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Asda Good For You Chicken Piri Piri

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    4 Reviews
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      22.07.2010 00:40
      Very helpful
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      A ready meal in the Asda 'God for you' range

      Myself and hubby tend to try and not buy many ready meals if we can help it as generally we are always disappointed by them so the value in buying them is some what less when the meal is poor! However, I read a review a while back for one of the Asda 'good for you' range of ready meals and it seemed a very appealing meal option so I decided to try it and when I was buying the meal realised for the sake of a few pounds more it might be worth trying a few of them in case they were any good and on the plus side they were meant to be healthy options.

      The box is pretty simple really but, quite eye catching all the same with a fairly bright yellow coloured background and a plate showing the food in question laid out. The Asda 'Good for you' logo is clearly displayed in the top left corner and in the top right corner it has the trademark Asda red circle with a big £1 sign in yellow in it so you can clearly see it is a bargain item! It also states that the item is less than 3% fat and contains 406 calories per 400g which is the size of the item.

      Cooking the meal:
      This dish can be cooked in one of two ways - the good old microwave within about 10 minutes following the instructions or in the oven again following the instructions but, at a much longer 30 minutes and for something called a 'ready meal' I like it too be quick, quick, quick so microwave for me all the way!

      This meal:
      The one I tried only recently was the chicken piri piri as I thought it would be something I would really enjoy as I like spicy foods and it seemed a big enough portion to fill me up. The chicken is nice and soft and there is plenty of sauce covering the chicken along with a variety of onions and red peppers. The rice is also very soft.
      I found that although everything seemed nice for me it was a bit of a let down as in all honesty it didn't seem like there was much flavour as it seemed slightly bland. In one way it was nice as it certainly didn't put me off having it again but, I think it just wasn't spicy enough for me. Maybe I was expecting too much from it. I know when hubby tried his one as we had bought one for each of us he thought it was just alright too.
      In regards to the smell it was pleasant enough when I got it on my plate and in fact I thought it probably smelled nicer than it actually tasted as the smell make me think 'mmmm' whereas when eating it I just thought it was a bit boring!

      Well obviously with a big fat red dot telling us it is just £1 it is fairly easy to work out how much it is but, if you buy 5 of the ready meals in the same range you pay just £4 which equates to each meal being 80p so if you do think these will be adequate for you as either that quick meal for when you need to hurry or when you only want a smaller portion then this is not really a bad price at all.

      Overall opinion:
      I didn't dislike it totally and I didn't love it - I think the reason was as I mentioned before that it wasn't maybe as spicy as I hoped it would be but, also for me I like quite a decent sized portion and this seemed a bit on the small size for me - I know it is supposed to be healthy so I know this is just really a good sized amount to eat for an evening meal but, for me it didn't really fill me up enough.
      I think I would buy it again if I was maybe running low on food until we did our next food shop as it is so cheap it is ideal for that reason but, I won't be rushing to buy it otherwise but, would say it might be worth others trying to see what they think.


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        07.07.2010 16:21
        Very helpful



        Not my idea of taste heaven!

        Of late, most of the time I've been far too busy to cook sadly! I decided I'm starving and need food in a hurry cos I'm mega busy since moving into my new place arranging things and I want ping food and fast which is why when I spotted this ready made meal in Asda promising to be good for me and only costing me a pound I snapped it up very quickly and really fancied it!

        The Packaging:

        Yellow, oblong box with a photograph of the chicken piri piri on the front and I am told that it is Asda 'Good For You' Chicken Piri Piri 'Tender strips of chicken breast in a spicy sauce made with tomatoes, red peppers and chilli, served with long grain rice' and that it only contains 406 calories per meal and that it contains less than 3% fat, no hidden nasties, and no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fat and the size is stated which is 400g. Other information on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, a nutritional chart is shown as is storage details and contact details for Asda given. Informative enough and inside the meal comes in a black plastic tray that has a see-through peel off plastic lid. Informative enough this is.

        The Piri Piri Chicken Meal:

        All you do to cook this is either put it in the oven for 45 minutes or in the microwave for 9 minutes and you can cook this from frozen or defrosted (just adjust the cooking time accordingly).

        When cooked what you get is half a tray of rice and half of the tray contains the chicken in the sauce which is a moist sauce packed full of ingredients.

        The rice is long grain, moist but dry. It tastes unseasoned (just add your own though if this bothers you as I did) and although the portion size is small its good quality and long grain as promised.

        The chicken peri peri though is ok and didn't set my heart or tastebuds on fire. Visually you get a red sauce with about 3 or 4 small chunks of chicken in it and you can see red peppers slithered within it and slithers of onion and tiny lumps of tomato. It smells of tomatoes and once put onto a plate the meal size is small but looks ok and not too sloppy or soggy or anything.

        Taste wise its simply ok and edible though. It had plenty of flavour to it but for me the sauce although it didn't look watery tasted it alot. Yes it tasted of tomatoes and onions but no heat of chilli or the taste of garlic was in this (as stated on the ingredient list), though I could detect a hint of clove and ginger to the sauce. It was a sweet meal but in an entirely natural way and the meal did taste ok to be fair to it.

