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Ye Olde Vaults (Nantwich)

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Address: 48 High St / Nantwich / CW5 5AS / Cheshire / England

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2008 19:36
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      A nice meal, but not sure I'll be returning.

      Situated in the town square in Nantwich, Cheshire, Ye Olde Vaults looked the ideal place to go and have lunch on a day out with my parents. The boards outside advertised Roast Dinner with either soup starter or a dessert for £4.95, just £1 more than Roast Dinner on its own - Bargain!

      It was getting on for midday, so we headed inside and ordered our drinks at the bar, before sitting down at table to view the rest of the menu. The menu included jacket potatoes, baguettes, lasagne... the usual pub food.

      5 minutes later we were asked if we'd like to order. We all decided on Roast Dinner and were given a choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb, although the Beef wasn't quite ready yet (which was what I was originally going to order). Mum & I ordered Lamb, while Dad ordered Chicken. We were asked if we wanted the soup starter or dessert, so we all went with dessert. Unfortunately, we were expected to choose dessert right there and then, so I went with coconut sponge & cream, Dad chose apple pie & custard and Mum chose ice cream roll. (I prefer to choose my dessert after I've had my main meal, especially as I might not fancy a dessert after eating a Roast Dinner).

      Our Roast Dinners were served on nicely sized plates, not too big, but not too small. We were also given a jug of extra gravy in case we required more, which I thought was a nice touch as I do like a lot of gravy on my Roast Dinner. We weren't offered any sauces, but when we asked for some mint sauce it was promptly served. I was slightly dissappointed to discover we had buttered mashed potato (and it really did taste buttery) as I'm used to new potatos or boiled potatoes when eating out (that and I'm lactose intolerant and had already ordered a pudding full of the stuff!), but that's just preference. Still, over all the meal was nice, the meat was tender had no traces of fat (I don't like fat on my meat - picky, eh?!). The other vegetables on my plate were peas, carrots, broccoli and roast potatoes (which were slightly over done, but still tasted nice).

      Our desserts followed shortly. I was slightly disappointed to discover the cream was squirty cream, but then when you only pay £1 extra to have dessert you can't really complain! I don't eat a lot of sweet things (as I'm not supposed to eat them!) so it took me a while to eat my coconut sponge (it was nice though!). However, when the waitress (a young teenage girl) came to clear the table I was still eating. She took my parents' dishes and then came back and we thought she'd offered tea & coffee (which surprised me as I hadn't finished my dessert), but when my parents replied "No thanks" she repeated herself and we realised she was asking for us to pay the bill... I was still eating! So they paid and I then felt a little rushed to finish up. Not a good experience when you're eating out!

      I got the impression that the pub was a "local" pub, although there was a friendly atmosphere and the staff were polite (apart from asking us to pay before I'd finished my dessert). The pub was clean, there was a jukebox in the corner and TV screens showing a music channel (which seemed to be favouring Prince and Britney Spears that particular day).

      Ye Olde Vaults is ideally situated in Nantwich town centre and it's surrounded by shops, other eateries and the local market nearby.

      The pub's website states that they also offer accommodation, but I can't comment on that as I wasn't stopping.

      It's not a bad pub, but next time I'm in Nantwich I think I'll be checking out a different establishment for lunch.

      (I would have given 4 out of 5, if it hadn't have been for the waitress asking us to pay before I'd finished eating!).


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