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The Woolpack Inn (Worle)

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Address: Shepherds Way, St. Georges, Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 7XE

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 16:55
      Very helpful



      A few minor niggles and drink prices seem silly to me!

      One of me and my best mates favourite pastimes is to not cook as little as possible! We love getting takeaways and we eat out far too much to which we always say we'll stop then she'll get itchy about it and off we go again or back on justeat.com we go!

      This place we had driven past a few times and noticed that they did a carvery and always promised we would go as its not far from where we live at all and we did go for a carvery but now we drink in there and we have pub meals in there too, along with yet more carverys of course lol.

      The Details:

      Address: Shepherds Way, St. Georges, Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 7XE.
      Tel: 01934 521670
      Email: woolpack@butcombe.com
      Managers: Rose Cunningham & Steve Beasley

      Opening Times:

      Mon -Sat: 11am - 11 pm
      Sun: 12pm - 10.30 pm
      Food served till 9pm on any night, carvery stops in the evening around 8.30pm any day of the week.

      The Woolpack is a rather large pub. Well actually it is and isn't! Let me explain......

      Outside of the main of the pub there is plenty of seating area for smokers, though no heaters but the place is kept very clean and tidy at all time and in fact is rather picturesque overlooking farmland. There is ample parking here too, really plenty of it and of course it is free!

      There are two buildings. The first one is the actual pub itself and you walk through the entrance and you can go right into the main pub room or you can turn left and go into another room designed as the resteraunt eating area which also has a conservatory built on, but you can drink in there if you prefer too. However there is another building you can't enter through the main pub and you have to walk out of the pub and down a path to get to another bar and carvery area which also sells food the same as whats on offer in the pub.

      The Pub:

      Well it isn't huge and its very old fashioned which to be fair it should be as it's a 17th century coaching house on the old Bristol to the West Country road and was once a wool packing station serving local farmers by bailing wool for the northern mills even though as far as I am aware the Butcombe company acquired this pub in 2006!

      The first time we went in there country music was playing which went down very well with beamed ceilings and dark wood, shiny tables and chairs with little nik naks and random pictures on the walls with deep red carpet and matching curtains with stained glass windows and even tapastry cushions on hard backed chairs and the benching around the edges of the room. None of this would be easy to navigate if you was disabled in my opinion however both buildings do have disabled toilets in them. The bar of the main pub is nice though a little dark and you can eat in this room if you wish. There arnt many tables though and mainly the older generation and locals just chat away and its friendly enough. The staff in both buildings are nice enough though not over friendly, it does seem a bit of a clicky pub with regulars this one but that isn't really a bad thing as I'm sure there's no trouble here unless you get a couple of drunken farmers squaring up to each other or something, a sight I'd actually like to see lol.

      The other room is set up to eat in with cutlery and stuff already on the table and is a much lighter room and quite large too, again there are nik naks everywhere such as a teapot collection, a shrek collection of toys (odd lol) and local pictures scattered all over the show and so on. Like I say though anywhere in the pub you can eat, you don't get charged extra or anything and the dark, shiny bar goes through both rooms and you order and pay (cash or card) there before you eat and give a table number. In the main room used as the restaurant in the pub, (and there is a conservatory there too) again there is a number of varied sized tables and plenty of them. We've never booked (it is advisable though if you want to go to the carvery restaurant mind you especially at weekends!).

      Drinks here are expensive though. 2 Small pineapple juices cost me £5.00, with Malibu in for two that's £9.00, half a larger is a couple quid, pints almost £4.00 and the bar is well stocked with speciality beers, soft drinks and the likes of course. We think this place is expensive for drinks!

      We have also eaten in this pub. With fayre such as chilli con carne with rice or chips, fish and chips, steak and ale pie with vegetables, steaks and some vegetarian dishes (around £8.25-£15.95) a plate it isn't cheap but the food is always hot and tasty with a home made feel to it. I was recently disappointed though with a meal that was ordered that my cheese topped garlic bread arrived almost after I had eaten my meal and cost about £2.55 for 3 really small round slices of it! They do desserts as well that look nice enough but I really can't comment on those as me and my mate are not pudding people and these puddings/desserts are listed on chalk boards daily. There are sharing platters, light bites and starters such as prawn cocktail (£5.65), soup of the day (£4.65) and potato skins (£5.65) are also available though there isn't a huge list of starters.

      The portions of food here are not massive but nicely laid out on your square white plate and is tasty and hot as I have just mentioned. We really like the food here and never had a bad meal and there is plenty of choice.

      My only criticism of this pub is that the staff don't clean up quick enough when you've finished so your amongst a load of dirty crockery afterwards and I do wish they wouldn't insist on dirty glasses littering the bar when they should be in glass washer as it makes the place look so untidy!

      However all in all this is a nice pub, clean and tidy with male and female loos that are really fresh and clean (you even get hand cream to use in the ladies from Marks & Spencers) and all in all it it just feels like a really cosy pub and like I stated earlier there's never any hassle its just an easy going place!

      Like I said though next door but still part of the Woolpack there is what we refer to as the posher restaurant. Its adjacent like I said earlier to the main building and a bit more modern with plenty of windows but still with all of the charm of the Woolpack. Again you order food and drinks at the bar as you walk in and this is where there famous carvery is, though once again there is a menu to choose from that includes the food in the pub and there are a few bits and pieces to choose from on the special boards around the room such as curries and things. Lunchtime for carvery is 12-2pm and that's on offer at the moment with two carverys for £10.00 (Not weekends though) and any other time its £8.95 each which to be fair is still excellent value for money.

      I have eaten once again regular meals in here but admit to being a carvery pig. We love it as we love our vegetables!

      You usually have a choice of three meats (you can have all three of course) which is always beautiful, unfatty meat and you get plenty of it. There are loads of different vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, roast potatoes, parsnips....really lots to choose from as well as lovely thick gravy and sauces readily available which taste home made (their cranberry and horseradish sauce is totally amazing) and of course you can go up and get more vegetables if you want them, nobody minds. However me and my mate don't like their roast potatoes which always taste heated up (even at the beginning of service when the place has just opened!), my mate doesn't like the parsnips as she thinks they're deep fat fried and pre frozen (I have a sneaking suspicion these are Aunt Bessie's, which I actually like) and the stuffing balls always are hard. However sweet potato is there and that's lovely and you do get a home made looking yorkie pud which we love and the rest of everything else more than makes up for anything else that isn't quite on par. However I do criticise the small trays that the vegetables are served in. If you have a queue at the start of the night things go very fast indeed and although the staff will come to your table to bring you what ever vegetable there isn't happily it takes a bit of time to be cooked and you can end up with parsnips almost like a dessert!

      This room also has a lot of seating in it, however the tables are massive and dedicated to huge parties so they take up a lot of room. Me and my mate either end up at a table for two (they usually only have one of these!) or on a table for 4 or 6 people and at busy times we're taking up too many seats and to me that doesn't make much sense. Like I said earlier you can order the food from the pub as well, drinks are the same price, toilets just as clean and the place has a rather relaxed feel to it. Again its oldie wordly in some ways but there is always a nice atmosphere created with folage and nik naks ...though there wasn't one day when me and my mate ordered Irish coffees at the end of our meal and It came to a whopping £10.00.

      All in all, apart from some of the prices what you can be sure of is getting 'real' food. Vegetables are fresh, food is presented in a nice way and even though this pub is part of a chain of pubs (Butcombe) the standards are high yet informal and food doesn't taste like pre packed rubbish they have simply finished off cooking in the kitchen.

      This is a nice, unusual pub that of late we have visited alot and it goes for a lot of people who have been there once, they do end up going again!



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