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Address: 67 Cookridge Street / Leeds / England

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2009 11:17
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      General Info
      Walkabout is an australian themed pub chain that is found all over the United Kingdom.

      It offers a great selection of food during the day, ranging from your typical pub classics like burger and chips but incorporating some slightly more aussie themed foods too.

      At night it becomes the hub of pre-going out drinkers, as it offers great deals most nights and sometimes live music.

      Walkabout prices on the whole, are very competitive. You are paying around the £2 mark for a pint and somewhere around £1.75 for a single with mixer. Therefore Walkabout is never expensive, making it constantly popular for students.

      What makes it even more popular is the brilliant deals which occur, particularly on thursday nights. Currently its a list of drinks that you can purchase for a quid, something that you literally cannot go wrong on. Whats more, the drinks are good ones too, including stella, sol and all spirit mixer combinations.

      The music played in Walkabout is slightly cheesy, but it sets you up well for the night out to come. They also have different themed nights where the music represents an age or genre, such as thursday being 90's night.

      The seating area is large, but with a great sized dancefloor aswell, this really is a place to visit, whether you fancy a chill, or a rave.

      A big thumbs up for our aussie friends here. The drinks prices, deals and general ambience is really top notch and something to be experienced whether your in Leeds or even in any major city in general.



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        16.09.2008 17:31
        Very helpful



        Good for a starter to a night out

        Walkabout is an Australian themed bar in Leeds. Its very popular especially on a wednesday as it is student night.
        I had a spell of going there a lot when I had a voucher book, and some of them were for the bar. I got all my friends free shots and we only spent 5pounds between us and managed to get extremely drunk on that and the voucher book.
        A lot of the bar staff and promotions staff are Australian, adding to the theme. The staff are very friendly and in particular the bouncers are very professional and not at all up themselves.
        One annoying thing about this bar is that because its cheap drinks, they charge entry, but luckily my friend knows the promotions staff so I always get in for free. They also have shot girls going around giving out free shots so when its busy theres a loud drunken atmosphere.
        They play a lot of indie music and surfer music, to keep in with the theme. The music is really loud especially after 9, so I always take earplugs. Its so annoying when people scream in your ear because of the music being so loud.
        Theres a lot of room in this bar, so it often looks quite empty. Theres a dancefloor, main bar, smaller bar (not always open) and loads of seating, as its a resturant/bar in the daytime.
        The food here isnt very good, just microwaved meals and burgers. However they do get it out pretty quickly and theres often offers on like 2 for 1 on main meals and free pint with every burger.
        If you like a loud studenty bar then this is the one for you. Its got a great atmosphere and a lot of society socials start off here because of the large floor space. The drinks are cheap, apart from on a weekend, and the bar staff all have a great sense of humour. They dont really mind if you decide you want to dance around like a loon!


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        Australian themed bar.

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