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Asda Bangers and Mash

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2009 20:25
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      OK, but not great

      I love cooking, but for one person it is often more hassle (and washing up!) than it's worth, especially when I am doing 11 hour night shifts, because I come home and all I want to do is go to bed, not mess about in the kitchen cooking and be left with loads of pots and pans to clean. It's because of this, that I usually buy ready meals to eat on the days I do night shift which works out about 2 or 3 a week. I usually get them from Iceland and had never tried any of the ASDA ones, but when I noticed they do a deal of 5 for £4 I ordered some online as that's a bit of a saving on my normal Iceland ones.

      I've never had a 'bangers and mash' ready meal before. I must admit it does seem a bit lazy, as it's not a meal it would take me long to make myself, but it looked nice on the picture and I could just stick it in the mircowave and get on with things this way.


      Comes in a box with a picture of the finished product on the front. One criticism of the packaging, is that the cooking instructions are written in very small writing, which was difficult for even me to read and I was wearing contact lenses.

      Inside the box there are two clear plastic packets, one containing the mash, the other containing the sausages in gravy.

      ~Cooking it~

      Very simple. Just pierce the packets a few times with a fork, stick in the microwave for five minutes. Take out and shake the packets, put back in and microwave for another 4 minutes.


      Well the overall appearance of the meal was OK, but I wasn't entirely convinced about the mashed potato, which didn't look particularly fluffy, it was quite thick, and actually the gravy looked quite watery too. The sausages though, the part I had been a little concerned about, looked quite nice. They are full size sausages, you get three of them and they went a nice deep brown colour, something I was pleased about as I can't eat them if they look too pale!


      The mash, despite my initial concerns actually tasted alright. Not as nice as home made, but like an average tasting packet mash, very smooth, no lumps and quite a creamy taste, although the taste was much improved when it had a bit of gravy on it!

      The gravy had small slices of onion in it, which gave it a bit of extra flavour, although I'm aware that many people are not too keen on onion. The colour of the gravy was quite pale and it was quite thin and watery, although the taste was alright - just could have done with being thicker.

      The sausages though were really nice, they seemed to have a slightly herby taste to them and also a teeny hint of spice, which was nice and went was broken up well with the taste of the mash.


      Per 100g:

      111 calories
      7.3g protein
      12.9g carbs
      3.4g fat


      These cost £1.07 individually or are on a permanent offer of 5 for £4 along with other ready meals.


      This was OK, and I would be willing to buy it again, although it's not the best ready meal I've ever tried. Both the sausages and the mash tasted quite nice, but it was the watery onion gravy that let the product down in the end.


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