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The Edge Dresser Cats Jigsaw

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Manufacturer: Crown & Andrews / Type: Adult Puzzle

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2012 15:39
      Very helpful



      A real challenge of a jigsaw!

      Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved doing jigsaws but it is something I haven't found time to do for a few years now. I had a jigsaw that I bought from the RNLI some time ago and never tried so I decided that it was time to give it a go.

      What is it?

      The jigsaw is called Dresser Cats and it belongs to a trio of puzzles entitled The Edge (a title that will become all too apparent later). I can't remember how much I paid for it but it is currently on sale at www.amazon.co.uk at £7.45 for a used jigsaw or www.ebay.co.uk at about £11 for a new one. It comes in a sturdy box which is sealed with cellophane to stop any accidents involving lost pieces.

      The jigsaw has 1,008 strong, well made pieces and measures 24.5 inches by 19 inches when complete.

      The Picture?

      As you may guess from the title it is a picture of two grey mottled cats standing on the flat surface of a dresser with the shelves of bottles and jars behind them.

      So why is it special?

      Well when you start a jigsaw you begin by sorting out all the straight pieces and doing the outside edge. So that's how I started right? Wrong - not with this jigsaw! All the pieces have at least one straight edge! I thought that I could sort out the four corner pieces and maybe start from there but no - there were about fifteen corner pieces. This was going to be a challenge and a half!

      So how did I do it?

      Well down the side of the jigsaw there is a red and white checked curtain so I started there and then did the blue and white tiles on either side of the puzzle. Once that was all complete I tried to do the two cats next but they were a lot more difficult than they looked, so I left them for a while until I had the pieces that they would fit onto if you see what I mean. I then sorted out all the pieces with the jars and bottles on them and began to assemble the cupboards and shelves. Then I went back the cats and finally completed them. This meant that I then ended up with all the remaining pieces with wood of various colours on them. That was the most difficult part but there was no way that I was going to give up. Once I had finished the whole thing I felt a real sense of achievement.

      My thoughts

      It was one of the most difficult jigsaws that I have ever done. This is only partly due to the fact to the picture was a fairly challenging one. The main problem is the fact that there is at least one straight edge on every piece and I found this very difficult to get my head round. It is odd enough putting straight pieces on the 'inside' of a jigsaw anyway, but when you put two pieces together and there is a straight edge along the top of one and then again along the bottom of the neighbouring one - well that's just weird! I found myself trying to put the pieces together to make a continuous straight line because that's what I have always done. This jigsaw will really mess with your mind.

      There is also the problem that where you have two straight edges butting up to one another they obviously don't interlock until you have fitted the other pieces that surround them. I found that a bit annoying at times as I kept knocking the 'unlocked' pieces and had to keep putting them back where they should be. Once the jigsaw is complete the whole thing interlocks perfectly and is as stable as any other jigsaw. The jigsaw is actually very good quality and the pieces do fit together well - the ones that do interlock anyway!

      What about the other two in the set?

      One of the other two 'Edge' jigsaws is called 'Snowman and Friends' and depicts a snow scene with a snowman, a dog and lots of cats. The other one is entitled Cat Spread and is a picture which is completely made up of cat's heads - now this one would be difficult enough if it was an ordinary jigsaw but I think with all the pieces having straight edges it might send me completely off my rocker!

      If you want to see the three jigsaws go to http://www.crownandandrews.com click on 'jigsaws' and then look for 'The Edge'. The pictures there are very clear so you can see if you fancy giving one or all of these a try.

      And finally

      I would definitely recommend this jigsaw if you are the sort of person who likes a real challenge or as a gift if you know someone like that. If, however, you would rather do a simpler jigsaw believe me this is NOT the one for you!


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