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Wetherspoons (Ryde, Isle of Wight)

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3 Reviews

Address: 41 Union Street / Ryde / Isle of Wight / PO33 2LF

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    3 Reviews
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      24.01.2014 21:14
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable pub experience


      Opening Times ( according to the website)
      Mon - Sun: 7am to 11pm
      Although i'm quite certain i've been in weatherspoons later than this on the weekend.

      The Address
      41-43 Union Street
      Isle of Wight
      PO33 2LF
      Situated at the top of union Street in the heart of Ryde.

      Weatherspoons in Ryde, is an enjoyable place for people of all ages, There is seating downstairs for the general public and upstairs which is more suited for families, this area generally closes at 10pm after which it is not permitted to have children on the premises due to licencing laws.

      Weatherspoons sell a variety of drinks from soft drinks to alcoholic, So whether you fancy a J20 or cola or a glass of Wine or a cocktail pitcher (which i would recommend they are delicious)
      There are many special promotions throughout the menu of drinks be in 3 bottles for £5.00 to two jaguer bombs for £5.00

      Weatherspoons cater for all. There is a childrens menu, a selection of meals for vegetarians and an under 500 calories sections. They have speical offers during the week it's either Fish, Curry, Steak, Roast days and also do two meals for a certain price aswell.

      Weatherspoons in Ryde on the Isle of Wight can definetely be a lively place to be at the weekends but can also be a quite quiet place during the week, depending on the time you visit.

      I really enjoy going to Weatherspoons be it for the meeting point of a night out or for a catch up and dinner and drinks with friends, its affordable and low key. I find the staff very helpful and friendly.


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        28.02.2009 15:38
        Very helpful



        Worth a look in

        JJJJ is right, Wetherspoons in Ryde can be hit and miss if you visit at the wrong time. You can usually judge the what the place is going to be like as you pass the large glass frontage of the building, this is useful because you can see who is in there and exactly whether or not theres gonna be trouble.

        Back in the 80's and 90's, Fowlers as it was then was an upmarket department store that had a cafe on the top floor. When Fowlers closed there a brief period of time when the building was empty. It changed into a 'Spoons around 1998 or just before. Spoons as a rule generally cater for your everyday drinker and usually you will get a hardcore of older dudes who sit in there every day, all day.

        You can also get a pretty decent plate of food in Spoons as well - this also depends on what time of day you go there as well. As a rule, the later you go, the quality of your plate will deteriorate. I have a had a sunday lunch in there quite late once, and the vegetable were still in their plastic microwaveable bag!

        Wetherspoon's Ryde is also in desperate need of a facelift. Its decor is in serious need of a revamp as the chair and tables are the same ones they had in the late 90's. They are sticky, the carpet is wee and vomit stained - with the staff not a huge amount different.

        The good thing about Spoons is the drinks prices. Ryde is generally quite good for prices as a rule, much better than say Cowes where £3 + for a pint is the norm. In Spoons whatever time of day you can get a pint of reasonable beer for 99p. I won't go too much into the range of beer available - its is pretty good, and the range of Real Ale is always excellent.

        Spoons is the place where JJJJ and tomflint and I generally hang out on a Saturday night. Its the last stop because it has an 'itbox'. The itbox is always good for a lught, whether it be my favourite '1 in 100' or JJJJ's favourite 'Tactiles'.

        I would like to get one thing straight however, JJJJ said I saw a man giving another fellatio in the toilets. This isn't quite true. The door was closed and I though I say two pairs of shoes in one cubicle. Anyway, this was also due to me have several 99p pints! The state of the loos is always shocking in the toilets at Ryde. During the day they aren't too bad, but come dusk and nightfall they turn into the toilets from Trainspotting. Poo and wee and vomitus spread from one side to another with a sprinkling of blood for good measure. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but the do need to sort this element out.

