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Asda Mild Chicken Curry with Rice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Chicken

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2013 14:43
      Very helpful



      Not for me but perfect for people who cant handle hot curries and people who want a cheap meal :o)

      =============Asda "chosen by you chicken curry==========
      Last night i was in Asda mooching about for something quick and tasty as i had been on my feet all day and knackered. Alot of the chosen by you ready meals i have tried i have been pretty inpressed with and to be fair have never actually shuddered with fear and disgust with a product from this range, I hadnt tried the chosen by you curry and rice so i thought i would get it a whirl !!

      with any of the chosen by you range i so much prefer the style colour and the quality of the packaging that any SmartPrice product out there, and if i think about it with this range alot of the products are not "that" much dearer than smartprice, As i noticed the other week Asda smartprice sad excuse for a crumpet are 37 pence and the chosen by you which are fluffy and bigger are 65 pence !
      Anyway (lol) The packaging has all the nutritional information needed with a picture of a hearty looking plate of food. Also says 9 mins from frozen in the microwave.

      The meal itself looks rather sad if im honest on opening, but then i find alot of ready meals seem this way when frozen,
      The meal contains :
      593 calories (which i thought was quite high really)
      19.6 grams of fat
      8.4 grams of saturated fat
      9.2 grams of sugar (what a shocker lol)
      1.9 grams of salt (not to sad for a meal of this kind)
      And if im honest on inspection of the ingredients list, there doesnt seem to be that many nasties in there which is a bonus i guess.

      ============deli belly ?============
      I chose to microwave mine and would suggest the same to anyone wanting to try this curry as for one its quicker but i find that if you oven rice in a ready meal you always get crunchy bits that i find kinda ruin the meal, the rice goes a million times more fuffy when nuked.
      all you have to do is pierce the lid in placed whack it in the microwave for 4 mins take it out peel back the film give it a stur add a few drops of water to the rice, pull lid over and whack it in again for another 4 mins and leave to stand for 1 minuite.
      Easy peesy !. On taking it out of the microwave the kitchen had quite a nice mild curry smell which was rather pleasant.
      I left it for a minuite to rest as i was told and in that time put a naan bread under the grill while i plated it up.
      I was surprised at the amount of chicken as i did only expect 3 or 4 lumps but was surprised to count 7 fair sided pieces with just enough sauce to cover them, could have been a tad more sauce for the rice to be honest, but not terrible.,
      Taste wise i cant fault this dish it does basically what it says on the box. its just not really that exciting, its basically mild curry sauce put on chicken with boiled rice. no extras no frills just chicken curry. no exploding taste buds or no really looking forward to the next mouthfull,
      like i say the chicken is plentyful really but sadly quite dry and chewy, not enough to make me not like it, just well bland really to sum it up.
      It did fill me up with a naan to be honest but i wouldnt rush out special to buy this again !

      To be honest Mr Asda aint done a bad job of this mild chicken curry its ediable and ok the only thing that lets it down is the chewy chicken and the blandness. for a pound its a bargin because they sell garlic and corriander naans in asda for a mare 30p !!! so thats curry rice and a naan for one pound thirty and i dont think you can fault that.
      I would buy chosen by you curries again just not this one thru choice, the korma one is so much better in my humble opinion !

      Thankyou for reading :o) xx


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      10.05.2012 20:30
      Very helpful



      poor excuse for a quick meal.

      This chicken curry with rice is in the "ready meal" section is Asda's frozen food. It's roughly £1.30 each but the price does fluctuate or you can usually buy 5 ready meals for £4 and they have a lot of offer, we used to buy the offer all the time but these days we just buy 1 or 2 every now and then. We stopped buying these so much because there are much better and healthier options for the same price or cheaper even and when you do compare this "ready meal" to a better option you realise that it isn't very good value for money.

      This is aimed for people who want quick meals so these are mainly for cooking in the microwave, but you can put this is the oven for 40 minutes. However this takes around 10 minutes in the microwave so we know which option everyone will choose. Cooking this is strange if you cook these a few seconds less then it can be too cold and hard, cook this a few seconds over and it splats every where and the rice becomes too soggy. This comes in a plastic black container with a plastic clear film lid, please pierce the film lid in several places before cooking in the microwave or oven.

      Once this is finished cooking your supposed to leave this to stand for 1 minute but I can never be bothered to wait, taking this out and taking the film lid off sometimes there seems to be a thin layer formed over the curry which I find very off putting so stirring this around quickly it all becomes mixed and back to normal. like I said before you have to time it just write, I'm pretty sure Asda have let their standards of these "ready meals" go down hill because the rice always seems to taste sloppy and soggy no matter what, it's never fluffy and just feels quite mushy and it never used to, so Asda must of changed something. The curry looks edible, the curry itself is an orangey red colour and the chicken comes in small lumps sometimes and bigger lumps other times, it's never the same.

      Presentation matters a lot when it comes to your food, it needs to look nice and unfortunately this has never ever looked nice, the portion is quite small so it won't fill up a normal sized plate but also it's too big a portion for a small plate, so I end up slapping this into a bowl and mixing it all around. As far as curry goes this is pretty bland it tastes as simple as curry could ever taste, it's no particular type of curry, just curry. I shouldn't but I add salt and I also add in some black pepper, the pepper gives it some kind of flavour which is a massive improvement. The curry cannot even be described as mild because the only thing that makes this hot is the temperature. The chicken tastes like chicken, although I have a sneaky feeling that it's pretty much processed and you can often find gristly bits in it as well making it extremely off putting when biting into it.

