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Asda Breaded Chicken Goujons

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2010 19:52
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      I would not serve these as party food, or buy them again. They are cheap but taste cheap too.

      I should have been suspicious when I saw these chicken goujons in Asda for just £1 for twenty but I got caught out once again.

      Chicken goujons are, as far as I'm concerned, pieces of chicken in crumbs, batter, or whatever but I really don't think these had ever been anywhere near a chicken, unless it was the beak, the feet, or the entrails.

      These were sold as party snacks but as far as I'm concerned they are just long chicken nuggets of the lowest quality. I cooked them in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 according to instructions but I couldn't eat them.

      They were hard and tasted of artificial flavourings of all kinds, not chicken. They ended up as supper for the dog.

      I have to admit that I am not fan of chicken nuggets anyway, unless they are made from proper chicken pieces and these things certainly are not.

      Yes, they are cheap if you can stomach them but if you stop to think just what might be mixed in with minimal amount of chicken, it can be quite off putting.

      I certainly wouldn't serve these at a party and was pleased that I discovered just how horrible they tasted when I was just serving myself. The dog approved but we all know what they eat...anything!

      Each one of these has 3.4 grams of fat and 56 calories. That's a lot of fat for what is supposed to be chicken.

      In my opinion these did not taste of chicken and the coating was dry and too hard once cooked. They were also quite greasy to eat.

      I would not recommend these unless you are used to eating very cheap chicken nuggets. They are certainly not something I would serve up as party food.


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        06.11.2009 08:01
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        Breaded chicken nuggets

        Mr Lools and I are still munching our way through Asda Party Food as "evening snacks" obviously this is strictly for "reviewing" purposes. The latest item we have tried is the Asda Breaded Chicken Goujons.


        Asda Breaded Chicken Goujons are part of the party food range. The packaging is branded consistently with the Asda party food range; a deep red plastic bag with a very festive look to it. There are around 20 goujons per pack but the packaging doesn't actually state how many are contained inside like it does with the other items from this range. There is an image of the cooked product on the front of the box.

        The cooking instructions are also on the box and the goujons should be cooked at 200C for 12-15 minutes.


        A bag of chicken goujons costs £1 from Asda. I think that this is excellent value for money especially as there are about 20 chicken goujons per bag. I feel that for the taste and the amount of chicken goujons that you get for £1 these are the best value products from the Asda party food range.

        ***Chicken Goujons***

        The breaded chicken goujons when cooked and removed from the oven are long strips of chicken about 2cm wide by 5cm long covered in golden breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs are reasonable large which makes the outer coating very crispy and crunchy when you bite into the goujon.

        When you first bite into the goujon you are met with the golden baked breadcrumb taste this is pleasant however does have a very slight greasy taste to it which leaves a coating in your mouth. The chicken inside of the breadcrumbs is lean yet has a slightly bland taste. I did find that in some of the goujons that I ate the chicken was slightly dry and I would have preferred the meat inside to be moister. After swallowed the goujon the savoury golden breadcrumb taste was apparent but the overall taste pretty bland very much like a chicken nugget. Therefore I felt the goujon needed to be eaten with a bit of sauce or dip. Therefore if you do have these on your buffet table it maybe worth putting some sauce with them too.

        **Nutritional Information**

        Per chicken goujon
        56 calories
        3.4g fat


        These are really very good value for money probably one of the best value for money products from the Asda Party Food range. Taste wise the breaded chicken goujons are nothing special and very plain. The chicken is good quality albeit slightly dry. Taste wise my only criticism is that the coating is slightly greasy but these are very versatile as party food and also to have in the freezer as a snack. In my opinion very much like chicken nuggets so not for "posh" buffet tables at Christmas but great if you have hungry party guests.


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