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Morrck All Season Baby Hoodie

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Brand: Morrck Ltd / Type: Other Accessories

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 17:37
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money, a definite must have!

      I came about this particular product by accident when I saw it mentioned on a parenting forum- everyone seemed to be raving about how great it was so I was intrigued enough to have a closer look at the Morrck website. Within five minutes of reading about the Morrck Hoodie and seeing the various types on offer, I have to say I was pretty much sold. The hoodie is in fact a type of large baby blanket, which is shaped to include a snuggly hood and has various holes in the back so you can fit it into a car seat or buggy and use it in much the same way as a foot muff or cosy toes. The fact that you could use this one product in both car seat or pushchair was a major selling point for me, as it meant I could carry on using our pushchair in travel system mode outdoors throughout the winter. Needless to say, I am also a complete sucker for pretty, brightly coloured baby products and seeing all the different beautiful colours and patterns available, I decided a Morrck Hoodie would be an ideal present for my son's first Christmas.

      There are several different varieties of this hoodie available depending on what season and weather it's intended for- the 'rambler' for colder weather, the 'ultra light weight' for warmer months and the 'all season' for all year round. It also comes in three sizes- size 1 from birth to six months, size 2 from five to eighteen months and size 3 from eighteen months to four years. I plumped for the 'all season' version as I wanted to get my money's worth and as Elliot would be over four months old by Christmas, I went for the size 2. There is a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, in fact I felt quite spoilt for choice but in the end decided I loved the 'cool spot'- blue, orange, green and red spots on a cream background. At the time I chose one with a lime green lining, however I've noticed this is no longer available on their website although spotty with red or cream lining is.

      Like many lovely baby items, the Morrck Hoodie is not that cheap and the all season version is on sale through the website at £35. I did manage to find the spotty version for £31 through another online retailer, however if you aren't too bothered about what colour you have then you may find some second hand bargains on ebay. The way I look at it, it's around the same price you would pay for a foot muff or cosy toes, yet fits in car seats as well so I think it's worth the price tag.

      When the hoodie arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality and make of the fabric. The outer layer is made from spun lambskin breathable fleece and certainly looks and feels to be of a high standard. The inner layer is 100% cotton and it is all very well sewn together with no loose threads in sight. The colours are just as bright as you would expect and after over a year's use and many washes, it still looks to be in great condition and hasn't faded at all. The hoodie can be popped into the washing machine on a 40 degree wash and although I have never tumble dried mine, according to their website you can do so on a cool cycle.

      Fitting the hoodie into a car seat or pushchair is as easy as pie. On the back, there are two holes at the top and two at the bottom, which are joined together by long slits in the fabric. These slits have velcro on either side, so you can fit any size or type of harness straps through the fabric and close the velcro around them. Below and between these slits, there is a horizontal hole through which you pass the clip/buckle of the harness and hey presto, you can now pop your baby on top of the hoodie and do the harness up around them. It's worth mentioning at this point that the Morrck Hoodie is a truly universal product- you can basically use it with any baby or toddler product that has a harness, very useful if you feel the need to keep your little one warm whilst they're in say in a bouncer or high chair.

      One of the things I love about this product is that unlike a foot muff, it wraps your baby up completely from their toes to the top of their head and is warm enough so that you don't need to bother with a coat or hat as well. As any new parent will know, just 'popping out' or needing to get somewhere on time is not easy when you've got to get a baby and everything they might need ready. The fact that I can just pop Elliot into his car seat without struggling to put a coat on, wrap up the hoodie and go has made life just that little bit easier. Something that also always worried me during Elliot's first year was keeping an eye on how cold or hot he was when we were out and about. Often we'd be out in the cold with Elliot wrapped up snuggly in his coat and cocoon, but within five minutes of being inside a shop I'd see his cheeks becoming pink and feel I had to go through the whole rigmarole of unwrapping him, only to have to spend another five or ten minutes putting his coat back on and zipping the cocoon back together before going back out again. Again the Morrck Hoodie makes this easy as there are no zips or fasteners, to wrap them up you just fold each side of the fabric over your baby and tuck it into the sides of the pushchair and then just untuck and unfold if you think they're getting hot. You can also just wrap one side over if you think it's not quite cold enough for the fully snuggled mode!

      There is only one slight little niggle I have with this hoodie- although the lack of fasteners make it easy to wrap and unwrap, it also makes it fairly easy for your baby or toddler to kick or pull the layers off or apart. On the plus side, Elliot does therefore have some control of his own if he starts to feel too warm, but most of the time he seems to just like kicking his feet and I can end up re-wrapping him every five minutes. Similarly, the hoodie can come undone on particularly windy days. This wasn't so much a problem when he was smaller as there was more material to go around and tuck in and to be fair, he is now nearly 18 months old so is at the outgrowing stage for the size 2.

      I have to say that in general I love this product and am so glad I decided to buy it. I've lost count of the number of people who have stopped and complimented Elliot on his lovely blanket and several friends have been so impressed they have bought one for their own babies. I think you'll agree from my profile picture that Elliot looks very happy in his Morrck Hoodie!


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