      So this looks like sick and sick would probably taste better than this does, so what's it's nutritional value? This has a massive 500 calories, that's a fine amount of calories for a meal, if you actually had a meal but this is nothing more than a snack that Asda have tried to pull off as a meal. Looking at the list of ingredients there is only 13% of chicken breast (wow can see you went all out with this one Asda) salt is mentioned 5 times in the short list of ingredients along with sugar several times as well.

      The reason we stopped buying these is because it's a poor excuse for a quick meal, you can have a delicious massive salad sandwich each dinner time that takes less time to make, is cheaper and tastes amazing. These are terrible and yet I know a few people that use these for dieting, the nutritional value is through the floor and the tastes isn't even that nice.


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        27.07.2011 18:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        lovely jubbly

        Asda offer a wide choice of frozen and fresh ready meals. One of these meals is the Chicken Curry With Rice which is part of the Chosen By You range in Asda.

        The curry comes frozen and can be cooked straight from the freezer. It is described as being "succulent chicken breast pieces in a mildly spiced curry sauce, with white rice". It contains no artificial colours or flavours and there is no hydrogenated fat present within the curry. Being chicken, it isn't suitable for vegetarians. There is also a beef or prawn version available.


        The updated packaging(box can be recycled) is red and black and shows a tempting photo of the dished up curry. It contains all the relevant cooking, ingredients etc information. Inside the box, there is a black tray (check local recycling) holding the actual curry and also a film lid (cannot be recycled) covering it.


        This curry can be popped into a microwave on full power for 7-8mins depending on the strength of microwave. It is worth noting you should pierce the film lid and allow to stand for 1min before serving.

        Alternatively, you can preheat your oven to 200c and again pierce the film. Cook for around 40mins until fully cooked and do not reheat.

        ~Ingredients/Allergy Warnings~

        Cooked Rice (45%) [Water, Rice] , Water , Cooked Chicken Breast (13%) [Chicken (97%), Salt] , Tomatoes , Creamed Coconut , Onion , Apple , Mango Chutney [Sugar, Mango, Salt, Acetic Acid, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli Powder] , Curry Powder [Spices, Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Diacetate), Potato Starch , Mustard Powder, Curcumin] , Maize Starch , Vegetable Oil , Curry Powder [Spices, Rusk, Garlic Powder, Salt] , Tomato Purée , Wheat Flour , Salt , Garlic , Roasted Barley Malt Extract , Ground Turmeric .

        Contains wheat, gluten, barley, celery and mustard.


        The curry is 400g and contains 500 calories, 9.2g sugar, 7.2g of saturated fat and 2g of salt.

        ~Availability and Price~

        Available in the frozen section of Asda stores or www.asda.com. The curry is priced at £1.30 with a continuous offer of 5 for £4.00 across a wide selection of meals.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I am not the best of cooks..give me baking and I can do it but cooking proper, fancy dinners is something I have yet to master. I can do fajitas and spag bol with the help of Old El Paso or Dolmio but ask me to make a curry and I'm baffled. Plus the expense of decent chicken, rice, sauces etc its not affordable to us at the moment. Every week, I purchase a few frozen ready meals from either Asda or Tesco and these certainly come in handy for those "I can't be bothered" evenings!

        Anyway, this curry is probably one of my favourites. I love a curry and cannot afford to indulge in takeaway curries often so this suits my needs. I buy these as part of the offer so in reality, get 5 meals for £4.00..80p for 1meal is super cheap in my opinion. This curry certainly appears somewhere in between a Chinese and Indian type curry so really, all tastes are catered for.

        ~Presentation is Key~

        The curry is presented well..just a fork required unless you want to tip it onto a plate. Frozen, it doesn't look much..there is half white rice, half sauce with noticeable bits of chicken. I pop mine into the microwave for 7mins and within a few minutes, there is a delicious, spicy aroma travelling through to the livingroom..very tempting and a great introduction of what is to come next! Ping, one minute up and out it comes. I like mine on a plate so usually mix it all up and then pour..grab a slice of bread if I am feeling naughty and time for my dinner.

        ~Yum Yum Curry Tum~

        So the finished curry looks tasty with quite a dark sauce and around 8 decent size pieces of chicken. The rice on its own is a little dry but there is sufficient sauce to coat it and when mixed up, it works well. There is a few random red spices and mini cubes of onions present but these are few and far between and offer more taste that they do texture.

        The sauce is quite thick and covers the chicken and rice well without being too heavy. The chicken is cooked right through and offers a nice bite..nothing worse than mushy chicken. It certainly doesn't taste cheap and nasty. For me, the appealing part of the curry is the sauce as this is what offers the flavours and aroma. The sauce is quite creamy thanks to the coconut but not on the same level as Korma. It is quite mild but offers quite a spicy aftertaste which may not appeal to all but I find it quite favourable.


        The portion size isn't massive and is quite high in calories but this and a slice of bread fills me up for dinner and I am left satisfied and full. The curry is always polished off by me and there is never any dodgy bits being pushed to the side of my plate. It is basically a cheap and easy to prepare yet tasty meal option and to me, doesn't taste like it has been frozen.

        I fully recommend this curry :)


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