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Tesco Carousel Wooden Puzzle

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Puzzle

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2013 11:21
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      A nice way to get your child learning whilst having fun

      A little while ago when I was shopping in Tesco I spotted the Carousel Wooden Numbers Puzzle (also comes in a Letters version) although at the time Jayden was a bit young for it I decided to buy it for him and keep it until he was a bit older.  Over the last few weeks Jayden has started to play with this puzzle and has now had some use out if it.   The Carousel Wooden Numbers Puzzle comes wrapped tightly in clear plastic which holds all of the pieces in place, there is a small white label on the back of the puzzle with the brand name on it, a couple of warnings and I think from what I can remember the age group that this item is suitable for.  There was no real product information on the packaging, but what there was did tell you what you needed to know.   The Carousel Wooden Numbers Puzzle is basically a large rectangle board, this is made from a ply wood type material which has a varnished front and has a wood grain pattern on it, in the top left hand corner is the Carousel logo, the board also has multi coloured flower style patterns covering it making it bright and colourful.  The puzzle pieces are basically the numbers 1 to 10, each number has an animal next to it, the amount of animals surrounding the number matches that number.  The number pieces are large and brightly coloured, each number is a different colour and the animals surrounding it are drawn in a cartoon style but still made to look realistic so that you child and easily identify them.   Each puzzle piece is a different shape in that it is cut around the number and animal leaving a small boarder around the edge, the background of each puzzle pieces matches the main board in that it has the same wood grain effect.  The puzzle pieces are also made from the same ply wood type material, the numbers are spread over the board in order with 1 to 4 across the top, 5 to 8 across the middle and numbers 9 and 10 along the bottom.  Each puzzle piece is about a millimetre smaller than the hole it goes into allowing your child to easily pick the pieces up, the holes that the pieces go into are quite shallow but deep enough for your child to easily slide the pieces into place.   Both the board and the puzzle pieces are of a reasonable thickness and are strong and durable, both the board and pieces are solid and not flexible so you child will not be able to damage them by bending them, also they are not easily damaged by chewing.   Each puzzle pieces does not have a peg for your child to hold and lift the pieces, the have to be removed by lifting the edges which could be a little tricky for young children.  The board measures 15inchs x 11 inches so it is of a decent size without being too big and bulky to store.   The Carousel Wooden Numbers Puzzle is said to be suitable for children from 2 years old on the Tesco website, however I personally think it is never to early for your child to start learning, Jayden is 15 months old and he really enjoys playing with this and trying to get the right pieces in the right holes.   Playing with this puzzle will help to develop your child's hand eye co-ordination as well as teaching them numbers, also the different animals around each number will help your child recognise different animals and their names, and this item will also help your child to learn colours with each number being a different colour, so basically this puzzle can help to develop several skills whilst your child is playing.   As I have mentioned I purchased the Carousel wooden Numbers puzzle from Tesco and it cost me just £2.00, personally I thought this was excellent value for money, in my opinion it is definitely worth the money.   I have had this item quite a while but it has only been recently that Jayden has started to play with it, although the recommended age for this item is older than Jayden I personally do not think he is too young for it as it is never to early for you child to start learning, this puzzle as I have mentioned can help him to develop a range of skills so he is learning whilst he is playing.   The Carousel Wooden Numbers Puzzle is of an excellent quality, it is strong, sturdy and hardwearing, ideal for young children, it is definitely worth the money and is sold for a very reasonable price.   This puzzle also comes in letters, animals and shapes as well as the numbers version we have.  The design of the puzzle makes it ideal for both boys and girls.  This is definitely and item I would recommend and I will consider purchasing some of the other designs in the range.  


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