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Asda Chicken & Bacon Lattice Pie

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2010 16:59
      Very helpful



      A nice quality lattice fro Asda

      The other night for me and the flatmate's tea I decided to get this and give it a try cos I hadn't tried it before. I liked the look of the simple box which gave off a look of quality and I simply adore anything (usually!) in pastry!

      The Packaging:

      The box is a mustard yellow colour with a 'window' to the front of it through which you can see some of the lattice through. On the front of the box I am told that it is Asda Chicken & Bacon Lattice 'Tender British chicken and sweetcure bacon in a creamy sauce, in golden lattice topped puff pastry' and that it serves 3 people, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there, the best before date is clearly stamped on as is the British flag and I am told that it contains nothing artificial at all and there is a photograph of a cooked lattice on there. On the back of the box other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart given along with cooking instructions, the size is stated which in this case is 400g and contact details for Asda are given. Like I stated previously this is a nice quality and looking box which is the reason I picked it up in the first place.

      The Lattice:

      You get an oblong and frozen lattice when you first purchase it and you simply cook this from chilled in about 25-30 minutes in an oven. When cooked the whole thing firms up and the pastry takes on a golden colour and looks puffy and very slightly flaky though it doesn't fall apart or anything.

      Taste wise well this was ok really. The pastry looked fancy to the top of it being crossed and decorated and it had a good seasoned taste and a slight buttery one too though it wasn't at all greasy. The filling within the case was made with a thick white smooth sauce again with a slightly creamy taste to it and packed with small chunks of pink and well cooked chicken and a small amount of smoked tasting bacon. There is also a hint of an onion flavouring though I couldn't find any actual onion or any vegetables within it at all and I could taste a hint of rosemary and felt that the whole thing was well seasoned and possessed a slight sourness due to the cream.

      Overall both me and my flatmate rather enjoyed this. It gives 3 generous portions and the pastry isn't one bit stodgy but rather light and the creamy filling is just that...creamy not sloppy and it holds within the pastry casing well. Sure it could do with the chunks of chicken being a bit less processed looking and more real and a bit bigger but overall this isn't a bad looking and tasting lattice to be fair to it!

      Nutritional Information Per 1/3 Serving:

      Calories: 339
      Sugar: 1.3g
      Fat: 18.0g
      Saturated Fat: 8.0g
      Salt: 1.0g

      Only available in Asda stores costing £2.74 a lattice.


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