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Amy's Organic Bean and Rice Burrito

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Brand: Amy's / Type: Rice / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2009 10:45
      Very helpful



      A delicious little find and one I shall seek out again soon!

      Recently I have been having quite a few trips to my local Holland and Barrett, where they have a "buy one get one half price" offer on everything in store.

      In the freezer section I discovered some rather tempting little wraps made by a company called Amy's, and for £1.69 each I thought I would cook them for a main meal for hubby and myself on a night when my son was out. As it happened last week I had a dreadful cold so these were easy to cook, and reduced the washing up I normally create with one of my home made dinners.

      There were two types to choose from but the one which I decided on was the "Bean And Rice Burrito" which was vegan and was not going to contain cheese which it's partner on the shelf "The Bean And Cheese Burrito" did have. It's not that I don't like cheese, quite the contrary in fact, but ready made vegetarian dishes are often cheese filled, so it is refreshing to find a product which is free from dairy and of course then also cholesterol.

      Amy's Kitchen is based in The United States in California, and the company was started there to provide healthy prepared foods, for those too busy to cook vegetarian and vegan meals from scratch. Born in a home kitchen and blossomed from this idea, Amy's flourished in the late 1980s as more people became vegetarian. This company produced its very first ready made product all those years ago, which you may have seen in Holland and Barrett-"The Pot Pie" which I can tell you is a delicious vegetable pie! They now make over 88 frozen meals of which only a handful make it across the Atlantic to the UK, and these Burritos are fortunately one of them!

      I thought it would be helpful to list the ingredients at this point as they are mostly organic and have no additives. In addition these are hand made not factory produced, and in addition Amy's know all their farmers by name, many of who are based locally to where their meals are produced.

      Bean & Rice Burrito - Non Dairy

      Each Burrito contains 280 calories, lots of fibre and iron as well as 9g protein mostly supplied by the beans. There is 6g fat in each wrap, and the only down side I can see is that they contain 23% of your daily allowance of salt, which is like so many prepared foods a distinct disadvantage, especially if you eat a lot of bread and processed cereals which can be salt filled too.

      The Burrito is basically a flour tortilla wrapped round pinto beans and covered in a mild Mexican sauce. Rice and vegetables are packed into this, and so it is literally bursting with colour and flavours.

      You will easily recognise it in the freezer as it is in a green packet, the cheddar cheese version is in red.

      The word Burrito means "Little Donkey" in Spanish which may be related to the shape of a rolled up tortilla, which either looks like a donkey's ear or maybe resembles the bedrolls or packs donkeys carried-who knows?- but it's a cute idea and certainly a point in its favour-if you like donkeys!

      To prepare you can either oven bake or microwave. As I don't own a microwave I oven baked mine, but you do have to be patient for this as obviously it is frozen so it will take 50 minutes or so to be properly cooked. I think using a microwave here would be much more economical. Having read quite a lot of reviews on other sites about these wraps I think microwaved would be the way to go as the majority verdict seems to be that no flavour is lost, and of course the ease of preparation wins every time over the oven, which is this case is wasteful on electricity. I actually used mine to cook other things at the same time, but it would be wasteful to put the oven on for two small wraps.

      The Burritos are absolutely lovely. The tortilla wrap is moist and easily cut with a knife, and reveals the filling which is absolutely bursting with ingredients. The flavour is a mild one so you won't need a big drink to wash down heaps of chilli, and this makes them ideal as a lunchtime snack as well as for a more substantial meal with vegetables.

      I think for the price these represents excellent value for money as they are bursting with natural ingredients, and being organic too you know you are not going to be eating lots of chemical residues.

      My only concern is the salt level as it seems like almost everything you buy now which is ready made will mean you are taking in salt at higher levels that I feel is necessary. It is something just to be aware of and to take into account with whatever else you are eating that day.

      I prefer to cook meals from scratch myself and do so most days, but sometimes like last week a heavy cough and cold meant I was not at my best, and so these ready made delights were just the thing to pull from the freezer to make dinner easy and nutritious.

      I will certainly buy these again, they are ideal for teenagers too who want a quick snack, and I think they are a great product when you are pushed for time or energy.

      Made by a family company and a long standing one too, so the quality is assured. The taste of these is certainly home made standard, which is what they are trying to achieve, and I think these certainly live up to all their claims and exceeded my expectations.

      This review will alo appear on Ciao under my use name there Violet1278.


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