloyds Number 1 bar's. The pub originally opening on 21st December 1999!

      Location - situated on Union Street on the corner, this massive looking establishment cannot really be missed. If you are driving, oppostive there is a massive Toys R Us and there is ample car parking there. If you are getting a taxi the establishment is very accessible, as it is along the main road. Alot of people, both younger and older come here before heading on to other places on a night out, as it is so close to other venues in Plymouth.

      Atmosphere - this is a little strange to answer, because at times, it is really packed, you can hardly move and it is full of unpleasant or polite people. Other times it is quite quiet, and the beer garden is quite relaxing in the summer. Overall though, I would say it isn't a place for a shrinking violet, sometimes there are some really rude people in here.

      Music - the music is ok. It plays main stream dance and pop chart hits that are current and modern. They also play classics such as Kylio Minogue and Madonna's older hits. I think they try to have an all round balanced approach.

      Drinks - Years ago, I remember a Reef was £0.99! Weatherspoons were always well known for their cheaper drink prices, however over the course of a few years, what with the binge drinking problem in Britain growing, the prices are less noticeably cheap. I think they still are marginly cheaper, but not by much. For example, you can get a glass of wine for about £2.50, and a coke is about £1.50. They also do special evenings where the drinks are cheaper, such as Monday nights and Wednesdays.

      Opening Tmes -

      Mon-Thu = 9am-midnight
      Fri = 9am-1am
      Sat = 9am-2am
      Sun = 9am-11pm

      Staff/food - it is a bit hit and miss, sometimes you get some really nice staff and food - other times, both are just awful! I think sometimes the staff are very stressed due to the sheer size and busyness of the pub - but this really does come across in their manners and customer service! I have had a few nice meals, and you do get what you pay for - but generally, if you want a healthy, good quality meal - it's probably best to avoid this place.

      Overall opinion - I have to say I have mixed views on this place. This specific Weatherspoon is known to be the roughest branch in Plymouth, and there are four in Plymouth. I find this pub ok in the summer when you are outside in the Beer garden, the garden is nice and relaxing and you forget you are in the middle of town. But the feel of the place is not a positive one. The toilets are often smelly and dirty and the overally cleaniless leaves little to be desired.

      Good if you.....are on a budget and want somewhere to eat/drink for reasonably cheap. Also at the moment alot of weatherspoons have vouchers which make it even cheaper! It is ok if you go first thing in the morning for breakfast as well, as it is clean then!

      Bad if you....want a posh, or reasponably upmarket place to go out socalising, definitely not somewhere you tend to go if you are single looking for a nice future partner!


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