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Asda Smart Price 4 Fish in Butter Sauce Portions

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Brand: Asda / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2011 18:38
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly nice.

      ~~*~~*~~ Asda Smart Price 4 Fish in Butter Sauce Portions ~~*~~*~~

      When you live by yourself you can cook whatever you like, and though these look cheap and nasty, I love them. They are fishy though (which is a good job) and caution must be taken if you live with a bloke who says he's allergic to fish (but will happily eat smoked salmon, king prawns and lobster pate at your mothers house because he's unaware that he's eating fish) when what he really means is: 'fish smells'. Luckily I've got rid of him and can eat fish to my heart's content, I suggest you do the same.

      ~*~ Fancy Fish ~*~

      Nope, the 4 portions come in a carboard box with the ever-so-attractive Smart Price green and white decoration. The picture on the front is a somewhat insipid square piece of white fish with a sauce over it. To be fair it looks a lot nicer once you've wanged in it the microwave but I can't prove that to you as I've eaten the last one. Sorry. It lives in the frozen section of Asda which is pretty much where I live since fresh food is ridiculously priced.

      ~*~ Fishy Fish ~*~

      It's not a particularly fishy smell but it smells fishier than it tastes. The fish in question makes up 50% of the 'fish portion', is skinned and boneless, and is Alaskan Pollock (this is a fish, they've labelled it 'fish' in brackets for those who don't know, or possibly for those who are allergic to fish and just wondered if it was 'fish' in the 'fish' portions). The butter sauce is surprisingly good and creamy, and it's plentiful and does contain butter which is nice.The rest of the ingredients are listed at the end because they're slightly dull. It tastes like cod and is quite substantial but not chewy and solid - the portions may not be the biggest but add a few chips and some veg and you've got yourself a decent dinner.

      ~*~ Find Fish ~*~

      Surprisingly you can find it in Asda or online at Asda and possibly at other Asda affiliated shops. You can't find it at my mums as it's not very classy. It costs £1.65 which means you get a nice bit of fish and sauce for just over 40p - I'm a real cheap-ass but if I can keep din-dins to under a quid, I'm a happy lady.

      ~*~ Frying Fish ~*~

      Don't fry it - it comes in a plastic bag but you can thoroughly defrost it before cooking but this seems a wee bit pointless to me. You can also use the oven but why bother when it takes a fraction of the time in the wonderful microwave? Just pierce the bag several times and pop it into the microwave on a safe plate for 2 ½ minutes. Take it out and waggle it, though not too much or you'll spill the sauce. Cook it again for the same amount of time and then leave it to rest for 1 minute - sounds like a recipe for something else but I assure you this'll produce a tasty dinner.

      ~*~ Ingredients ~*~

      Alaska Pollock (50%) (Fish), Butter Sauce (50%) [Partially Reconstituted Whole Milk Powder, Butter (7.0%), Cornflower, Maltodextrin, Wheat Flour, Salt, Parsley, Sugar, Onion Powder, Flavourings (Milk), Colours (Curcumin, Paprika Extract), Lemon Powder, White Pepper, Nutmeg]. Apparently there are no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat, however the fat content is 8%, the saturated fat is 19% and salt is 17% of your RDA's so it's not completely wonderful. However, if you're watching every calorie then this is only 124 (6%) so you can have 16 portions and 2 chips a day. What more could you want?

      Take a gander at www.asda.com or give em a bell on 0845 300 1111 as apparently they'll refund and replace if you're not 100% happy. I doubt it.

      Thanks for reading.
      Review will most definitely appear elsewhere.

      Caroline & Pig
      February 2011

      Both happy (I can't think of anything that me and Pig have in common on this one, feel free to send suggestions which I'll ignore or steal and claim as my own).


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