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Aldi Pizza Bageuttes

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2014 18:49
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      Great product

      I have been shopping on and off in Aldi for a few months now and I really can't fault the value for money. Pizza is a huge downfall of mine and when I saw these pizza baguettes I had to give them a try at 69p for 2 baguette pizzas. I have enjoyed baguette pizzas before, mostly from Tesco and Iceland but these cost closer to the £1 mark for 2 pizzas the same size as this offering from Aldi. There are three varieties available, cheese and tomato, pepperoni and I think the other is ham and cheese. All retail at 69p. I opted for the cheese and tomato version and I have bought these four or five times now.

      Each pizza weighs 125g and they are each around 6 inches long and a couple of inches wide so they are the perfect size for a snack, lunch or as part of your main meal served with some veg. You have to bake these in the oven where they take between 8 and 12 minutes. When I remove these from the oven they are always golden brown and both smell and look very appetising.

      There is a good amount of cheese on each pizza and this doesn't all slide off when you cut into the pizza. The crust of the pizza is crisp and crumbles nicely but the dough inside tastes soft and fresh. The tomato sauce has a lovely flavor and is quite a mild taste and not too tangy. There are something like three different varieties of cheese on each pizza, cheddar, Edam and mozzarella. The cheese combined has a lovely flavour and has an overall mature taste. The pizzas taste very nice and I always find myself craving more after eating one!

      I like these pizzas and will continue to buy them. For the price you really can't go wrong and they are really good quality and taste lovely.


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        30.07.2013 22:03
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        A yummy snack worth storing in the freezer

        On one of first trips to Aldi I spotted these in the freezer section and was impressed by the price 69p for 2 x baguette pizza. In my head I thought "they'll be a great easy lunch"

        The cardboard box they come in is reasonably small approx. 12cm x 30cm x 8cm. On the front is a picture of two pizza baguettes and the brand name "Carlos". Also on the front of the box is a big blue box stating 69p, the large Aldi barcode across all sides of the box (for fast scanning) and all the other general information like storage info, nutritional value and cooking instructions.

        When opening the box the product looks very similar to the picture on the front, however a little smaller than I would like. The baguettes are wrapped tightly together in plastic. As far as cooking them goes you couldn't get any easier. Pre-heat the oven to 200c and pop them in for 20 minutes.
        Once cooked they really do look good enough to eat. The cheese nicely melted tomatoes base thick and pepperoni plentiful.

        While their in the oven cooking the smell is rich and cheesey. Which left my mouth watering.

        On tucking into these bad boys I was really surprised how good they tasted for the price. The baguette base had a crunchy outer crust but a soft centre. The topping had a creamy tomato puree base with plenty of cheese and meat on the top. The topping was not sparse by any means.

        My overall opinion on these is great. The whole family (me, my husband and 2 year old enjoy them) we normally have one baguette each and their not massive so you may need to add a salad to it. Definitely a thumbs up from me and I buy these every week.


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        04.02.2008 19:00
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        Good product

        I found these tucked away at the back of our freezer the other day and was surprised to find them because they aren't the sort of thing my mum usually buys and I can't remember buying them myself. I was pretty hungry and thought I might as well give them a shot since there weren't many other options staring me in the face.


        This product comes in a small cardboard box with a picture of two pizza baguettes on the front and the brand Carlos at the top. The product is described as
        'Two white baguette bases with a tomato sauce topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses'

        A pretty good description in my book as that is exactly what you get. The two baguettes are wrapped in plastic and inside the box. Not quite sure if there is any need for the plastic but these days manufacturers just seem to wrap everything in plastic. The packaging includes all the usual info on how to cook the product, nutritional information and storage instructions.

        The packet itself is quite eye catching with blue and red being the main colours and a very clear picture of the product.

        Nutritional Information

        All the values below are per 100g

        of which sugars 1.4g
        Fat - 12.5g
        Of which saturates - 3.8g
        Fibre - 2.2g
        Sodium - 0.6g
        Salt - 1.5g

        Cooking Instructions

        These baguettes can only be cooked one way and that's in the oven. They take about 20 minutes in the oven at 200 C and its best if you cook them from frozen. You can tell when they are cooked because the cheese on the top goes a lovely golden brown colour and they look proper tasty.

        When I took them out of the packet I was a little disappointed by the size of the baguettes and the amount of cheese on top of them. But after cooking and eating it was clear that anything much bigger would have been too much and that in fact there was more than enough cheese on the baguettes as I think it must have expanded during cooking of something like that.
        The Taste Test

        I was rather surprised by how good these were usually these sort of frozen snacky type foods are a little disappointing but these tasted pretty good and filled a hole. The tomato sauce was really good as some pizzas try to hard with the sauces and fill it with herbs and other sorts of rubbish. This sauce was left alone and tastes great; the cheese was also really good and looked really tasty when it had been melted.

        The Price

        Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how much these cost because I found them in the family freezer and I didn't buy them but being from Aldi I cant imagine them being particularly expensive.

        The Verdict

        I would have to recommend these as they are a really good product to have lurking in the freezer for when you are hungry and the rest of the house is devoid of food. They taste great and cooking them is so easy. The other bonus is that they are a complete meal and don't require anything else to go with them. I can imagine these would be great if you had kids and one baguette per kid would probably be enough for them.


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