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Asda deep dish, 2 pepperoni pizzas

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2009 08:02
      Very helpful




      I do like Pizza and although we sometimes get a Takeaway Pizza, more often than not we pick 1 up at the Supermarket. I spotted these the other week and decided they were worth a try.

      Found in the freezer section of Asda, these cost me £1.45 for the 2 pack. Not the largest Pizzas, but alright for the money. They are in the Freezer section.

      Packaging is alright. It is quite bright and eye catching. THere is a picture of the Pizza on the front and it looks pretty yummy. The Pizzas are wrapped in cellophane wrappers inside the cardboard box as well.

      These are oven cook and take about 15 minutes on a 220o heat. In 15 minutes I found the Pizza to be slightly crisp on the bottom, and lightly melted and golden on the top.

      Not so good with measurements, but I would say this is about 4" wide and quite a thick base. This reminds me of the Chicago Town Microwave Pizzas as the Base comes right up the side of the Pizza, and although this is essentially a crust, it doesn't seem like a crust, as it is mixed in with the Cheese.

      SO how did this taste? really nice actually. The base was fluffy and tasty although it is quite thick. It seemed to be crispy outside, but moist and fluffy on the inside. The Cheese on top was a rich, creamy flavour and not too strong a Cheese. The Pepperoni bits were little ball bits and they were spread evenly across and were tasty as well. I would say they tasted quite strong, but in a good way. THey were meaty with a little spice to them and although they were a little greasy, it all went together nice enough when mixed with the Cheese.

      Per Pizza there is 412 calories and 18.8g of fat, so not particularly good for you.

      Not the best Pizza i've ever had, but surprisingly better than I thought they would be and I would buy these again.


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      29.01.2009 17:58
      Very helpful
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      See review.

      My daughter has finally passed through the awkward eating stage and has started trying different foods. One food that she has started eating just recently is pizza, her favourite being the crust with a bit of cheese of her dad's Domino's pizza.

      Last weekend we again had our obligatory Saturday night pizza, so I thought I might get Kaitlin to try something else!
      The pizza I had was a mixed pizza, one side vegetarian supreme and the other side having pepperoni on it. Now my daughter has been eyeing this up for some time so I persuaded her to try a slice of pepperoni by telling her it was round bacon, I know a bit sneaky, but she believed me and actually enjoyed it!

      On a shopping trip round Asda I gave my daughter the option of what pizza she wanted me to buy her, she immediately chose the pizza's I will now review.

      The pizza I will now review is - "Asda deep dish pepperoni"

      The packaging is bright and eye catching with a picture of the pizza "pie" on the front. There is also all the usual information that you would expect, this being brand name, product name, nutritional information and the statement that this product doesn't contain any artificial colours and flavourings and doesn't contain any hydrogenated fat.

      This box contains two pizza's both individually wrapped, this makes it easier if you shop like I do. I tend to bulk buy food when offer, then I get home and can't fit it all into the freezer, I always have to take them out of the boxes and store them that way!

      The pizza is ideal for a younger person, though my daughter did have a handful of chips with it as well.

      The pizza is about 3 -4" across and is about 1" thick. The base is made of very light pastry rather than it being a dough base.
      As this is a pastry case it means that there are sides on the case, meaning a lot more filling!

      On top of the thick delicious tomato base is a more than generous layer of lovely stringy cheese, finally the pepperoni on the t op is cubed and is plentiful.

      The cooking instructions is as follows -

      Oven cook, at 222c / 400f / gas mark 6. This should take around 20 - 22 minutes, but I give it as long as it takes, I am a bit funny when serving food to my kids.
      For best results it is best to cook from frozen, though if left to defrost adjust cooking times accordingly.

      After the cooking time you must give it a few minutes to cool slightly, I didn't once and lost the skin on the roof of my mouth, it hurt for months after!

      The taste is delicious. The base doesn't really taste like pastry in the conventional term, but more a spongier version of it. This is in itself filling and substantial.
      The ingredients in the pie part complement each other perfectly as you would expect, but as there is so much more than a normal pizza, it does get a little heavy towards the end of the meal.
      Finally the pepperoni part was, for my palate, spicy and flavoursome, perfect in my opinion. Unfortunately my daughter managed a small amount then picked the rest off, which took a while as there was a more than generous amount on it! These were also not the conventional slices that you would expect on a pizza, these were small square pieces, which is probably the reason why they got so many onto it!

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per pizza,
      412 kcal
      14.6g protein
      46.0g carbohydrate
      5.1g of which sugars
      18.8g fat
      8.2g of which saturates

      The allergy warnings state that this contains gluten, milk, wheat and soya. This product may also contain traces or nuts and/ or seeds.

      These pizza's were purchased for around the £1.40 mark, not a bad price for two of these delights.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      As you may have gathered these were really enjoyed in my house, they are also available in the plain cheese and tomato form as well, which I get the feeling my daughter will be sneaking into the trolley on our next shopping trip!

      Thanks for reading x


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