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Wiseman's Bridge Inn (Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire)

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Address: Wiseman´s Bridge / Saundersfoot SA69 9AU / Pembrokeshire

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2012 12:39
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      Wiseman's Bridge Inn is a pub in Pleasant Valley, Pembrokeshire which I have been visiting for most of my life until I moved away from the UK. On my recent visit home I decided to go on a camping trip to Wales and Wiseman's Bridge Inn was one of the pubs we visited there.

      Wiseman's Bridge Inn is located in the area which shares the same name of Wiseman's Bridge. The road on which the pub is located doesn't seem to have a specific name, but it is easy to find as it is the main coastal road in the area and the pub is the only white building next to the beach.

      Our Evening at the Wiseman's Bridge Inn
      As we entered Wiseman's Bridge Inn through the small wooden door I could see the bar area in front of us slightly to the right. On either side of us were many small tables as well as numerous bar stools of varying heights.

      Having visited this pub many times in my life I knew my way around and I knew that I wanted to go to the pool room which is now located at the rear of the pub. The pool table used to be behind the door as you walked in, however after a fire damaged a large part of the pub about 8 years ago most of the pub was refurbished and the pool room was moved to the back of the pub. For those of you who may have visited the pub before the fire, you will be pleased to hear that they have restored it to its original beauty and it still has the country pub style and character that it always had in the past.

      At the time of our visit to Wiseman's Inn it was rather quiet with only a few customers sitting calmly watching the football being shown on a couple of screens placed in the corners of the main bar area. I have seen the pub much busier, but this was a Monday evening during term time so I guess most of the people in the pub with us were locals and the holiday makers had all gone home. Regardless of this the Wiseman's still had a lovely atmosphere and 'proper pub' feel to it. I ordered our drinks at the bar, one Guinness and one larger with blackcurrant which came to a total of £5.90.

      The man who served me was lovely and chatty asking if we had a good day and just general small talk about the weather and such. I then asked him how much it is to play on the pool table and he told me 50p a game and there was a £1 deposit for the cues as they were kept behind the bar to stop under 16's playing on the table. I thought this was a bargain as in Birmingham I have been charged a £5 deposit for cues in the past and the cost of a game is more likely to be £1! So I happily paid the man the deposit and he gave us the cues and some chalk. There is a separate pool table in the mini arcade downstairs for under 16's to use.

      Heading through the pub towards the room with the pool table I noticed the decor hasn't really changed much since I was young, obviously with the fire some things have gone, but in general things have remained unchanged. The walls are lovely large stones with big thick wooden beams running along the ceiling and the decor consists of a variety of old and new football memorabilia was well as photos from local events and traditional pub items such as old tankards and advertisement campaign posters for various beers. I really like the atmosphere this creates.

      The pool room decor is slightly different and the walls are normal walls which makes the room look more modern and in all honesty slightly out of place with the rest of the pub, but nevertheless it is still a nice room and very spacious, obviously an important factor with a pool table!

      The seating in the pub is mainly cushioned stools and benches which I found to be quite comfortable and easy to move around to position myself nicely next to our table.

      There is an outdoor seating area consisting of many tables with benches. This area is laid out very well with plenty of space between the tables and a lovely view of the beach. Sadly at the time of our visit it was raining so we stayed inside.

      Kid's Arcade
      As I mentioned earlier there is a kid's arcade area downstairs. To get to this you need to go out of the pub, across the outdoor seating area and down a small set of steps. In this arcade you will find a smaller pool table along with quite a few games machines and the 2p 'pusher' style machines. All of these games are between 20p and 50p a game and if you are sitting outside the pub I would say it is a nice way to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy a relaxing drink on the sea front knowing they are nearby.

      The pub does serve food, I haven't eaten here for years but I do remember really enjoying typical pub meals such as steak and chips or burger and chips and from what I could see the menu hasn't changed much. The prices on the menu are reasonable at around the 5 or 6 pound mark. If you would prefer a more luxurious dining experience there is a restaurant attached to the pub where you can have slightly more expensive meals and a restaurant experience rather than pub meal.

      Bed and Breakfast
      Although it is not part of the pub and therefore I won't be reviewing it, you may be interested to know that Wiseman's Bridge Inn also runs a Bed and Breakfast upstairs which I would presume is rather nice if the pub is anything to set the standards to. There are leaflets around the pub advertising the B&B and you can phone them for prices if you wish.

      Dog Friendly Pub
      Dogs are allowed in Wiseman's. In the past I have taken my dog in many times and much to her delight she always seems to be the centre of attention! At the time of our visit there was only one dog in the pub, I think he belonged to a local as he was off the lead and just casually wondering around 'people watching' but I know in busier times you do need to keep your dog on a lead.

      The toilets here are located at the rear of the pub. At the time we visited they were clean, stocked up with all the necessary items such as toilet roll and soap and the bins were emptied. There are two toilets in the ladies and I am unsure of the men's as I've never been in there!

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      I would say Wiseman's is wheelchair friendly. Upon first view of the pub you will see steps leading to the entrance, however if you look to the left you will see a ramp has been made to allow wheelchair and pushchair access. The pub is all on one level once you are inside and there is a separate toilet which allows extra space for a wheelchair to be manoeuvred.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend an evening in Wiseman's Bridge Inn. I have enjoyed this pub for many years and I love the atmosphere and friendly staff here. I think it is great that they are dog friendly as the area is very popular with families who take their dogs with them on holidays. The prices are reasonable and the service is always with a friendly smile and of course... they have the sexy Welsh accent!

      Thanks for reading :)


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