        As I said at the beginning of this review, it depends on what time of day you visit this particular Spoons for what sort of experience you are looking for. If you are going there for Breakfast or lunch then it is quite nice and calm. Certainly its a place where familes and old dears hang out because its so cheap. However, later on things start to get rowdy, I've seen a few major bar room brawls happen there. Once when it was Scooter weekend in Ryde - so I suppose it wasn't a 'local problem'.

        I've always been amazed that Spoons doesn't employ its own security or doormen, seeing as most of the problems in Ryde begin and end there. The vast majority of other establishments in the area do so - but they do not. When a fight does break out, its left to the little lady who owns the place to yell 'Stop fighting! Stop fighting!' which does little to stop the chavs who are tearing lumps out of each other.

        The other day I am sure I saw a twelve year old get served a round of drinks - so what going on there?!

        Wetherspoons has a bad reputation on the Island, but I wouldn't get put off from going there. I've never had any trouble there and the majority of the food I've had had been good. I've witnessed some terrible things there, but it hasn't scarred me for life - just a few weeks of therapy and it's gone.

        A brief word also on some of the characters that you can visit when you go into Spoons. Theres one guy who looks like Jerry Springer, theres another who looks like an old 'Fat Boy Slim' Norman Cook. Theres also a younger group of guys who have become notorious with our group - one who looks a little like Paul Nicholas from 'Just Good Friends' Look out for these guys - they are fun to spot.

        Recommend is not a word I would use for those thinking of going to the Isle of Wight especially for Wetherspoons. If you happen to be in Ryde, then its worth a look in, but just hose yourself down afterwards.


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          25.02.2009 17:11
          Very helpful



          Decent pub if you're with the right crowd

          Located on the North East coast of the Isle of Wight, Ryde has its fair share of pubs - in fact, it has more than its fair share. In the main shopping area 'Union Street' (which is about 150 metres long) there are at least ten drinking venues - equating to one every 15 metres!

          Perched at the top of the street is Wetherspoons, also known as 'Fowlers', which was the name of the clothes department store that was previously housed in the building.

          Although the clothes shop used to be spread over five floors, Wetherspoons only utilises two. The large open-plan ground floor comprises the bar, a selection of tables and booths, quiz / fruit machines, and the disabled toilets. Upstairs basically works as a space for extra seating, and also houses the other toilets. The décor on both floors is fairly current with modern art adorning the walls.

          Now I don't need to tell you about the drinks prices at Spoons because we all know they are the cheapest you can get. Similarly, I'm not going to discuss the food as it's basically the same in every Wetherspoons you visit nationwide. What I can point out is the quality of service from the staff, the cleanliness of the place, and the best times to visit.

          Wetherspoons Ryde can be incredibly packed on Friday and Saturday nights from seven to around half ten. At these times it can be pretty difficult to muscle your way to the bar and get served. Also, due to the lure of the cheap drinks, there are often unsavory and chavvy characters in great number at peak times. In practice, this means that if you keep to yourself you should be ok - although I have been in the venue when a fight or two has broken out, which occasionally transgresses into one of those Wild West style mass brawls.

          Although it's generally a clean place to visit, a trip to the loos at the end of the night can sometimes be a gross experience. Actually, the staff usually do a decent job of cleaning them up quickly, but once, fellow dooyoo'er and regular drinking buddy 'adambrown400' went up to use one of the cubicles and found the first one smeared with blood, the second one full of vomit, and the third full of... well I don't want to actually go into details of what the third one was full of! - hmmm, take your pick! He also inadvertently entered the toilets once to find one mans mouth clamped around another man's genitals... enough said. (I reckon he goes looking for these things ;)

          The staff are usually quite friendly, with food being delivered promptly (actually I shouldn't really mention food considering the previous paragraph).

          Although I've made it sound like a pretty dodgy place to visit, Wetherspoons Ryde is most of the time a pleasant venue to have a drink. It's a place which gathers loads of different groups of people and there are usually some interesting and amusing characters in the premises.

          Due to the cheap prices I recommended Wetherspoons Ryde on the whole, just don't go at peak times if you want a quiet drink.


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