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UPPAbaby Vista 3 In 1 Pram

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Brand: UPPAbaby / Type: Stroller Attachment

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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2013 11:24
      Very helpful



      An amazing pram. Can't recommend this enough.

      ==Which Pram?==

      Picking a pram for a new baby is one of the most tricky things to do as a new parent. People said to me that they had had three or four prams before finding one they loved. I was positive I didn't want that to happen to me. After many deliberations over prams, it finally came down to a toss up between the Uppababy Vista and Babystyle Oyster. In the end we decided to go for an Uppababy Vista (hereafter refered to as a Vista) as we felt the frame, suspension and overall quality of the pram was much better than the BabyStyle Oyster....and so it should be for £200-£300 more.

      ==The UPPABaby Vista==

      UPPABaby are an American company who are relatively new to the pram market so it is quite tricky sometimes to find stockists of the pram in the UK, though if you go on their website, you can find all the UK stockists in a list. Last year when we were looking to buy this pram, everywhere had sold out of it, I'm not sure how difficult it is to get now, but basically the demand for this pram has been unprecedented. They come in a range of colours (pink, blue, cream, red, maize etc.) and most have a silver frame (as per the photo here on DooYoo), but the pram we went for is called Jake Black (it is a black pram) with a black/granite frame, one Mum asked me if it was a limited edition version, which to my knowledge it isn't, I think all of the Jake Black prams come with this colour frame. The pram we bought was a 3 in 1, it comes with (1) the frame (2) the carrycot/flat pram (seen detatched in the photo) and (3) the buggy part. It also comes with Maxi Cosi adapters which means you can put a Maxi Cosi car seat onto the frame of the pram.
      You also get a rain cover for each part of the pram i.e. one for the buggy, one for the flat pram and an insect net which come within the price.

      ==The Cost==

      At £629, it isn't a cheap pram, but equally it isn't the most expensive. I seriously balked at the thought of paying £1000 for a pram such as a BugaBoo or an iCandy, when in actual fact, apart from the name, there wasn't too much I was impressed with. My "lower budget" version of this pram would be the Baby Style Oyster as I mentioned earlier which was around £400. However, whilst I haven't had more than a practice with my friends Oyster, I can confirm, I think the UPPABaby is worth every penny of the £629. It is worth noting that Winstanley's Pram centre online usually do this pram for £599 and John Lewis price match to get the John Lewis 3 years free warranty. I haven't found it any cheaper anywhere, sometimes at baby shows you can get a free car seat thrown in which makes it really really good value, but really, £600 is a very good price to pay.

      ==The Frame==

      Considering how sturdy the frame is and how well it handles when pushing, I don't think the frame is particularly heavy, but it is heavy if you have a bad back for example. It isn't light enough to lift after a C-Section, but as you won't be driving anyway, you shouldn't have much reason to fold the pram down and lift it anyway. To fold the pram, it is quite tricky to get the hang of and the instructions aren't particularly helpful. It took us an hour to work it out, and that was with the help of a YouTube video. On the verge of sending the pram back to the shop, we decided to give it one more go and finally managed it. What I'm saying is, do persevere as we now know how to put the pram down in literally seconds. Though you do need two hands to put the frame down unlike the BabyJogger City which you can do one handed which may have implications for people using public transport. Once you have the hang of it, it folds up within a second and is really easy to put in the boot of a car. Do check the frame will fit, it finds into our Astra with a bit of space to spare. Each wheel has a quick release button which is really handy if you go through mud or dog muck :( - you can just pop the wheel off quickly and easily before putting the frame into the car, then wrap up the wheel. We have found this useful a few times and the wheels come off and go on within seconds. The frame and wheels have suspension which means that it is quite good "off road" even though it isn't an off road pram. We have taken it on dry woodland paths and it has coped quite well, the baby didn't seem to mind too much! One thing I would say about the frame is that the back wheels are wider than the front wheels so quite often you can get into a space and then crash the back wheels - I do this all the time in shops, or get half way through a door and then realise I can only just squeeze the back wheels through. This isn't a big enough issue to put me off buying another one though but it may be important for someone on public transport. It is worth noting that whilst there is no matching changing bag to go with the pram, there are mini hooks on the side so a changing bag would hang nicely off the side.

