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ByteStor 2 GB DDR2 667MHz

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2010 21:51
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      They say the best things come in small packages

      Random Access Memory, or RAM as we like to know it, is something that all computers need to keep up a good speed when opening several programs at once, basically the more RAM you have the more applications/programs you can have running without your system beginning to crawl along, forcing you to shut certain programs down.
      RAM is important and you will know if or when your system needs extra when you start adding programs and everything starts to slow down or simply freeze.

      All personal computers have RAM installed on them when built, most being well under the computers capabilities, which can slow you PC down eventually, forcing you to buy extra memory to fight the snail pace. Unfortunately, finding the right memory module which will fit your system is a job in itself.
      Finding the answers to questions like... what is the maximum memory my computer can take? Does it need to be 'unbuffered', and what does that mean anyway? How many Mhz does the Ram have to be? What is the voltage? And more...

      Luckily there is the greatest research invention since the Encyclopaedia called the internet, which can give you the answers to all them questions, and more, and there are a few likely answers which may pop up, one of them being ByteStor...

      I did such a search for my Dell laptop, (and my desk top as well) and was instantly given the answer to the exact memory module I would need... and guess what? The name which popped up the most was ByteStor, as I said. So, after another quick search with the newly acquired details I was soon on the right track for upgrading my laptop from its 1GB factory installed Ram to its maximum of 4GB.

      The results for what I required came up fast, with a very popular on-line shopping site giving the best deal, so I decided to buy two of the 2 GB ByteStor RAM modules as they gave the same specifications as many others, only these were more than half the price...which is a real godsend in these downtrodden times.

      ** The module specifications...

      * 2GB
      * PC2-5300
      * DDR2 SDRAM
      * 667MHz
      * SO DIMM 200 pin
      * Non-EEC
      * Unbuffered
      * 1.8V supply
      * Gold lead plating.
      * 1.181 inch high

      I could 'pad' this review out with what some technical stuff about what the specs mean, like what EEC stands for and what unbuffered does, but that would be pointless and a bit boring really so I wont, (plus, people may think I was just showing off). But as long as the specs on your new RAM match the specs on you installed Ram tehn your laughing.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      What can you say about any memory module..?

      Well, when they arrived from that well known on-line shopping site I fitted them straight into my Dell laptop, (do check how the modules fit into your own laptop as all are different in some ways), which was a little confusing finding where the second one actually fitted, but once I discovered that I had to remove the keyboard to do so I was on my way.
      Anyway, once installed my laptop picked up the new memory modules straight away, giving me a full memory speck, so I immediately put the added memory to the test, opening as many programs as I could, working on each one, waiting for any sign of slow down in my system. So many hours later, with me being on-line, working a movie maker, editing my pictures plus much more, my system didn't miss a beat, so I was very impressed with the item I had bought at what I felt was a bargain price.

      The actual memory module itself looks a little fragile at first glance with its microchips on show for all to see, being somewhat smaller than the modules for desk tops, its 200 gold looking pins at the bottom of the darkish green plastic component.
      Just remember, it is a little fragile and should be handled with care when installing, when handling it try and hold it by the edges with as little pressure as possible, do not touch the pins or the main surface as this could cause damage.

      It is designed for a specific job and they certainly do that job at a fraction of the cost of some branded modules
      You don't have to stick to the branded named modules which your PC came with as long as the specs are matching, so I do recommend these rather splendid, and quite reasonably priced, modules from Kingston.

      The price for each individual module was around £25.00 but at the time I was on the hunt for extra memory I managed to get a two pack for just under £35.00, which was a bargain indeed, which, unfortunately, I have not seen since.

      I do know that the actual speed of your system is really down to the processor but with an extra bit of RAM you'll certainly feel how smooth you system can run.

      ** Just remember...
      As with all memory modules it has to be handles with care, preferably in a static free environment, but this review is about the ByteStor module itself rather than how to fit it.


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