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The White Swan Wythall (Birmingham)

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Address: Alcester Road / Wythall /Birmingham B47 6JG

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2012 10:30
      Very helpful



      A carvery at lunch time... better than a packed lunch ;)

      The White Swan located on the Alcester Road in Wythall near Birmingham is a Crown Carveries pub I have been going to for a couple of years. I originally started going here because it was just across the road from work and my work mates and I decided that it would be a great idea to go for a carvery on a Friday lunchtime. Since leaving my work and moving away I have visited The White Swan a couple of times and I'm pleased to say nothing has changed and they still serve an excellent carvery. As I have eaten here so many times I will base my review on my most recent visit in May 2012 and I may refer to previous visits if necessary.

      To get to the pub from the direction of Birmingham city centre you need to head towards the Maypole roundabout, from here you should follow the Alcester road for a couple of miles, you will go past a row of shops slightly set back from the road on the left and the pub is on the left not too far after these shops.

      Inside the Pub
      Walking into the pub the first thing you will notice is The White Swan has quite a traditional pub feel to it with a bright red patterned carpet. The decor in the pub consists of large wooden beams running along the ceiling and raw brick walls as well as brewing memorabilia and quite a few pictures hanging on the walls of days gone by in the local area.

      The pub is quite well spread out with many tables and chairs of varying heights as well as the carvery area located to the right of the bar. The bar area is quite large and on most occasions it has been pretty clear and very easy to get served. As I have usually had to return to work or drive home after our visits to this pub I have tended to drink soft drinks when I am here. During our last visit here in May 2012 a small coke cost me £1.20. The drinks I have had here have never been watered down and are usually nicely chilled.

      Have a Carvery
      Our main reason for visiting The White Swan so often was to enjoy a nice carvery for lunch on a Friday afternoon. We had an hour for lunch so at first we were unable to decide whether we would have enough time to eat, but it actually turned out that we did and we had time to spare as well!

      To enjoy a carvery at The White Swan you will first need to find yourself a table and then pay for your carvery at the bar. During the week a carvery will cost you just £3.99 but this increases on a Sunday to £7.49. Once paid for you will be given a receipt for your carvery and you will need to join the queue in the carvery serving area to the right of the bar.

      As we were on limited time it was always vital for us that the queue was either short or moved quickly and thankfully this was never an issue. I would say the longest we waited in the queue for was 5 minutes.

      So, from here I will continue with my most recent experience of eating here...

      When I was finally at the front of the queue I gave the chef my receipt and he then asked me if I would like a Yorkshire pudding and stuffing. I was then asked what meat I would like, during the week there is a choice of turkey, beef or gammon. I chose gammon and turkey as I couldn't make up my mind and they both looked nice. The chef sliced both meats and put 2 large pieces of each on my plate. He then handed me my plate and I headed for the self service vegetables, I had pretty much the usual choice of peas, carrots, mash potato, cauliflower cheese, Swede and roast potatoes. There was possibly a few more choices but I cannot remember them all. I carefully rearranged my meat and yorkshire pudding on the plate to create as much space as possible before taking a generous helping of roast potatoes, peas and carrots. I then covered the whole plate in gravy and headed back to our table to enjoy.

      Once back at the table I waited for the others to return before tucking in to my meal. The turkey was cooked nicely and tasted very tender, it wasn't dry at all which was great as I hate dry turkey! The gammon was nice, and cooked just right, I've never really eaten gammon much in the past but I really enjoyed it. The peas and carrots were nice and the roast potatoes were simply perfect, I managed to choose the potatoes which looked crispy on the outside and it turned out to be a good choice as the insides were lovely and fluffy and if I wasn't so full after the meal I think I would have liked a plate simply filled with the potatoes!

      For the vegetarians among you there is a veggie option of having meat free lasagne or some kind of tomato bake with the same unlimited veg option. I haven't tried these so I cannot give my opinion here.

      Crown Carveries also offer a carvery breakfast which looks very tasty, however I don't think I was ever awake early enough to go for breakfast before work! It was hard enough to simply arrive there on time!

      The toilets here have always been clean and looked after with enough toilet roll although they could do with topping the soap up a bit more often as on quite a few occasions this has been empty.

      Accessibility for wheelchairs and pushchairs at The White Swan is fantastic. The main entrance is almost on a level with the car park with only a small kerb to go up, however there are dropped areas in the kerb so you shouldn't have any problems here. Once inside the pub everything is accessible on one level apart from one part of the restaurant area which has steps leading up to it but there are plenty of places to sit on the lower level so this shouldn't be a problem.

      The White Swan is located on the Alcester Road in Wythall, this is quite a long road but from the Maypole roundabout it is only a couple of minutes by car. The White Swan is around 20 minutes by car from Birmingham city centre. There is a decent sized car park in front of the pub, the entrance is marked by a large sign advertising the pub so you can't really miss it. The section of the Alcester Road you will be driving along is a 30pmh zone so you don't need to worry about racing past and missing it.

      The exact address for The White Swan is:
      Alcester Road,
      Birmingham, B47 6JG

      Overall I would really recommend The White Swan. I have enjoyed many carveries here and I hope to enjoy many more on future visits back to the area. The staff are friendly and serve you quickly and the carvery chef will even have a little conversation with you if he isn't too busy! My next visit to Birmingham is next week and I have already arranged with my old work mates to meet up and go here for a carvery!

      5 out of 5 Stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :)


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