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Asda 4 Spring Rolls

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      27.06.2010 06:19
      Very helpful



      Lovely Asda....well done!

      I absolutely love spring rolls and devour plenty when eating a take away or having some sort of Chinese buffet or meal out so when I was out shopping in Asda the other day and I came across these in the frozen section of the store I was really looking forward to purchasing them and nibbling them later that night and they seemed excellent value for a mere pound a box too!

      The Packaging:

      The packaging of these is now different to what is shown on the top of this review page and must have changed recently. The box is now red mainly in colour and both the front and back of the box appear the same. I am told that they are Asda '4' Spring Rolls and there is a photograph on there of the spring rolls and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown, I am told that they are suitable for Vegetarians and that they are to be oven cooked only, the best before date is clearly stamped on and I'm told to keep them frozen and the weight is stated which is 240g and I'm told that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat. Other information given on the sides of the box includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, I'm told how to store them, a full nutritional chart is displayed, I'm told how to cook them and contact details for Asda are stated. It's a very informative box and easy to open etc and inside the box the spring rolls are not wrapped up so they are easy to get to and shove on a baking tray!

      The Spring Rolls:

      All you do is cook them from frozen. In appearance these rolls are reasonably long and thick, pale cream in colour and look thick and tightly wrapped and sealed to both ends. All you do to cook them is to pop them in the oven for about 16-18 minutes. I cooked mine according to that instruction and they came out a slight golden colour, the edges had crisped up and the whole thing was firm to the touch so not messy to deal with at all.

      What these are of course is like a thin filo pastry and they being vegetarian are filled with carrot, cabbage, bean-sprouts, onion, sweetcorn, red peppers and leek along with parsnip getting a mention (though not a taste) and a few other ingredients including chilli, ginger and turmeric.

      The mixture is moist though not soggy, well packed into the pastry and all in all these taste really rather nice. The majority of the spring roll was stuffed with bean-sprouts and then you can see the rest of what I have mentioned simply mushed up within them and really they just taste of vegetables rather than any vegetable ingredient sticking out in the taste department and I could detect a hint of spice going on within the though no hotness although chilli is within them.

      I like the way they appeared and were easy to handle, the way they wernt rocket science to cook and all round simply tasted like a spring roll should be!

      Nutritional Information Per Spring Roll:

      Calories: 109
      Sugar: 1.3g
      Fat: 4.8g
      Saturated Fat: 0.4g
      Salt: 0.5g

      Only available in Asda stores.


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      07.06.2009 22:09
      Very helpful




      My favourite style of food is probably Chinese. Although I like Vegetables, they aren't my food, but there's just something different about Veggies all wrapped up in a Spring Roll.

      These are available in the freezer section. A box of these cost £1 and you get this on the Asda 5 items for £4 deal, so technically 80p if you buy in bulk (which I always do - hey! got to get the most out of my money after all!)

      The packaging is alright. It is a cardboard box and it is a light blue colour. There is a picture of the Spring Rolls arranged neatly on a plate, and a couple of them look half eaten, so you can see the Vegetables that are inside. There is 4 Spring Rolls in the box.

      To cook these you put into an oven at 220c and cook for 29 minutes. I find that 20 minutes seems to be alright, as this makes the pastry crisp up nicely and the inside is soft and tasty. There is a slight greasy texture to these, but not much and it is quite a nice taste.

      The Vegetables in the Rolls are Onions, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Cabbage, Sweetcorn, Leek, Ped Peppers and Bamboo Shoots. Sounds a lot to be all wrapped p? Well it is kind of, but there is only a small amount of each ingredient in here. I could have done without the Sweetcorn and Leek, although I do like these Vegetables, they just tasted a bit odd in here.

      When you bite into these the Pastry is slightly crisp, then it kind of flakes off a bit and is easy to chew. The filling is fresh tasting and has a tiny bit spice to it. They have enough filling compared to the outer section.

      Each Roll has 109 calories and 4.8g fat. I could easily eat all 4 of these with some Chips, so not that healthy a meal, but they are nice and tasty.

      These taste just as nice as a fresh version and nicer than some of the little Mini ones that are in some shops that have about 2 Vegetables in them.

      A good economical buy and i'm sure others love these as well!


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        18.10.2008 15:49
        Very helpful



        Takeaway food... but cheaper!

        I have always had a penchant for Chinese food, my favourite being the only Chinese food item that I would eat in my teens, hence the review I am doing now!

        The product I will now review are " Asda's 4 spring rolls"

        The packaging, as with most of Asda's own product range is simple yet effective. The box is cardboard and a lot smaller than the standard ready meal boxes, which is how it should be, less content less packaging, if only all companies had the same idea!

        The box simple holds a picture of the spring rolls with some chopsticks in the background, obviously to emphasise the "Chinese" element!
        The base of the box is sky blue in colour and holds all the relevant information, brand name, product name, cooking methods, weight, nutritional information.....etc. All of which I will get to in due course.

        When you open the box, there is surprisingly a pleasant smell that comes from the box, surprisingly I say due the fact this is actually a frozen box of spring rolls.
        The second point to mention is the fact that unlike many other brands the spring rolls are loose in the box, and not second wrapped in cellophane, this again cuts down in packaging, which I again think is a good idea, but means you have to open a little more carefully due to the batter the rolls come in being delicate and small pieces breaking off. This of course means that opening the box at the wrong angle results in a splattering of batter bits over your floor!

        I was surprised to see that the cooking instructions are for oven cook only, I assumed that to get that delicious greasy and crispy texture, they would have to be either shallow or deep fried, well obviously not!

        The cooking instructions are easy to follow and doesn't take long to cook either! You simply pre-heat your oven to 220c/425f/gas mark 7.
        You remove all the packaging and to promote crispiness place the spring rolls onto a wire rack before placing into the oven.
        You then cook for 16-18 minutes, ensuring that the spring roll is piping hot before serving. In fairness you will now when it is cooked through as these rolls seem to get to a certain temperature then the filling oozes out of the ends of the roll, this does not hamper the taste, but does make it a little more messy to eat!

        Once the rolls are cooked you get the grand job of eating them! The size of the rolls is nowhere as big as the ones you get from the Chinese takeaway, which Is probably why you can get four in a box!
        The batter is, crunchy and light and crumbles seductively as you bite into it. The contents of the roll is all vegetables, which even after cooking, are crunchy and delicious, this is then encased in a spicy sauce to finish!
        The vegetables listed in the rolls are, carrot, cabbage, bean sprouts, onion, sweet corn, red peppers, leek and bamboo shoots, which out of the list only red peppers and bean sprouts are identifiable!

        I have to be honest the contents are not at all attractive, the picture of the rolls on the box features a roll that is cut in half with the filling visible, please do not be put of by this, they are glorious to eat!

        The nutritional information is as follows -

        Per roll -

        109 kcal
        2.0g protein
        14.4g carbohydrate
        1.3g of which sugars
        4.8g fat
        0.4g of which saturates

        There are also some allergy warnings on the box, these being that these contain gluten, wheat, soya and celery and that they may well contain traces of nuts and/ or seeds.

        As the product brand suggests, these are an Asda own product this being the case they are, in my humble opinion, high quality but low in price.
        Per box they are available for around the 90p range, but as part of an ongoing offer, they can be purchased as a "buy 5 for £4", and there is a lot to choose from including - lasagne, chips and curry, chips and gravy, fish pie and many more!

        These are recommended, in these difficult times, money wise, these are a nice cost effective thing to be eaten simple as a snack or as part of a meal.

        For more information on these and other products available in the range visit - www.asda.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        Vegetable spring rolls.

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