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2 Reviews

Adams House, 11 - 15 Eastgate, Harlow, CM20 1BE.Tel: 01279 454809

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2012 15:38



      Yates Harlow was very suprising indeed!! Although the outside may look like it's going to disapoint I was pleasently suprised by the relaxed atmosphere inside and the friendly staff. Meals were cheap, fast and delicious. Recommend this pub for anyone from parents with children to staff outings and nights out with friends.


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      12.08.2009 11:01
      Very helpful
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      An average place with half decent food and reasonable prices.

      I like to eat out frequently as sometimes I am a lazy bum and sometimes I just want someone else to do the cooking, cleaning and washing up afterwards.

      Yates of Harlow is conveniently located by the Market Square as well as at the end of the High Street and just a moment's walk from the main bus terminal in Harlow.

      There is lots of seating outside the pub with two sectioned off areas so that you have to be either eating or drinking produce from Yates to stop here. Inside there is a dance floor on the right side as well as some seating there and a bar running all along the far left of the pub. To the left of the pub is the food area and you are meant to find a table and then take your order up to the bar where you are issued with a large wooden spoon with your table number on it. This identifies to the staff who has ordered what food and where they are seated etc for convenience.

      Inside the pub and in the windows there are always lots of posters advertising special offers on drinks and food such as happy hour, buy one get one free etc. These are usually fantastic value for money and what draw me in such as a lasagne for just £1.99 with garlic bread when you buy any soft or alcoholic drink.

      The tables are usually in need of a bit of a wipe over but they each have their own holder for condiments, cutlery and napkins. I usually find these to be well stocked and although when I visit, peak times such as lunchtimes, there is usually lots of plates lying around I find that things are cleared as fast as the staff can. There never seems to be a lot of staff on but I do think they work hard and do what they can.

      The menu has lots of dishes available with Italian, Indian, Chinese, English etc making lots of appearances as well as a few lovely vegetarian dishes such as the Wensleydale Bake that my Mum adores! There is usually 2 meals for £5.95 during weekdays before 6pm and this is often available on a Saturday too (this is in all Yates' that serve food so worth checking your local one!). There are lots of side dishes available as well and yummy buy one get one free desserts most of the time too!

      There are lots of drinks available with offers on Alcopops and Cocktails frequent as well as special offer shots which differ from week to week. There are also cask ales on offer for people who enjoy that kind of drink. Lots of cheap wine and generally cheap drinks are available from here and this is the main reason it has such a huge following all year round. People want to enjoy themselves spending as little as possible most of the time and this place is in competition with a local Wetherspoons so they always have lots of great deals.

      There is quite frequently a bouncer on the door, sometimes in the afternoons as well as the evenings, and this is just to deter any youngsters or trouble makers. Children are allowed in during the day and until early evening and the times are clearly displayed within the pub and on the menu. As I have no children I have never had to worry about this and I don't see many families in here during the day time to be honest.

      I don't find the service to be the most amazing but where else can you get two main meals, two desserts and two drinks for around £10-£11? Also, I've never had to wait more then 25-30 minutes for my meal which is great when I want to have lunch in just an hour as I know this is always possible here.

      Opening Times:

      Mon-Wed 10am-11pm
      Sunday 10am-10:30pm

      Food serving times may vary.

      There are always lots of different events going on throughout the week and weekends, in the evenings, and these are always worth checking out as admission is free every night of the week.

      The food is generally of a pretty good standard, as are the drinks. Like I've mentioned above it's quite often stock staffed and I think the staff do the best they can. Overall I would rate this bar/pub a 3/5 as it needs some work done to it. If you want a cheap, relatively nice meal & drink then this is the place for you!


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