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Asda Good For You Chicken Madras

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2010 10:09
      Very helpful



      A ready meal by Asda

      This meal was another I bought as part of a multibuy deal in Asda. I chose this one because my husband had actually tried it before so he said he thought it was alright and he also thought I would enjoy it. So to make up the number of meals I could get for my money I bought this one along with the 2 of the piri piri chicken ones and also two of the chicken in peppercorn.

      The box is pretty simple really but, quite eye catching all the same with a fairly bright yellow coloured background and a plate showing the food in question laid out. The Asda 'Good for you' logo is clearly displayed in the top left corner and in the top right corner it has the trademark Asda red circle with a big £1 sign in yellow in it so you can clearly see it is a bargain item! The box also tells us that the meal is less than 3% fat and has 447 calories in it.

      Cooking the meal:
      This dish can be cooked in one of two ways - the good old microwave within about 10 minutes following the instructions or in the oven again following the instructions but, at a much longer 30 minutes and for something called a 'ready meal' I like it too be quick, quick, quick so microwave for me all the way!

      This meal:
      I was looking forward to this one with it being a curry as I was hoping it would have a bit of a kick to it. It was actually fairly tasty for a low fat meal although it wasn't what I would call very spicy. I would say though that this might be suitable for those who don't eat very spicy food as for me it was a bit lame of the heat side of things but, somebody else may find that element just perfect.
      The chicken was nice and juicy and there was a fair amount of chicken chunks in there too which was good. The sauce was nice and thick which was good as it made it feel a little bit more filling and had small pieces of onion mixed into it. The rice was nice and soft too and although the meal size was a bit smaller than what I would normally have for my main meal it was still adequate enough to feed me. The meal also smelt quite nice when it came out of the microwave and in fact smelt very enticing!

      Well obviously with a big fat red dot telling us it is just £1 it is fairly easy to work out how much it is but, if you buy 5 of the ready meals in the same range you pay just £4 which equates to each meal being 80p so if you do think these will be adequate for you as either that quick meal for when you need to hurry or when you only want a smaller portion then this is not really a bad price at all.

      Overall opinion:
      I did enjoy the meal and it is definitely one of the better ready meals out there that you can buy. However, for me again, I guess it just wasn't up to my standard enough for me to go out of my way to buy it again as it was soon gone and afterwards I didn't think it was amazing it was just something to fee me. I think I would only buy it if I desperately needed something cheap to tide us over until we did our next main shop. I would say overall this would be ideal for those needing a not too bad meal in a hurry that want a mildly spicy curry so for that reason I will recommend it.


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