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Asda Good For You Spicy Tomato Chicken

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2010 17:48
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      Another good product in the range

      I really like Asda's Good For You range which promises to be free of 'nasties' and low in fats and calories. I often buy ready meals from it and so when I was looking in the markdowns cabinet the other day I was pleased to see this Spicy Tomato Chicken reduced from its normal price of £2.50 to £1.17. If you don't want to pay full price for it then it is usually available as part of a 3 for £4 special offer on the chilled Good For You meals.

      The meal comes in a plastic tray covered in film, inside a recyclable cardboard sleeve. According to the sleeve it consists of 'Tender chicken breast topped with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, served with baby new potatoes and broccoli'.

      The meal is bought chilled but in can be frozen if you so wish. However after freezing it has to be defrosted fully before cooking which makes it a bit less convenient for me than the meals which can be cooked straight from frozen. You can cook the meal in either the oven or the microwave. I chose the microwave and it took only around six minutes, which makes it fantastically quick for a full, balanced meal.

      After I'd cooked it I put it on the plate and was quite impressed at the size. There were about six small potatoes, one very large stick of broccoli and a large chicken breast. There was a lot of sauce too, which was full of vegetables and could be spread around so that the meal just about took up a whole dinner plate.

      I was really surprised at the taste of the chicken. I expected it to be chewy and rubbery as ready meal chicken often is, but this was really juicy and lovely, better even that if I'd cooked it myself, I have to admit! The portion was more than enough too. The sauce was also impressive. I am not keen on tomato sauces normally as I find them a bit bland and sugary, but this had a bit of spice to it and the added vegetables gave it a lovely texture.

      The broccoli and potatoes were not so good. They were soft and well cooked but also quite watery and tasteless. Still they were not offensive and they rounded the meal out.

      Shockingly the whole meal contains only 277 calories, 9.2 grams of sugar, 4.8 grams of fat, 1.6 grams of saturates and 1.2 grams of salt. It contains no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fats. It also provides one of your 5 a day fruit and vegetables.

      This probably isn't my favourite product from the Good For You range but it is nevertheless a nice, healthy meal and I will no doubt be buying it again as part of the 3 for £4 offer. I can see it being a regular inhabitant of my freezer!


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        08.04.2010 15:13
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        Good For You


        Asda offer a range of foods known as Good for You (GFY). GFY foods promise to bring you food that is low or lower in fat than others and contains no artificials or hydrogenated fats. They offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen meal options in the form of ready meals.


        This is the GFY Spicy Tomato Chicken meal. It is a fresh meal and is described as being *tender chicken breast topped with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, served with baby new potatoes and broccoli.


        This meal comes in a 2 part plastic tray (check local recylcing). One side of the tray has the chicken and sauce and the other side contains the potatoes and brocolli. The tray is then covered with a film (not currently recylcled).

        To cut costs of packaging, the tray is put in a cardboard cover (widely recycled). The front of the cover is shown in the stock photo above and has the Asda & GFY logo in the top corner as well as the name of the meal, a description, price sticker and a run down of the nutritional information. The best before date is also noted. There is also an appealing image of the finished article on a plate.

        The back of the cover has the ingredients, further nutritional information, allergy advice, storage, warnings, cooking guidelines and Asda contact information and customer promises.

        *How to Cook*

        This meal can be cooked in the microwave or the oven depending on your preference.

        To microwave :

        -removed sleeve and pierce film lid
        -play tray onto a microwavable plate and cook on full power for 3mins (750W), lift the film lid, stir the sauce and vegetables, replace and cook for a further 3mins (750W)
        -leave to stand for 1min then serve

        To oven cook :

        -remove sleeve and pierce film lid in several places
        -place on a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 190C/375F/Gas mark 5 for 15mins, lift the film lid, stir the sauce and vegetables, replace and cook for a further 10mins.

        *Warning & Allergy Advice*

        Care has been taken to remove bones though some may remain!]

        Contains sulphur dioxide and may contain traces of nuts or seasame seeds.


        Spicy Tomato Sauce (30%) [Tomato Passata (28%), Onion, Red and Green Peppers (16%) , White Wine [contains Preservative (Sulphur Dioxide)], Vegetable Oil, Paprika, Garlic, Basil, Chicken Stock [contains Salt] , Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Cornflour, Chilli Powder] , Cooked Chicken Breast (25%) [Chicken (97%), Vegetable Oil, Salt, Black Pepper] , New Potatoes (25%) , Broccoli (20%) .

        *Nutritional Information*

        This 400g meal contains :

        9.2g sugar
        4.8g fat
        1.6g sat fat
        1.2g salt


        This meal has to be kept refridgerated though can be frozen. If freezing, do so on day of purchase and use within 1month, Defrost before cooking.


        Asda offer a try me, love me money back guarantee. They will refund and replace your product if you are not 100% satisfied with it.

        Asda Stores Limited
        LS11 5AD

        0845 300 1111


        GFY Spicy Tomato Chicken Meal is an Asda exclusive and can be found in the fresh meals aisle. To purchase singly, this meal would cost £2.50 though until at least the end of the year, Asda offer you a mix and match of meals in the fresh section at the bargain price of 3 for £4. Note that these meals are short dated though can be frozen for longer date.

        *My Opinion*

        In a bid to get healthy (well try but the chocolate keeps calling my name), I have been dabbling in the GFY range at Asda and have a few firm favourites now, one of these favourites being the Spicy Tomato Chicken.

        The packaging is appealing to me and as I am not much of a cook, this looks like a tasty home cooked meal! I wouldn't be eating a ready meal if I had time or patience to wait 25mins to cook in oven, so mine is cooked in the microwave!

        Whilst the meal is cooking, you get a nice whiff of tomatoes which is pleasant and quite mouthwatering. I choose to put mine out onto a plate to make it feel like I have cooked it and anticipate the microwave pinging! I don't like brocolli so my portion does look a bit sorry on a plate though the chicken is quite a large portion and there are quite a few potatoes..spread the sauce about a bit and they won't look so lonely!

        The meal cooks wonderfully in the microwave and upon dishing up, you discover that the potatoes have cooked to perfection and are lovely and soft without falling apart. The chicken is cooked well and the sauce is very hot so be careful!

        Now for all important test..taste! The chicken cuts nicely, it is lovely and tender as they described it would be and not rubbery or plasticy like some cooked chicken can be. There is quite a large portion and the sauce compliments the chicken brilliantly and there is enough to mop up with the potatoes.

        I feel that had this meal just been chicken and sauce alone, I would not have enjoyed it quite as much as the potatoes set it all off and make it more of a complete meal if that makes sense. For those who like brocolli, I noticed it was soft and quite moist.

        At 277 calories for the whole lot, you cannot go wrong with this meal and its perfect for those who are watching what they eat..there are no nasties so you can rest assured that you are eating top quality food. The £2.50 is expensive for this meal despite it being delicious though for as long as the 3 for £4 offer is available, I will be buying this every week. I highly recommend you try this!

        Thanks for reading



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