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Silver Cross Parasol Coast

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Brand: Silver Cross / Type: Parasol

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2010 15:41
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      A good product that with a few tweaks good be excellent just needs a metal clip and wider umbrellas

      We bought this Silver Cross parasol to go with our Silver Cross 3D travel system that we had bought from Mothercare. The parasol cost us just under £20 from Mothercare. We choose the coast colour to match the pram and pushchair that we had of the same colour. The coast colour is a good neutral colour I think as it is a light grey with some light blue detail so would be suitable for a girl or a boy or least that's what we thought.

      The parasol its self is a grey colour with only a small bit of blue on it. The frame of the parasol is made from metal as are the prongs of the parasol. The ends of the parasol fit into the material so there are no sharp bits showing. Each corner has a small cut away section. The shaft of the parasol has at the bottom of it joined via some black plastic a bit which is a tightly coiled spring. It is this section that means the parasol can be manoeuvre and adjusted depending on the direction of the sun. The parasol attaches to the pram via a plastic clip this goes on the handle shaft of the pram and is clipped and tightened into place by a plastic screwing cap.

      Now I have to admit the reason we choose this particular parasol was purely on the basis that it matched the pram and for no other reason. However I have been disappointed in the parasols performance. The pram in the range we bought has been excellent so I had hoped the parasol would be the same but unfortunately it wasn't. The first parasol that we bought we had to return after about 6 weeks of use in the height of summer last year the reason for this is that the plastic clip that attaches it to the pram had cracked and this meant it was unable to remain upright or indeed remain fixed to the pram. The second one arrived as a replacement via Mothercare's customer service department in our local store. Whilst the clip has not cracked on this one I don't think it really is as substantial as it needs to be. The parasol itself is very sturdy and made from high quality materials but I actually think it is due to the sturdiness of the metal prongs, main shaft and coil section that a plastic clip to fasten it to the pram is just not robust enough to hold the weight of the parasol.

      Now the clip section clips on to the handle section of the pram fairly easily but you do need to hold onto the parasol with one hand as you tighten it on with your other hand as the moment you let go of the parasol the weight of it means it drops down quickly and slips to the floor. I would say however that if it is clipped and tightened into place securely then it does the job well and never has fallen on to my son whilst he has been in the pram. In fact the only time this did happen was when the plastic clip section broke on our first parasol but I was able to catch it on this occasion before it reached my son.

      Once you have the parasol in place on the handle shaft it is then only the job of moments to adjust and manoeuvre the parasol to the position you want it to be in over your child. It is recommended that when doing this use the plastic join section on the shaft of the parasol. I have to admit I always did this and have had no problems with being able to manoeuvre around the parasol and I have noticed no damage or bending as a result to the fixed shaft area.

      The umbrella part of the parasol itself is quite small so often I would find whilst taking my son for a walk that I would need to readjust the parasol so he remained in the shade. This however was never to a degree that it would irate me though. I think if the parasol was just 5-10 cm wider in its circumference then this problems would be sorted.

      The material that the umbrella section for the parasol is of a high quality and even after a year of use has shown no evidence of wear and tear and still looks as good as new.

      The section that folds up and raises the umbrella part of the parasol remains in good working condition. The clip bit that keeps it upright performs well and even in gusty conditions the parasol remains up and doesn't turn in on itself.

      Overall I would say this is a good parasol and one to get to match you 3D pram system as it comes in a wide choice of colours. But I personally would of preferred a metal clip section to attach it to the pram as I think this would be more hard wearing and better able to support the weight of the parasol. I also think a slightly bigger umbrella section to the parasol would provide better shade. I am going to give this just 3 stars due to the clip problems we had.


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