      ==The Flat Pram==

      The flat pram just pops on and off the frame, really easily, there is a quick release button at the top end of the pram. I would say we used the flat pram for 5 months, but really, 4 months would have been better as we did have quite a big and long baby and by then they do like to sit up and look out of the pram at the world around them. The pram was snug and made of a suede type of lining and came with a mattress and an apron (top cover) to keep the baby warm. We used to put a pile of blankets on top of her to keep her warm too as she was a winter baby. The raincover and insect net are both fine for this part of the pram. My two main issues with this part of the pram is (1) the sun visor and (2) the basket. The sun visor is a very clever pull down blind which is stored in the hood of the pram. Many Mums have commented on how clever the design of this is and negates the need for a sun visor umbrella. My main gripe is that it isn't quite long enough and therefore, the sun can sometimes peek through into the pram, it can also get through the side vents in the sun visor. I didn't have such a problem with this as we used this mostly through the winter but if you have a summer baby you may need to buy an umbrella regardless. It is a shame as the design should work brilliantly but doesn't quite manage it. My second issue was the basket - once you put the flat pram on, it is tricky to get large items out of the basket. I learnt this the hard way after filling the basket with parcels for the post office, clipping the pram to the frame and walking to the post office. I had to take the flat pram off (with baby in it - no mean feat let me tell you) to get my parcels out. Not ideal! The basket, whilst brilliant, has been designed to work with the buggy part rather than the flat pram so well. The flat pram is also safe for the baby to sleep in overnight and you can buy a stand for this to go on, which negates the need for a moses basket - we had already bought the moses basket and stand so didn't use it for this purpose but I think it is a great addition to the pram and also makes it better value for money.

      ==The Buggy==

      The same issue with the sun visor on the buggy applies, the visor isn't quite long enough and if the buggy is reclined, the sun can peep through. I hope this is something UPPABaby realise soon because it is such a shame that this is the only real thing that lets the pram down. The buggy can be clipped on to face outward or to face the parent. I really like this feature as we have great interaction with the baby on our walks. Now she is almost one, she quite likes to face outward on days out so she can watch people as she is being pushed in her chariot. The buggy fully reclines so the child can lie down. One of my friends commented on how big the chair was for a little one, which is good as I truly believe it will last our baby until she doesn't need the pram any more. So often, I see toddlers squashed into prams which are too small for them, I don't think that will be the case with the Vista. In fact, I would say at five months to come out of the flat pram and into the buggy, it was almost too big for her - UPPABbaby sell an Infant Snug Seat which is like a head hugger for the pram which I think we could have done with really as we didn't have a footmuff or anything on the pram and the baby wasn't supported as well as she could have been. In hindsight we would buy one, but at £30 I really think this should be included in the price of the pram as many babies will be too small for the buggy but too big for the seat. For me though, the buggy looks comfy but I do feel it needs a footmuff for the winter, particularly if you have a small baby. The straps adjust so it can fit small babies and large toddlers which I think is really good.

      ==The Footmuff==

      The footmuff that is compatible is called the Baby Ganoosh footmuff and has been described on forums as looking like " a bin bag". True, it doesn't look very attractive, but the material it is made out of is supposed to be really warm. We have an incompatible footmuff at the moment which is tricky to zip up so we are looking to buy another one. Ganoosh footmuffs are like hens teeth though and this comes back to the supply issue due to high demand for these prams. All I can get at the moment is black or silver and they are around £80 from one retailer. I will update this review once we get one or if we get another one which will hopefully be cheaper and still compatible.

      ==The Basket==

      The basket is like a dream come true for parents. I wasn't even bothered about a basket on the pram but now I have this massive one on the UPPABaby, I really couldn't do without it. I have had a lot of comments from parents about how handy the basket must be and it really really is. It takes all the shopping, coats, spare blankets and all sorts of things. It is probably my favourite thing about the pram!

      ==The Car Seat==

      I liked the fact that this pram came with Maxi Cosi car seat adapters as the Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix was the car seat we had decided to buy based on reviews we had read online. Some pram companies do have adapters but you have to buy them separately. The car seat adapters pop onto the pram easily and you can drop the car seat on quickly and easily (until you have a heavy child, then it gets more tricky!). This is ideal for little babies who love to sleep in cars and means you don't have to wake them which is also ideal! I still occasionally use the car seat and my baby is almost 1, I will miss this feature when she grows out of her car seat!

