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Yate's Wine Lodge (Leeds)

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43 Woodhouse Lane / Leeds / LS1 3HQ / Tel: 0113 245 4928

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 11:02
      Very helpful



      see review x

      In Leeds this pub has always since I can remember been called top Yate's, the reason for this is there was 2 yate's based in town, and this was the one that was further up the road, I will say this is the better one of the two as the other is more your typical wine bar, where as this one is more of a nightclub.

      Where its based

      43 Woodhouse Lane,
      West Yorkshire
      LS2 8JE

      Telephone 01132 454928

      On walking into the pub

      When you get to the gates of the pub the first thing you are greeted by is 2 bouncers who will be on the doors from around 8pm until the pub closes. Then you have several steps to walk up, which if i am honest i don't like the steps been there, as after a few beers I always feel a little unsteady when walking down them loll, but they do have a railing down either side to hold onto.

      When you walk through the doors of the pub they have music on but it has never been too loud, just right for the size of their pub. It maybe louder on a Friday or Saturday but I usually only go in on a Thursday night.
      There is several seating areas, from sofas to your usual bar stools so there is a choice of what you would like to sit on. There is also plenty of standing room too if you prefer to stand up. The bar is quite large with about 4-5 staff on at a time, so queue times are never too long.

      There is a large dance floor in there also which can fit lots of people on without all banging in to each other. The pub does generally get the younger generation in so you can guarantee there will always be a few on the dance floor.

      The pub is generally well set out with plenty of space so whether you like to sit down or dance the choice is yours. They also do have an upstairs which I have never been in, but I do know they have pool tables up there, so if you have had enough of the music you can pop up there for a few games of pool with your mates.

      The staff

      As it is more of a nightclub I would say that the staff do not really make customers feel welcome like in your local pub, they serve you and that's as far as their chat goes, I have tried striking up conversations before but they usually just comment back, but don't get into a conversation with you. But that is just like any nightclub in Leeds. I can not knock the pub though because of this, as it does usually get busy and they do have a job to do. They do have fast service times though and you are not waiting ages to get your next drink like in most nightclubs.

      The prices

      Well as I do only go in on a Thursday night these are really the only prices I can comment on. A few months ago it did used to be £1 a pint but now they have stopped that. But I did still find it really cheap anyway at only £1.95 for a pint and that is for lager or cider, so pretty cheap compared to most places on Leeds. I do think however on other nights it maybe more expensive.


      They have music on every night of the week so when ever you go in there will always be music playing, I think they have a DJ playing it though on a Friday and Saturday nights, and other nights they just have cd's playing as I have never seen a DJ loll. They usually play chart music and dance music, which is usually to my liking so I always have a good guaranteed night out when I go there.


      The toilets are pretty big, I have never counted how many there are but there must be at least 10 toilet cubicles which I find I very rarely have to queue up to go to the toilet. Although I do find that I always have to check the toilet first to make sure it is supplied with toilet roll, as they are not always restocked when they run out.

      The toilets are always spotless though I have never been in there and seen a dirty toilet or a dirty floor, so I do assume they must be checked regularly, although they should check the toilet roll at the same time.
      They also have several sinks and mirrors so you don't have to wait to wash your hands there is usually always a sink free and they are always stocked up with soap too.

      Suitable for wheelchairs

      Unfortunately not they have quite a few steep steps to get into the pub and have no disabled toilets. Although inside the pub would be easy for a wheelchair user to move around as the pub has lots of space, so all they would need is to build a ramp and put in a disabled toilet and then it would be more than suitable.

      Why you may like it

      * Like chart and dance music
      * Cheap beer on some nights
      * Good atmosphere
      * Clean pub
      * Quick service times

      Why you may not like it

      Now there is not many reasons why you would not like it the only one I can think of is if you don't like the music but apart from that its a great pub.

      My overall opinion

      This is a great pub although I will say it attracts more of the younger generation, although I am not that young and I still love going in there. I recently went in last Thursday for my friends birthday, We was originally going to a few pubs in town, but we ended up staying in there till past midnight as we was having such a good night. We did however end up going to a night club afterwards loll.

      But everytime I go in there I can guarantee that I always have a good time. The pub is clean, I have never seen and trouble but if there was the bouncers would be straight there to sort it out as you have 2 stood outside and then one in the pub.

      This is a pub that I will visit when ever I go into town as the atmosphere and the music are both great, everyone in there usually just has a good time, a few beers and a dance or just sit down and have a chat. I will say if you ever visit Leeds this one pub you should visit for sure and you will be guaranteed a good night.


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