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Asda Meal For Two Chicken Enchiladas

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 10:13
      Very helpful



      good enough for us!

      ~Chicken Enchiladas~

      The Asda Chicken Enchiladas are located in the fresh, ready meals section.

      A tray with a plastic film and outer cardboard sleeve holds two enchiladas. Asda describe this meal (which is suitable for two people) as..

      'Soft flour tortillas stuffed with tender chicken breast, rice and peppers in a spicy tomato and mascarpone sauce, topped with tomato salsa, cheddar and jalapenos'

      The enchiladas are part of the 'Chosen By You' range at Asda. They contain no artificial flavours, colours or hydrogenated fats. The ingredients list is huge but it is worth noting that there is 27% chicken breast, 16% white rice and 64% enchilada and filling.

      ~Cooking and Nutrition~

      These enchiladas can be cooked in the oven at 200c. The film should be pierced and the tray should be put in the oven for 10minutes. After 10minutes, remove the film and return to the oven for 15minutes. Serve hot.

      Each enchilada contains 421 calories, 6.5g of sugar and 7.4g of saturated fat. There is also 2.4g of salt.


      Available in store or online (www.asda.com) in a 450g pack. These enchiladas are priced at £2.50 per pack.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Whilst I cook a lot of meals from fresh now, I like to keep bits in the fridge which can be quickly made without too much hassle or effort. I used to buy the enchilada 'do it yourself' kits but they work out expensive once all the ingredients are bought and often the complete meal would be too much for just me and my fiance. I now buy these enchiladas regularly as my fiance loves them and I quite like them too. At £2.50 they aren't badly priced. I serve ours with potato wedges and sometimes a little sour cream sauce.

      They are easy to prepare and I can put our wedges on the same baking tray to ensure everything is cooked at the same time. Uncooked. the meal looks fine. The enchiladas are a decent size - long and quite plump. They are filled well and look substantial. There is a small amount of grated cheese, a tomato type sauce and a few jalapenos across the top of the tortillas. I occasionally add a bit of extra cheese but not always. After the 10minutes is up, I spread the topping across the top of the enchiladas before popping back in the oven.

      Once cooked, the enchiladas smell lovely look golden brown. One issue we have (every time) is removing them from the tray. The tray is made of foil and there isn't much room to scoop out using a spatula. The enchiladas fall apart every time and 'split' so presentation is very messy! Not something I would personally serve to guests as it does look a bit sloppy.

      These enchiladas aren't the healthiest but are really delicious to eat. The filling is really good and they don't skimp on chicken. Each enchilada is crammed with tender chicken pieces which are pleasant to eat and quite filling. The tortilla wraps are slightly crisp on top but quite soggy from the filling underneath. The fillings is quite mild considering there are lots of green and red peppers included and has a lovely tomato/garlic flavouring with a hint of spice. The cheese isn't very strong in taste in my opinion.

      The sauce covering the filling is of a medium consistency and coats and flavours the filling well. My fiance likes these enchiladas as they have rice and I must say the rice bulks out the enchilada a little and is soft and fluffy. The only time I experience much 'warmth' is when my mouth comes into contact with a jalapeño. There are only a few but they do burn my tongue so I try to avoid eating them where possible!


      These enchiladas with some potato wedges, make for a good meal which is incredibly filling. The overall enchilada is full of flavour and very satisfying to eat. I can recommend them for a quick meal as it works out so much cheaper than buying the kit, chicken, peppers and cheese separate.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        15.12.2010 17:34
        Very helpful



        I can't rate these any higher than 2 stars because they look so bad when served!

        I am not the worlds greatest cook I will admit to that. I am also a lazy cook and if I spot interesting foods that I can bang in the oven....then great I'll buy them!

        These Chicken Enchiladas (at the time of writing this review) are on offer in Asda stores for £2.00 though soon they will go back to there intended selling price of £2.50 for the two.

        I bought me and my flatmate these for supper one night as we love spicy foods and the photograph of them on the sleeve looked really tasty!

        The Packaging:

        The enchiladas come in a black plastic tray with a clear plastic film over the top of them. Over that you get a burgundy coloured sleeve whcih easily slides off. On that sleeve we are told that they are Asda 'Meal for two' Chicken Enchiladas 'Soft flour tomato tortillas stuffed with chicken breast, rice and peppers in a spicy tomato and mascarpone sauce, topped with tomato salsa, cheddar and jalapenos', we are also shown a symbol that tells us that they are freezable, the best before date is clearly displaed and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown along with a photogpraph of the cooked enchiladas and on that photograph being told that they are free from artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat. Other information on the sleeve includes ingredients and allergy advice being given as well as a full nutritional rundown chart, the weight is stated (which is 450g) and cooking instructions and contact details for Asda are given. Informative and easy to dispose of packaging this is.

        The Enchiladas:

        Well pull off the sleeve and your left with the carton that contains the enchiladas. There are of course two of them in it and prior to popping them in the oven, visually you get a couple of light orange looking tortillas with a small amount of grated cheddar and a couple of red jalepeno slices on them. To cook them you simply pop them in the oven from chilled in the container they come in for around 25 minutes. I found them too cook well in that time and go browned and the cheese although only a small amount had melted.

        However my first problem was getting them out of the container they came in. They had plumped up and looked great however the bottoms of the tortillas completely stuck fast to the container and what I ended up serving was too soggy lumps of mess that really didn't resemble an enchilada at all. It was just a bit of tortilla, a soggy mass and orangy coloured creamy looking sauce and we thought they looked awful. This is the sort of food I would get in if I had guests arriving and there is simply no way I could serve this up to them believeme and I really did try to get them out whole!

        Taste wise though they were ok. The tortilla wrap was a little soggy through all the sauce they contained and I couldn't taste that they were flavoured with tomatoes because the whole thing was so highly flavoured anyway with so many other things going on. The grated cheddar, the jalepenos that burnt the mouth and then the inside they had soft white rice that held together reasonably well with tiny chunks of breast of chicken, red and green peppers. I could taste basil, cumin, mascapone cheese sauce, onions and just this whole heap of flavours.

        For me they looked a mess and that was offputting from the get go. The flavours were pleasant enough thought there was an awful lot going on within each enchilada and that the only thing that made it hot in my opinion was the jalepeno that you could of removed on the top of each one when cooked. Oddly enough though I couldn't see or taste any salsa at all.

        The sauce was too plentiful which made the mess though it tasted nice enough and wasn't too runny or anything, the rice was tasty but I had to hunt for the chicken!

        These are not awful in the flavour stakes but awful if you want to serve them nicely and I can't tell you how bad they looked when they were served I really can't and so for that reason I wouldn't buy these ever again sadly. They had a lot of promise but are not worth £2.50 (at full price) for a small plate of slop!

        Nutritional Information Per Enchilada

        Calories: 412
        Sugar: 6.5g
        Fat: 14.2g
        Saturated fat: 7.4g
        Salt: 2.4g

        Only available in Asda stores.


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