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Yonex Armortec 600 Badminton Raquet

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Manufacturer: Yonex / Type: Racquet Sports

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2011 18:57
      Very helpful



      For serious Badminton Players

      Ever since becoming a badminton addict when introduced to the sport way back at secondary school I have been a keen player, going to the local leisure centre once a week to partake in a few rounds with my chums. I do take it very serious and do not like loosing, and having entered a variety of competitions etc I have went through a vast number of racquets. I bought this one with some vouchers I had after my Birthday and have been using it for a while or so having seen it on dooyoo and after last nights tough session on the court thought it was about time I gave it a review!

      First things first this is an expensive racquet and is only really worth it for serious players. If you are merely someone who likes the odd game here and there in the garden or goes to the centre every month or so then its probably not worth the £70 this retails at but for anyone else who takes the game a bit more seriously it is ideal. Everyone inside the game knows Yonex and to have a Yonex racquet lets everyone know you are a serious contender!

      The Yonex Armortec 600 is right up my street! Its light with an even balance which is what I like. Racquets can have the tendency to feel top heavy and the head causes a bit of problems with managing weight distribution etc but this is a superbly evenly balanced device with the result being you feel more in control and as if you are not being inhibited by the weight of the device. It is this easier of your arms, tiring them less and allowing you to move easily. It can be a fast sport especially if playing doubles and I like a light, evenly balanced racquet that will ensure I can get around the court and play shots quickly and this does that! It is advertised as 83mg which might not mean anything to most people but players will know that's a rather light device.

      The head is solid and the base is thick with an excellent hand grip as you would expect from the brand. The head carries the logo and the strings are of the finest quality and will not let you down. There is a lovely feel to hitting the shuttlecock with this racquet and the tension and quality in the strings gives you the feeling of having more control over what you do.

      All in all this is a superbly made, well designed and effective racquet that will aid your enjoyment of the sport and have you feeling as if you are in control each and every time you step out on court.


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      01.07.2010 20:18
      Very helpful



      Badminton Racquet from Yonex

      Yonex Armortec 600
      Badminton Racquet.


      Few would argue that Yonex are the leading brand name when it comes to badminton in terms of equipment, clothing and even sponsorship and tournaments.

      Yonex have a whole range of racquets (not rackets) from a £10 basic model, which is actually quite adequate for a beginner; made with a steel frame.

      Their current range consists of; six racquets in the basic range, seven racquets in the Armortec range, twelve racquets in the Nanospeed range and seven racquets in the ArcSaber range.

      Now admittedly, having a choice of 32 racquets might leave the non badminton addict thinking....why? and how on Earth do you choose the right racquet? Okay...very short lesson coming up....believe me, I could write thousands of words on this topic alone, before I even start the specific racquet review.

      ****About Racquets

      Racquets are made of different materials; steel, aluminium, graphite, carbon fibre and so on, these affect the weight and strength of the racquets, as well as their flexibility and two key things that are 'hold' and 'repulsion', terms associated with the level of energy stored and 'spring' if you like...confused yet?

      In addition different designs of racquet affect the flow through the air, different string tensions affect the type of power needed for certain shots and finally the point of balance from being 'head heavy' (good for smashes) to being 'head light' (good for control). These attributes are all to be taken into consideration when making an investment in a decent racquet.....and I won't even start on grip type, colour and so on.

      I had used a Nanospeed racquet for a while which I found a little too 'bouncy' and a lot too 'light' in use for my liking. I then bought an Armortec 250 (not made any more) which was much too 'head heavy' though I still use it in some matches when I know the opponents are less likely to be good smash returners.

      ****The 600

      At Christmas (or thereabouts) I went looking for a new racquet and tried out the Armortec 600. It felt nice and light to hold and had a slight 'head heavy' feel but not so much that it gravitates to smashes all the time.

      In fact it is the most balanced, both in terms of head weight and in terms of repulsion versus hold in the Armortec range. It also has the most flexible shaft which for me means that I can play the widest variety of shots without relying to heavily on either smashes, clears or net shots.

      I will not go into endless technical details as they are easy to find on the Yonex website and will bore most readers. I will say that the overall weight is very light, around 80-83 gms (one of the lightest racquets in the entire Yonex range) though feels lighter due to the good balance. To give you some idea, 28gms is an ounce, so it is around three ounces in all, very light. It is made of Ultra H.M. Graphite and has various other trademarked compounds and design properties including a built in 'T Joint' which attaches the head to the shaft for greater strength.

      I know, I know, I am starting to sound very geeky.....did you know that badminton (doubles) is the fastest court sport in the World and that smashes can exceed 400kph (not my ones though).

      ****So, how does the racquet play?

      OMG it is gorgeous, it is light and responsive, it makes the sweetest 'swish' sound on a clear or smash and is no problem to use in an extended clear or lunge as there is no weight to it at all. The strings are tight enough so that there is no effort needed at all on a smash return or dead drop net shot. The grip is thin enough to enable, even with a good quality synthetic grip, all the grips from bevel to backhand.

      It is truly an all round racquet and there are no shots that seem difficult or that need a different racquet. Not only that, in white and light blue, it is a thing of beauty. A racquet for good club players and even, I would argue county players (not that I'll ever be that good). A good racquet will improve your game, but at an RRP of £110, you had better be into badders to get your monies worth. In truth, this can be picked up now for around £70 - £80 as it is being phased out in favour of the Armortec Tour. I like this racquet so much I have just bought another two (so I know have three), which should last a good few years. Mind you, I do play 5 times per week.


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