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Asda Indian Bombay Potato

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Brand: Asda / Type: Potato

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2010 22:32
      Very helpful



      Delish Bombay Potato!

      I brought a tub of this chilled Bombay Potato from Asda a couple of weeks ago because my mate was babysitting her little brother so I decided to keep her company but ONLY if she could persuade her mum to make us one of her famous curries for while they were out! lol It worked, her mum's a bit of a party animal so a quick curry was a small price to pay to go out with her latest bloke! lol I went into Asda on the way to pick up a bottle of something nice and a few bits to really make a meal out of the curry.

      I know these potatoes would make a good starter and I was right, they're yummy! You can microwave them or do them in the oven, actually my mate cooked them up while I played dinosaurs with her brother so I don't know how she did them or how long it took!

      They were perfect when they was on the plate though, the potato is cut into small cubes so they was nice and tender to eat. They've also soaked the wicked spicy sauce up nice so that the potatoes are moist, by the time they're cooked there's no sauce to actually pour over the potatoes but they don't need it because the flavour and moisture is right inside them.

      There are some bits of onion mixed in with the potatoes but not that many and you can't hardly taste them when you bite into some, I like onion so wish they was a bit stronger but I reckon they'd spoil the Bombay flavour then though.

      The taste of the seasoning is proper nice. It's not too spicey but has deffo got a kick to it as you chew the potatoes, it's got a nice herby taste and also I remember it tasted a bit like cinnamon or ginger. Probably both actually because the curry flavour of these potatoes tastes like it's a proper nice blend of different herbs and spices like real Indian food is.

      My mate is Indian (that's why her mum does such a wicked curry! lol) and they do eat authentic homemade Indian food a lot and even SHE said how good these Bombay Potatoes are and she reckons a lot of her English/Indian relatives couldn't make it to taste as good!!! So there you are!

      A 300g pack is £1.17 and that's wicked value because it did me, my mate and her little brother with just a bit each with a chapati (one her mum made!!!) for a starter before the curry came.



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