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Mamas & Papas Pliko + in Vertical with Accessory Pack

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Brand: Mamas & Papas / Number of Seats: Single / Type: Stroller Attachment

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    2 Reviews
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      13.09.2010 17:16
      Very helpful
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      I advise you to keep looking.

      This is the pram we started with, before I bought my beloved Stokke. I bought it while I was pregnant, as I'd tested it out in the shop (top tip: test prams early, even if you buy later, because your centre of balance is off in later pregnancy and affects your gait and how comfortable it is to walk/push) and it seemed ok. In retrospect, though, I wonder if I'd just tried a couple and this was the nicest of the three or four and I wanted to go off and eat something or sleep or cry. I'd also seen loads of them out and about and assumed all those people couldn't possibly be wrong.

      I ordered it in the Vertical fabric because at that time we weren't sure what was lurking in my belly (we were fairly sure it was a baby and not a puppy or a dodgy kebab but you can never be too careful) and this fabric seemed like it would be ideal for either sex. The pram was late arriving, was the first thing that annoyed me, although it's not the pram's fault. The other designs all seemed very nice, too, the neutral Balmain also caught my eye.

      I do like the whole idea of the travel system but this one didn't work for me at all. First, the carrycot seems like the baby's head is much lower than its feet, so I had to wedge an extra mattress in there to keep her head at a proper level. There also didn't seem to be a lot of space in there, and Wee Beastie looked cramped even from early on (she was exactly average for weight and height for the first few months before she started piling the weight on).

      When Wee Beastie outgrew the carrycot bit I started putting her in the pushchair in its most reclined setting - she was nowhere near big enough to sit unaided but too big for the carrycot. The harness always bothered me because it's not properly attached at the back and there's a section of hard plastic where the baby's back is. I imagine that's fine for an older beastie able to sit upright, but for one who's not figured that out yet it always seemed very uncomfortable and she never seemed terribly settled in it. I thought she was a weird baby who didn't like sleeping in pushchairs till I bought the replacement, which she snoozes in like a champ. It always felt a bit rickety and wobbly in spite of being very heavy - couldn't figure that out, but I just didn't use it very often and kept her in the Baby Bjorn wherever I could.

      My biggest problem with the pramette though was the brakes. They came undone a couple of times, once on the street while I was putting stuff in the car. Luckily Wee Beastie and the Runaway Pram only got as far as the parking meter, but that pushchair owes me a decade of life and several grey hairs.

      The other major problem I had was the design. The location of the clips for the car seat is worse than useless: they're right in the area where the baby will be sitting and are covered by a piece of barely-padding, which is not sufficient. Wee Beastie got a couple of bruises from them before I figured out it was that causing them, and that was the final nail in the Pramette's coffin. Off to ebay it went, where I was totally honest about what I hated about it and made £40 towards its replacement.

      It is lightweight and compact, it's easy to fold and the carseat attachment is convenient. There's a net shopping basket beneath which can hold a surprising amount of stuff, adjustable handles and a good quality rainhood.

      I'd still tell you not to buy one, though, unless you buy it as a starter thing and move to a chair for bigger babies once your baby's outgrown the carrycot. I also think £325's a bit much for a starter pram especially considering the resale value.


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        03.12.2008 21:04
        Very helpful



        A brilliant Purchase!

        I bought this Pushchair for my little one as it was everything I needed and will continue to do the job for a few years I believe. When I bought the pushchair it did not come with an accessory pack, but all matching accessories were available separately. Also the pushchair I purchased was in the fabric Balmain which is brown with white diamond stitching detail unlike the vertical fabric pictured above, apart from the fabric the pushchair is exactly the same.

        .....Pushchair mode.....

        Pushchair mode consists of the seat facing forward, this means you are standing behind whilst pushing the pram and baby is facing away from you. This mode is suitable from birth and the back can be adjusted to a lie down position. A harness is also used to keep baby safe and strapped in.

        .....Pram Mode.....

        This pushchair can be made into pram style with an additional pram liner. Pram mode consists of baby lying down, this means whilst you are pushing the pram baby is facing towards you. This mode is also suitable from birth and the pram liner has a fabric harness which fastens by Velcro. This mode is suitable until the child can sit unaided, although you may find your child is too big for this mode before that time.

        .....Travel System Mode.....

        The pushchair can also be made into a travel system with an additional car seat. The travel system mode can be very useful for transferring a sleeping baby from a car to a pushchair without disturbing them, although it is recommended not to leave babies in car seats for long periods of time. To do this the car seat simply clicks onto the pram in pushchair mode, clips to do this are already attached to the pushchair. When in travel system mode the car seat is facing you whilst you are pushing the pram. The additional car seat is suitable up to the age of 9 months.

        .....what's included.....

        Included with the pushchair:

        Aluminium Chassis (apparently the lightest on the market)
        All fabric covers and hood (colour depends on which fabric you choose)
        Zip on raincover
        Cup holder

        .....Optional Extra's.....

        Pram Liner £40
        Primo Viaggio IP car seat £115
        Matching footmuff £55
        Matching Change bag £55
        Parasol £20

        .....Bad Bits.....

        There is only one fault I have found with this pushchair, when it is in pram mode baby is meant to be lying in a 'True flat position'. This is not the case as your babies head is always lying lower than his body, to me this would be quite uncomfortable so I always put a folded blanket under my son's head as a sort of pillow. Using a blanket/pillow solves the problem easily but you should consider this before buying I would advise.

        Also bear in mind that these pushchairs can work out quite expensive, when I purchased mine it was on special offer. At the moment the same package as pictured above is on sale for £240 (usually £300) which includes pushchair, pram liner, matching footmuff and matching change bag. I think this is an absolute bargain.

        All in all I would recommend this pushchair to anyone and everyone, it is very light, stylish, easy to use and one of the best purchases I have made.



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      • Product Details

        Suitable from Birth. Adjustable leg rest. Toddler ride on step. Travel system compatible. Height adjustable handles. One hand fold. Individual wheel suspension.

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