      ==More Children?==

      Another deciding factor for us was the fact that the pram can adapt for additional children, you can have another seat put on at extra cost or attach a buggy board at extra cost. We have neither yet so can't comment but it is handy to know in case you were planning more than one child.


      Overall, I have tried to give a balance review of this pram but really and truthfully, I love it. I can't imagine having any other pram. Despite being expensive, it is a brilliant pram which handles really well on the road, on snow/ice (to a certain degree) and does quite well off road too. I have highlighted the issues I have faced with the pram, but I still don't think I could find a pram I would be this happy with for the same price. If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them if you drop me a message, I can also update the review. You won't regret buying one, I promise!


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        19.03.2013 20:02
        Very helpful



        Out of all the prams i have owned this is my favourite, I would recommend it to everyone.

        After much looking online I had my pram choice narrowed down to a choice of 2, the Uppababy Vista or the iCandy Peach. I went to my local independent pram shop to try out the iCandy but found I didn't love it as much as I had expected too so I then went to John Lewis to check out the Vista and I have to admit, I was so impressed that I went home and ordered one straight away from Groovystyle.co.uk (they have a discount for Facebook fans).

        The Vista is everything I wanted in a pram, some of it's features include:

        *a massive shopping basket
        *one handed fold
        *press on/press off brake so fit flop friendly!
        *you can push with one hand which is essential if you have other children

        Included in the box is:

        *Seat Unit
        *Two Raincovers
        *Two SPF 50 Sunshades
        *Two Insect Nets
        *Maxi Cosi / BeSafe iZi Go Infant Car Seat adapters

        The carrycot is very spacious and comes with a comfortable, ventilated mattress, my daughter is almost 6 months old and she still has plenty of room. The carrycot is suitable for sleeping in through the night so handy if you go away or if someone is babysitting in their home rather than yours. The raincover and the mosquito net for the carrycot also fit on the compatible car seats, I haven't used the mosquito net but the rain cover is of good quality and has a space at the top so you can access the carry handle of the carrycot or car seat. To attach the raincover you just pull it over and it is held snug to the pram with elastic around the bottom.

        The seat unit, which is suitable from 6 months, is nice and roomy. My almost three year old was very comfortable in it and you have the option of the seat facing out or parent facing. It is very easy to change round, just unclip the seat unit and lift it off, turn it round and slot back into place. Another huge plus point is that the fabric is removable and washable so if your child has a leaky nappy or is ill it's very easy to clean the pram.

        My favourite feature of all has to be the shopping basket. I have never seen one so big except on the old coach built prams! As I don't drive I love the fact I can fit a good amount of shopping under the pram and as this pram is a dream to push, it doesn't feel as heavy as some other prams even with 3 or 4 bags of groceries underneath.

        One criticism I do have is the back wheels are wider apart than the front wheels. It takes a bit of getting used to to ensure you don't bump into things after thinking you will fit through a gap!

        The Uppababy Vista comes in eight colours;


        I went for the orange as I feel it's gender neutral plus it's nice and cheery which is a bonus in dreary Scotland!

        The Uppababy Vista retails at £629.99.


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    • Product Details

      The UPPAbaby Vista 3 In 1 Carlin GreenThe UPPAbaby Vista Green Carlin Pushchair is a great stylish and practical pushchair. The Vista is designed to grow with your child, from birth through the toddler years. It also adapts to your growing family with solutions for a big brother or sister.The Green Vista Pushchair has a reversible seat with a 4-position recline allowing your child to recline comfortably or sit in the full-upright position. It even has an extended seat height for accommodating taller children. Its extended SPF 50+ drop-down sunshade protects your child from the sun. The Vista has front and rear shock-absorbing suspension ensuring a nice smooth ride on the smooth rolling 'no-flat' foam and rubber wheels. It's welded aircraft aluminium alloy frame along with its extra wide wheels allow the UPPAbaby Vista to be more lightweight, giving it more responsive control. Included accessories: Toddler seat rain shield, toddler seat insect net, bassinet insect net and a Maxi-Cosi Infant car seat adapter. The UPPAbaby Vista Carrycot is lined with plush, easy to clean microsuede, making your carrycot easy to clean. It has an extended, ventilated, SPF 50+ drop-down sunshade to keep your baby safe from the sun. The Vista Carrycot issuitable from birth to 6 months. 

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