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Baby GoGo Pushchair Raincover

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Brand: Baby GoGo / Type: Raincover

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2011 22:00
      Very helpful



      Forget style, the most practical raincover

      Although many strollers now come with rain covers, in my experience these rain covers are quite flimsy and often do not cover the child's feet. So it's good to know that there are replacement covers available, that are a lot more durable and will fit a range of different strollers. Care does need to be taken that you buy the correct cover for your type of stroller, some are only suitable for strollers with hoods, while others are suitable for larger strollers. The Baby Go Go pushchair cover is a universal rain cover, suitable for use with standard size strollers whether they incorporate a lie-back facility or not. I use this rain cover with two different strollers, the Tesco Value Stroller (which does not lie back) and the Babystart Kyle (that does).

      Coming in at only £14.99 The Baby Go Go Pushchair cover is of a design that I remember from when my eldest child was a baby twenty years ago. Formed from a flexible frame covered in clear PVC, the cover simply clicks on to the frame of the stroller and then unfolds to completely protect the child from the elements. I must admit that I do struggle to push the clips over the bars of the stroller, but the snug fit means that there's no worries that it's going to pop off at an inconvenient moment. Once attached to the stroller, the cover can be easily folded up while the weather is dry and it only takes a matter of moments to open it up and secure it just above the wheels.

      When opened the cover completely encloses the front of the stroller and keeps the rain totally at bay. What I particularly like about this cover is that it not only covers my child, but the frame also holds the material away from him, meaning that he can't pull at it and tear it. Being made of PVC, it's very easy to wipe the cover clean should it get mucky and depending on where you live it may get splattered with mud as ours does. It is best to allow the rain cover to dry after it's protected your child from the rain and before storing, otherwise I find it tends to stick together in a rather nasty way.

      What I really love about this cover is that there is no need to remove it when folding the stroller. In years gone by, rain covers would claim to be able to fold with the stroller, but in practise would pop off the stroller frame at the slightest provocation. With this cover I can easily fold the stroller up, drag it up the stairs and even throw it in the boot of a car without worrying that it's going to make a bid for freedom. In other words although I may have struggled to fix this to the stroller in the first place, I haven't yet needed to remove or reposition it. I also find that when open the folds in the cover provide a handy place to store a cup, pack of crisps or even my keys.

      Although this isn't the most stylish of rain covers, it is one that actually does the job it's intended for, i.e., protect your child from the elements. I'm really surprised at how often I see parents pushing their fancy strollers with rain covers that seem to almost lay on the child while not even covering their feet, when these universal covers are so much more effective. There's been more than one occasion where I've arrived at Mother and Toddler group during the rain to find that while my son is snug and dry, other children have wet feet. And there's been more than one parent that has asked me where I got the cover from.

      That's not to say this cover is absolutely perfect, but it's pretty damn close and it even helps keep my child warmer as it produces a greenhouse effect, meaning it's noticeably warmer inside the cover. Of course this greenhouse effect does mean that condensation can form inside the cover and that the cover needs to be opened as soon as you get indoors. But this is a small price to pay and isn't going to stop me from giving the Baby Go Go Pushchair Cover a resounding five stars out of five and recommending it to all parents of babies and toddlers in strollers.


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