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Brand: Bugaboo / Type: Other Bags

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      Three out of Five stars

      The Bugaboo Bag (the latest version as of the date of review)

      For various reasons I struggled to find a changing bag that both me and my husband agreed on, I wanted a large tote like handbag while he of course favoured something a little more masculine like a messenger bag. On a bit of an impulse I decided to just buy the Bugaboo bag to match our very lovely bugaboo chameleon buggy.

      I opted for the black version of the bag (as pictured above), it is also available in a sand / cream colour with a black bottom). The black version has a lovely and bright red interior. Overall, its a nice looking bag with a rubber bottom.

      On paper there is nothing wrong with the bugaboo bag, its functional there is enough space, large pockets and even a separate section at the bottom for soiled clothes or nappies. But, I just didn't like it. I found it cumbersome to carry around, the strap just never seemed to sit well and the bag kept on sitting at the wrong angle on my body. It was just a bit of a disappointment and in my opinion I felt like it was not worth the hefty price tag.

      Features of the Bugaboo bag include;

      A Flexible size - The top of the bag can and does fold over if the bag isn't stuffed full, making it more like a normal sized messenger bag. The extra space definitely comes in useful for longer trips out or the first few times when we left the house with pretty much everything. Overall the bag is a good size and does easily hold the majority of stuff I require for an afternoon out and that's bearing in mind that I use cloth nappies that do take up more room.

      The bugaboo bag has an integrated bottle zipped pocket that is lined with insulating material to keep bottles warm or cool, but I would have much preferred a separate option like the offered in previous versions of the bag. The pocket easily fits one bottle or a couple of yoghurt pots and small spoon, which is what I use it more often for.

      The bag is really easy to clean and is easily wipe able. The bag is made from a rather tough polyester material and so far my bag still looks like new, even considering it's been near a rather messy baby. The bottom of the bag is also made from a rubber like material and is easy to give a little wipe over to keep it clean. The insides of the bag are also quite easy to wipe.

      One really smart idea of the bag is a separate bottom section of the bag that can be zipped off providing an extra separate area. It is great idea for times when you have to cart soiled cloths or wet nappy bags about, especially if you don't have space at the bottom of the pram or you don't have anywhere else to store them. It is just a nice added extra feature.

      I haven't completely relegated this bag to the wardrobe of baby extras or unnecessary baby purchases as we have started using it as a swim bag. And as a swim bag it's really rather good because of the useful added rubber bottom. It's a great little feature that makes the bag ideal for swimming because you can plop it down on a more than likely wet surface without worry.

      With the bag there is included a changing mat. The changing mat is pretty decent for a travel mat and folds away nicely, it is a little on the thin and small side but then it is a travel mat and you don't want to carry around something overly bulky. The changing mat is easily wipe able and so far one of the better features of the bag itself. I tend to use the changing mat even when I take a different bag.

      The Bugaboo bag is expensive and typically retails for around £89.99 and you can buy it from most stores that sell Bugaboo products like John Lewis or Mothercare.

      So OVERALL, the Bugaboo bag is a decent changing bag. It is just bland and rather dull and doesn't have much of the Bugaboo flare. It is not something I love but nor do I dislike it, it just isn't my ideal choice. I am not sure that I would recommend it but I also don't have anything overly negative to say about it. After some consideration I believe that for me a three out of five star rating seems to be fair.


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        19.07.2013 16:42
        Very helpful



        expensive but good quality

        I thought The Mrs had gone mad when she bought this bag. She insisted that it was very reasonable price wise compared to many other changing bags but I wasn't convinced. It cost a massive £90 from John Lewis'. The Mrs tried to reason that it had lots of 'features' and that it was in 'manly' colours so that I wouldn't mind taking it out with the baby but I still think it's a huge price to pay! I guess I am grateful that it is a plain bag and not one of these bright flowery things that so many mums seem to have!

        It is a great bag, I can see why it was appealing to my wife and can see why it comes with a big price tag as it's very practical as well as good quality.

        It is pretty large, it measures roughly 45cm high and is 44cm wide and at first I thought what are we going to put in all that space?! Well put it this way sometimes we need an additional bag too! Babies come with so many extra parts!

        Now the best part about this bag is that the zip doesn't just unzip at the top but it works all the way round so it opens up down the side as well and this is a great thing. How often do you look for something in a bag and it's right at the bottom and you need to rummage through? Well this bag opens right up so you can get to the things you want in an easier manner without it causing chaos! And this doesn't mean that things go flying everywhere because it doesn't open all the way to the bottom.

        Inside the bag there are lots of different pockets for various things. There are 14 in total! This sounds crazy but it's very, very practical as it means you can put things separately which again makes it easier to find them. We often have a few changes of clothes which we put in the main body of the bag but then things like nappies and wipes go in a separate compartment, keys and a wallet/purse in another and so forth, this just makes it much easier to get organised which is what you want when you have such a huge amount of things you need to take with you! It even has a special pocket which is padded for your iPad and one which is insulated for the bottle to be kept in.

        It comes with a changing mat which isn't huge but it is fairly well padded and fits into the bag really well without taking up lots of room.

        The strap is adjustable so you can change how you have it or you can carry it using a little handle. We tend to have this over the handles of our pushchair and it really fits well.

        The inside of the bag is a deep red colour which I like (being a man united fan!) it is water proof too so any juice that leaks in here is easily cleaned.

        In my opinion it's a well thought out bag, there is space for everything and it's a very practical changing bag to have. I do think that paying £90 is an awful lot of money for just a bag but I will give my wife her due and say it is very, very good quality and we have had it for 6 months now and have used on on a daily basis so we are getting our money's worth. It is good for it to be in a gender neutral colour too which makes it fine for me to take out. Previously the change bag was a flowery thing which I wasn't too impressed with!

        It costs a lot but it does have a good use and the zip is great.


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