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Asda Good For You Chicken Sizzler

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2010 01:05
      Very helpful




      This evenings dinner!


      The product I will be reviewing is the Chicken Sizzler which is part of the Asda Good For You range. This product is available in the fresh meals aisle within Asda. It is described as being marinated chicken breast pieces with roasted vegetables in a rich and spicy tomato sauce.


      This meal comes in a black plastic tray with a clear film lid. It is then slid into a cardboard sleeve. The front of the sleeve has the name of the product, some basic nutritional information, best before date, current offer of sale and a very enticing picture of the finished meal. As with most food products, the back of the sleeve has ingredients, cooking instructions, allergy information, nutritional information, storage instructions, recycling information and company details and promises.


      To microwave from chilled - remove sleeve and pierce film lid in several places. Place the container on a microwavable plate. Heat on full pwder for 3mins (750W). Peel back film lid, stir and re-cover. Heat on full pwer for a further 2mins (750W). Leave to stand for 2mins. Peel back film lid and serve.

      To microwave from frozen - as above but heat for 5mins and then 4mins.

      To oven cook from chilled - remove sleeve and pierce film lid in several places. Place the container onto a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated over at 190C/275F/Gas Mark 5 for 30mins or until thoroughly heated. Remove film lid, stir and serve.

      Not suitable for over cooking from frozen.
      After cooking leave the tray to stand until it regains its rigidity.
      Take care when removing film lid, as hot steam will escape.
      Check product is piping hot before serving.
      Do not re-heat.


      Roasted Vegetables (34%) [Green Peppers, Red Pepper, Red Onion] , Cooked Marinated Chicken Breast (30%) [Chicken Breast (96%), Rice Bran Oil, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Colour (Paprika Extract) , Yogurt, Coriander, Garlic, Lime Juice] , Water , Tomatoes (7.9%) , Onion , Garlic Purée [Garlic, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)] , Ginger Purée , Cornflour , Tandoori Paste [Water, Garlic, Cumin, Salt, Coriander, Ginger, Chilli, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Acetates) , Tumeric, Rice Flour, Tamarind] , Coriander , Spices , Vegetable Oil , Sugar , Tomato Purée , Salt , Cumin Seeds , Fenugreek , Colours (Paprika Extract, Beetroot Red) , Red Chilli

      *Allergy Advice*

      Contains milk and may contain traces if nuts and/or seasame seeds.


      Keep refridgerated. Suitable for home freezing. Freeze on day of purchase and consume within one month. Defrost thoroughly before heating in a conventional oven. Once defrosted, do not re-freeze.

      *Nutritional Information*

      This meal is 350g and the nutritional values before are per pack.

      13.7g sugar
      6g fat
      1.4g salt

      This pack contains 2 of your 5 a day.

      *Availability and Price*

      Chicken Sizzlers are currently on offer in Asda at 3 for £4 and you can mix and match with other meals. The price for 1 is £2.50.

      *Company Details*

      Asda state - at Asda we work hard to bring you the very best products at the very best prices. We care passionately about what goes into them and where they're from. That means healthier products and fewer additives, just great tasting food.

      Asda offer a try me, love me money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the product, they will refund and replace.

      Asda Stores Limited
      LS11 5AD

      0845 300 1111

      *My Opinion*

      I regularly purchase meals from the Asda Good For You range for both myself and my partner. I believe they offer healthy meals at very reasonable prices if bought on the 3 for £4 offer which seems to be a permanent offer.

      Whilst doing my weekly shop, I was choosing my meals when I came across the Chicken Sizzler meal. I hadn't seen this one before and thought the prepared meal on the front looked very appealing and seeing that it is less than 300kcal per pack I put one straight in the trolley! Tonight I decided I would make this. I am not a good from fresh sort of person, I grudge spending lots of fresh stuff as I seem to mess it up everytime so these sort of meals are perfect for me.

      So, I was hungry and impatient so chose the microwave option. On removing the tray from the sleeve I was pleasantly surprised, there was at least 10 decently sized pieces of chicken breast and plenty of sauce and peppers and onions. I like all of the vegetables within the meal which meant I didn't have to pick some out or eat around them like some other ready meals! During cooking you get a whiff of spicyness and it reminds me of a spicy stirfry smell.

      Although there is a good amount in the pack, I was very hungry so thought a pack of Uncle Bens microwavable rice would act as the perfect accompianment so I pulled a pack out the cupboard and prepared it whilst the chicken sizzler cooked away. I loved the smell and was tempted to eat it whilst stirring but it needed the 2 more mins. After 5mins of cooking and 2mins standing time I removed from the microwave and placed to the side whilst my rice cooked.

