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Asda Good For You Beef In Blackbean Sauce

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Brand: Asda / Type: Beef

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2010 08:14
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      A fillimg meal with average taste

      This is the second meal I've tried in the Asda Good For You Range.


      This meal comes inside a generic plastic tray which is covered with the usual see through film and encased in a paper sleeve. The front of the sleeve has a picture of the beef in the sauce and the rice and states that the product contains no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fat.

      The back of the sleeve contains the usual ingredients, nutritional information, storage instructions, recycling information and cooking instructions. This product is suitable for freezing and can be microwaved from chilled or frozen as well as being oven cooked.

      I'm also told that the card sleeve is widely recycled, that I should check my local recycling to find out whether the tray can be recycled and that the film is not currently recycled.

      This product is described as:- " Tender marinated beef slices in a blackbean sauce with green peppers, onions and egg fried rice."


      Beef in Blackbean Sauce (58%) [Water, Cooked Marinated Beef Slices (27%) [Beef (99%), Sugar, Dark Soy Sauce [Water, Soya Beans, Wheat Flour, Salt], Garlic, Tapioca Starch], Green Peppers (9.0%), Onions, Sugar, Cornflour, Blackbean Sauce [Fermented Soya Beans [Soya Beans, Water, Salt, Wheat Flour], Water, Salt], Salted Blackbeans (1.5%) [Blackbeans, Salt], Vegetable Oil, Rice Wine, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Dark Soy Sauce [Water, Salt, Soya Beans, Colour (Plain Caramel), Wheat Flour, Sugar, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)], Garlic Purée [Garlic, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)], Colour (Plain Caramel), Salt, Green Chillies, Crushed Dried Chillies] , Egg Fried Rice (42%) [Cooked Rice (62%) [Water, Rice], Onions, Peas, Water Chestnuts [Water Chestnuts , Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)], Spring Onions, Scrambled Egg (2.1%) [Pasteurised Whole Egg (67%), Whole Milk, Water , Vegetable Oil, Cornflour, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Salt, White Pepper], Sesame Oil, Salt

      Nutritional Information per pack {per 100g in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 2004kJ {500kJ}
      kcal: 475kcal {119kcal}
      Protein: 25.6g {6.4g}
      Carbohydrate: 68.0g {17.0g}
      of which sugars: 10.0g {2.5g}
      Fat: 9.7g {2.4g}
      (of which saturates): 2.0g {0.5g}
      Fibre: 6.7g {1.7g}
      Sodium: 1.16g {0.29g}
      Salt: 2.9g {0.7g}

      Allergy information: Contains gluten, milk, sesame seeds, wheat, egg and soya
      May contain traces of nuts

      At the time of writing Asda are charging £4 for 3 meals from the "Good For You" range .

      Taste and Opinion:

      I pulled this out of the freezer last night and, as I'd had quite a big meal at lunchtime decided it might make a decent choice for tea. Being in no particular hurry I decided to cook it in the oven rather than the microwave.

      The first thing I noticed after pulling off the see through film were that there seemed to be quite a lot of beef but that the blackbean sauce it was in was very watery indeed. I also spotted green peppers which were a decent size rather than being chopped up into tiny pieces. The rice looked to be quite nice and didn't look all stuck together like it sometimes can do. There didn't appear to be that many peas but there quite a lot of water chestnuts.

      The first thing I tried was the rice and I was pleased to find that my observation was correct. It wasn't all sticky and matted into clumps like it sometimes can be, nor did it taste plastic and somewhat artificial as you can sometimes find rice to be like in some ready meals. The water chestnuts and peas made a nice contrast in textures compared to the rice but I would have preferred if there had been slightly more of both. It wasn't the best rice I've ever tasted but it was far from the worst. If pushed I'd probably say that it was just "ok".

      I was quite disappointed with how watery the blackbean sauce was although, to be honest I've never had beef in blackbean sauce from a takeaway so I've nothing to compare this ready meal to. I was, however, expecting the blackbean sauce to be of at least the same consistency as sweet 'n' sour sauce, or lemon chicken sauce or the sauce you get with aromatic duck but this was much, much thinner and was more like water than anything else.

      Despite that, the blackbean sauce was actually quite nice. The beef was reasonably tasty and tender which I was pleased about as I can't abide beef that's stringy or tough in ready meals. The green peppers were of a nice size and their crunchiness made a nice contrast to the softer beef.

      Mixing the rice and beef together the wateriness of the blackbean sauce was less apparent as the rice soaked up much of the moisture. The meal itself is reasonable enough but there was nothing to mark it out as "really, really tasty" rather than just "average" or "ok". It does however have a plus point over all of the Weight Watchers meals that I've tried in that I found this much more filling than any of them. You certainly know that you've had something to eat when you've finished this.

      In nutritional terms this comes in at 475 calories and will be more than enough to keep any hunger pangs at bay. The sugar and fat figures, both around 10% are not brilliant but there are worse products on the market. The salt figure is slightly more worrying as it's almost half of an adult's recommended daily amount (6g). All in all this is an ok product which could do with a couple of improvements (taste of the rice and the blackbean sauce thickness). As diet type meals go this is perhaps better than a Weight Watchers meal in terms of filling you up but perhaps not so great on the taste front.

      Overall then, an ok meal which fills you up more than most WeightWatchers meals do.


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