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PNY 512 MB DDR 400 MHz

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2011 20:32
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      A great option for older PC's, and for computer "tinkerers"

      Well as I am sure that some of you know, I quite like playing around with upgrading computers and so I have recently completely upgraded my older PC. As a result my 256MB RAM was seriously outdated and holding up everything else. Therefore I started the search for some new stuff that would still be compatible with my motherboard.

      Now I didn't wish to spend megabucks on RAM, nor did I want something substandard, which would also need upgrading a few months down the line. PNY are in my opinion one of the better companies around these days when it comes to computers. The makers of the popular brand and market leader NVIDIA GeForce in graphics cards, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that they did a 512MB RAM stick.

      The sticks themselves cost me £39.99 and are available in some computer hardware stores and you can probably pick them up from one of the online retailers for a few quid less. I personally bought 2 of them bringing my system up to 1GB RAM. Not a massive amount by today's standards, but remember this is an older style PC.

      Now for the technical stuff. It is very important that you check with your PC motherboard user manual before you go and upgrade your memory, as there are several different specifications available and only one particular type will fit into your memory slots. This is true for people with older models who wish to upgrade as well as newer PC's. This particular stick uses technology known as SD DDR RAM. It has a memory speed of 400MHz, or PC 3200, which is not the best around, but is certainly a good option for those on a tighter budget, or for those with older PC's who use them for mainly Internet or desktop publishing. It uses what is known as a DIMM 184 pins connection, and as I said it is very important that you check this out before you rush out and buy this stick or any other for that matter.

      Installation of the stick is very straightforward. Simply remove your old sticks by lifting the little connecting catch and pull firmly on them to release them. To install your new ones simply push firmly into the slots until you here it click, and secure with the connecting catch and hey presto you are ready. You can also use these sticks to supplement your existing RAM but care is again required to make sure that the speeds of the two different RAM sticks are the same. If they are then there shouldn't be too much of a problem. If not, then bear in mind that it will run at the lower speed and may cause system hang-ups when under a bit of strain, and so for this reason alone, I wouldn't recommend doing this.

      Since I have installed the 2 sticks of PNY 512MB RAM, I have been amazed at the stability of the system. In the past I have always had the odd "blue screen" incident, which is indicative of a problem with the memory, possibly because of overwork in my old system. However these sticks have never given me any hint of a problem, which is a major plus point. In addition the marked improvement in speed and performance, which is immediately obvious, even from the start up sequence, makes this product well worth considering for those on a budget but still wanting vastly improved performance.

      Well to sum up I would highly recommend using the PNY 512MB RAM sticks for anyone wanting to upgrade on a budget, but only if your motherboard is compatible with this particular type of RAM. If you are unsure in any way, then firstly check out your motherboard user manual and if further advice is needed, then take the manual along to somewhere like PC world, who should be more than happy to help you pick the correct one for you. It should be pointed out that this type of RAM is not generally compatible with more modern systems, but for those of you that enjoy tinkering around with computers like me, or for people in general who want to have a marked increase in speed with an older system, then this RAM is a good option.


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