      The sauce is quite thick and tomato in flavour with hints of spices. I wouldn't say it was overly spicy though just perfect for my taste buds. The chicken sizzler went lovely with the rice and provided me with a substantial portion to see me through the evening and avoid snacking like I normally would do. The chicken was well presented and the marinated coating gave it a good kick. The vegetables were well cooked and soft to the bite.

      I will not hesistate to purchase this on a weekly basis. I will probably have it with the rice on each occasion but that is my own personal taste though I would recommend this if the meal itself is not enough. I am happy that I can have a tasty, filling meal for under 300kcal or under 500 kcal with the rice included, it is reasonably priced and provides 2 of my 5 a day so you cannot really go wrong.


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        15.03.2010 08:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Asda Chicken Sizzler

        I've never tried anything in the Asda Good For You range before but this looked quite nice so I decided to give it a go.


        This meal comes inside a generic plastic tray which is covered with the usual see through film and encased in a paper sleeve. The front of the sleeve has a picture of the chicken sizzler and states that the product contains no artificial colours and no hydrogenated fat.
        The back of the sleeve contains the usual ingredients, nutritional information, storage instructions, recycling information and cooking instructions. This product is suitable for freezing and can be microwaved from chilled or frozen as well as being oven cooked.

        This product is described as:- "Marinated chicken breast pieces with roasted vegetables in a rich and spicy tomato sauce."


        Roasted Vegetables (34%) [Green Peppers, Red Pepper, Red Onion]
        Cooked Marinated Chicken Breast (30%) [Chicken Breast, Rice Bran Oil, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Colour: Paprika Extract, Yogurt, Coriander, Garlic, Lime Juice]
        Water, Tomatoes (7.9%), Onion, Garlic Puree [Garlic, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid], Ginger Puree, Cornflour, Tandoori Paste [Water, Garlic, Cumin, Salt, Coriander, Ginger, Chilli, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Acetates, Turmeric, Rice Flour, Tamarind], Coriander, Spices, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Tomato Puree, Salt, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek, Colours: Paprika Extract / Beetroot Red, Red Chilli.

        Nutritional Information per pack {per 100g in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 1210kJ {345kJ}
        kcal: 286kcal {82kcal}
        Protein: 34.3g {9.8g}
        Carbohydrate: 23.8g {6.8g}
        of which sugars: 13.7g {3.9g}
        Fat: 6.0g {1.7g}
        (of which saturates): 1.4g {0.4g}
        Fibre: 5.3g {1.5g}
        Sodium: 0.56g {0.16g}
        Salt: 1.4g {0.4g}

        Allergy information: Contains milk. May contain traces of nuts and/or sesame seeds.

        At the time of writing Asda are charging £4 for 3 meals from the "Good For You" range .

        Taste and Opinion:

        I pulled this out of the freezer when I was pushed for time so I chose to microwave it rather than cook it in the oven.

        The first thing I noticed after pulling off the see through film was the size of the chicken. I counted ten separate pieces, all of which were fairly sizeable. Asda, it appears, haven't skimped on the chicken in this dish. Likewise the red and green peppers and the red onion are all decent sizes as well rather than being chopped up into tiny pieces. Perhaps the only slightly disappointing thing, at least as far as appearance is concerned is the spicy tomato sauce. It smells great bit it looks perhaps a little thin and watery for my personal taste.

        In went the fork to try the sauce and the vegetables. The peppers and onion were a nice consistency. They weren't too hard and crunchy and they weren't too overcooked and limp. The sauce itself was flavoursome and nicely spicy but, as it appeared, a little too thin for my taste.

        Finally I sampled the chicken which I found a little too chewy. Whether it would have tasted have tasted more tender and less chewy if it had been cooked in the oven is debateable but I don't think it would have made that much difference to the texture. Aside from the sauce which could have done with being a little thicker this was the main disappointment with the product. What I really missed from this meal was some sort of potato product or rice but I suppose that you could cook this separately if you wanted to bulk it out somewhat.

        However, coming in at under 300 calories for the entire meal this is a fairly filling product that's fairly low on the calorie and fat front. It should be noted that it contains 1.4g of salt which is almost 25% of an adult's recommended daily amount (6g). All in all a fairly decent product which could do with a couple of improvements (chicken texture and sauce thickness). As diet type meals go this is perhaps one of the better ones and is certainly more filling that some of the Weight Watchers products on the market.


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