        The chicken, although a very skimped on portion was a bit on the hard side and a bit anaemic looking but was moist enough in taste and cooked through well enough.

        I can't rave about this meal sadly, for me the sauce lacked chilli and garlic which was what I expected from something calling itself peri peri chicken but it wasn't disgusting, I just can never imagine myself saying I know what I fancy why not go to Asda and get one of these any time in the future lol.

        Nutritional Information per Meal:

        Energy: 406kcal
        Protein: 23.2g
        Carbohydrate: 72.0g
        of which sugars: 10.4g
        Fat: 2.8g
        of which saturates: 0.8g
        Fibre: 5.6g
        Sodium: 0.68g
        equivalent as salt: 1.7g

        Only available in Asda stores.


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        07.06.2010 09:27
        Very helpful
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        This item of food is one of Asdas healthier options, it is a green label item, that comes in a mustard and grey box. Inside the box is a white tray with two compartments, one with rice and the other with the chicken and sauce covered with a clear wrapping.
        This meal contains no artificial colours or flavours and no hydronated fats. Calorie wise it contains 406 calories per 400grm pack and has no hidden nasties.

        Also is filled with red peppers and onions,purees,coriander, garam masala,spices, sugar and salt. This pack has no preservatives, just best ingredients.

        Whilst the food was warmig up in the microwave [ or can cook in the oven], the aroma was telling me it was a delicious healthy curry cooking and thats exactly what it is. It is full of of nice spicey tomotoes and peppers and was just right .An average amount of chicken and rice for one, but would have been better in my opinion, with an extra dish such as salad, chips or chappatis. A bit boring on its own id say.

        Anice healthy meal for one, but would definately be better with a side dish.


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          25.05.2010 13:40
          Very helpful




          I think I've sampled pretty much every meal in Asda's frozen 'Good For You' range - most of the offerings are average, but this meal - chicken in piri piri, is particularly appetising.

          The meal consists of chicken breast strips, in a spicy sauce made with tomatoes, red peppers and chilli - and it is served with long grain rice.

          This product can be found in the frozen section of most Asda stores - and it comes in the typical yellow and green 'Good For You' packaging.

          It costs a very reasonable £1.00, but at the moment you can purchase four 'Good For You' meals for the bargain price £3.00!

          ************** Storage and cooking guidelines ****************

          For star marked freezers:
          * Up to 1 week;
          ** Up to 1 month;
          *** (-18°C) Up to 3 months;
          **** (18°C) Until Best Before date.

          Oven cook - From frozen: Remove outer packaging and pierce film lid in several places. Place onto a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6 for 30 minutes. Remove film lid and stir sauce and rice. Re-cover and heat for a further10-15 minutes. Remove film lid and serve.

          Microwave - From Frozen: Remove outer packaging and pierce film lid in several places. Place onto a microwavable plate and heat on full power for 6 minutes (750W). Peel back film lid, stir sauce and rice and re-cover. Heat on full power for 3 minutes (750W). Allow to stand for 1 minute. Remove lid and serve.

          ***************** Nutritional information ******************

          Per pack:

          Calories: 406;
          Protein: 23.2g;
          Carbohydrates: 72g; (of which are sugars: 10.4g);
          Fat: 2.8g; (of which are saturates: 0.8g);
          Fibre: 5.6g;
          Sodium: 0.68g.

          Ingredients: Cooked white rice (39%); water; cooked chicken breast (12%); tomatoes (9.9%); red peppers; onions; tomato puré; sugar; green chilli purée; garlic purée; maize starch; lemon juice concentrate; ginger purée; salt; ground coriander; garam masala [coriander, cinnamon, pepper, spices, ginger, clove, nutmeg, bay leaf]; coriander stem; ground cumin; ground turmeric; chilli powder .

          Other information: This product may contain nuts and seeds. It is free from artificial colours, artificial flavours and preservatives.

          ****************** My opinion ****************

          Personally I get a bit sick of frozen lasagne / chilli and curry when it comes to preparing a quick meal and Chicken in piri piri tastes different from the typical freezer option. But I absolutely love this ready meal, it really is one of my favourites - not only is it low in fat and low in calories, but it is also quick to make and tasty to eat.

          I would describe the taste as tender chicken in a light tomato, pepper, chilli and onion salsa. It isn't too hot, in fact I'd describe it as mild - but it is packed with flavour.

          Normally I complain about the amount of meat that goes into the 'Good For You' frozen meals, but on this occasion I am happy with the 12% of chicken breast, because the manufacturers put all sorts of flavours into this product - there's a wide range of herbs and spices (all listed above) that go into this product to make it so damn tasty.

          The rice that sits next to piri piri chicken in the plastic bowl also fails to disappoint, it cooks perfectly in both the microwave and the oven - it has a consistency - it is soft without being soggy and stogy.

          If you are looking for a low fat, tasty, quick, affordable meal then you won't go wrong with this product. I award it five out of five starts, because although this isn't fine cuisine, when it comes to ready meals it ticks all the boxes!


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