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Asda Freshly Frozen Mixed Cabbage

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Brand: Asda / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2010 22:53
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      Wicked Frozen Cabbage.... You'll Be Surprised How Yummy It Is!

      Sometimes you find something that shocks you with how good it is, I have been eating this frozen Asda cabbage for ages and reckon it's NEARLY as good as fresh! I started buying it because I love cabbage but nobody else in the house does, so I'd buy a cabbage and eat my fill but then there would still be a big bit chucked away a few days later. I DO know all about blanching and stuff but kept forgetting so one day I decided to spend £1.00 on a bag of this frozen cabbage to try it.

      It's a mix of shredded savoy and primo cabbage and the proportions are perfect I reckon because you've got a good mix of the crinkly dark cabbage and the smoother white stuff.

      It only takes a few minutes to cook it in a pan of boiling water, I like my cabbage dead soft so leave it for a bit longer than it says on the bag and it's still wicked and has got a yummy flavour. It tastes dead fresh on a dinner and you can use it just the same as fresh cabbage so you can add it to bubble and squeak too just like I did for my dinner today.

      Most of the pieces of cabbage are about 2 cm x 2 cm so they're quite small but there aren't many stalks or hard bits in the bag. I reckon each bag has about 6 small tough stalks in there and that's not bad compared to come frozen cabbage I tried from Iceland recently. The stalks ALWAYS put me off it doesn't matter what brand I buy, I know they're edible but the stalks have got a nasty texture to them that no amount of boiling will help! lol

      The cabbage in this bag is quite sweet and has got a nice fresh taste, like I said I like mine nice and soft but it's also proper nice after just a few minutes cooking because even though it's not exactly crunchy it at least tastes fresh.

      Another thing is that the cabbage is frozen quite loose in the bag and isn't in one big icy lump that you can't seperate.

      For £1.00 this is a proper good price so I deffo recommend this for any cabbage lover.


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