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Asda Deep Pan Spicy Barbecue Chicken Pizza

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Brand: Asda / Type: Pizza

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 20:49
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      A great pizza just lost a star due to calorie level!

      I am a huge pizza fan, and especially if it has chicken on it. I'm not sure why It makes any difference but apparently it does. I tend to stay away from branded pizzas because they just don't quite taste the same, and they are a lot more expensive as well. So when I had the munchies I had a look across the wide range of pizzas and obviously had plenty of choice - it look a while but I eventually decided on this one.

      Dooyoo has actually put the wrong picture in but never mind it's the same kind of box :P

      ~*~ What Kind of Pizza is it? ~*~

      This is Asda's - Deep Pan, Spicy barbecue chicken pizza; with a thick, soft base - generously topped with barbecue sauce, creamy mozzarella, spicy chargrilled chicken and peppers. Reads as a pretty damn tasty pizza just from the box!

      ~*~ Nutritional Information ~*~

      Per Half a Pizza;

      497 Calories,
      24.3g of Protein,
      8.7g of Carbohydrates which sugar,
      5.6g of Fat which saturates,
      6.9g of Fibre,
      2.1g of Salt...

      ~*~ Does it pass the Test? ~*~

      This pizza comes in a dark red box with a big hole in the top so at least you can look at what you're buying before you get it home. For me it meant I could pick the pizza with the best chicken - pepper ratio. The box also has the quick nutritional information on the front, so you don't have to flip the box over. The cooking instructions are on the back, along with all ingredients and recycling information.

      Given that this pizza is in the 'Chosen By You' range you would expect it to be quite good quality - just taking it out of the box, you can tell it is of decent quality; as often you can buy a deep base and it's barely any thicker than a thin crust one and stick your finger right through it. This pizza has a bit of weight to it and actually upholds a good reputation for thick bases - other pizza companies beware! There is a good covering of cheese on the top - which always pleases me! The particular pizza I chose had a fair few chunks of chicken on it, which impressed me as most companies do not make much of an effort to put any decent chicken on let alone a lot of it. There were also plenty of peppers; however on my pizza there were only red ones when the box says there are meant to be yellow ones as well - so I feel a bit cheated, but then again you can't have everything! The toppings were all in good ratio and scattered well across the top of the pizza.

      To cook from chilled; given it is in the chiller cabinet - in a fan assisted oven at 190 degrees, or 200 degrees in a non-fan assisted oven, which is gas mark 6 for ten to twelve minutes. From frozen it is 190 degrees for both fan and non-fan assisted ovens, which is gas mark 5 for twelve to fourteen minutes. Our oven isn't fan assisted so I put my oven onto gas mark 6 and put my pizza in the oven. It suggests that it should be cooked for between ten and twelve minutes, I however like my pizzas very crispy and my cheese to be dark - So I felt it in an extra few minutes, however after the twelve minutes it will definitely be hot enough, and cooked well enough to eat. Especially after it's spent all that time in the oven making you hungry, with the aroma it's filled your house with!

      Obviously when you take it out of the oven it is going to be hot and due to how deep the base is I would leave it a minute to cool before you start to cut it up. Cutting it up was quite easy actually as some bases are incredibly stubborn and will split when you put the pizza cutter through it - this one actually behaved quite nicely. My first bite into the pizza was a good one; the base was crispy on the bottom and broke away easily, the bread part of the base with the topping gave way easily, it was more the cheese that didn't want to let go, and stretched quite a distance before I managed to get it to separate. The peppers and chicken cooked nicely into the cheese and weren't going to fall off the pizza top as I have experienced a lot with poorer quality pizzas.

      Where a lot of pizzas fall down is that the bases are very bland and leave you with a bit of a nondescript taste in your mouth; this one however is good - it doesn't have anything infused into it but it does seem to carry a bit of the chargrilled taste to it, (and no I didn't burn it!) The bread on the base is very soft and absorbs the barbecue sauce into it, so the barbecue flavour is prominent. Unlike a lot of pizza bases I find I can eat this one without being desperate for a drink half way through, there is a lot of moisture to the pizza. The cheese well it tastes like cheese, it's not too strong or too bland, for me who doesn't like cheese it is enough to keep all the toppings on and I can eat it so that's always a bonus. The peppers are not overly spicy but they taste like a pepper does, but they complement the very chargrilled chicken, the chicken however does have a bit of a kick to it, and you will know you've eaten it but you aren't likely to burn your mouth of eating it. All together the parts of the pizza make for a tasty snack in small doses at almost 1000 calories for a whole pizza, it's a bit of a heart attack on a plate!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      It is available in Asda's chiller section currently for £1.50 but it had 50p off it so normal price is £2.


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