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Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak

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Brand: Aunt Bessie's / Type: Frozen Food

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    4 Reviews
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      04.04.2010 18:45
      Very helpful




      It might seem strange, but I had never tried bubble and squeak before until I saw these Aunt Bessies ones in the frozen section of Sainsbury's.

      The packaging is the same style as the rest of the Aunt Bessie range, a dark blue bag with the red logo. A picture of a bowl full of these Bubble and squeaks which look yummy. The packet states that this is a new recipe, so i guess they haven't been out as long as the rest of the range. There is also a picture of Aunt Bessie too, what a stunner!

      Costing £1.59 for a 550 gram bag they seemed like a bargain, Auntie Bess had never let me down before so I had a good feeling about these. They contain mashed potato, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

      There are three ways you can cook these. Either oven cook them for 16-18mins, grill for 18-20 mins, or shallow fry for 10-12mins. I decided to oven cook them as i already had the oven warmed up. I actually cooked them for around 25minutes until they went a nice golden colour, I also turned them half way through. Make sure these are piping hot before you serve them.

      When it come to taste, these were lovely, you could definitely taste the cabbage and potato, the outside had turned a little crunchy and the centre was nice and fluffy. I had never had bubble and squeak before so couldn't compare it to the real thing, but trying these it's definitely something I would have again. Aunt Bessie has done it again, created a cook from frozen product that is ready in less than 30 minutes. I would recommend these to anyone, they would go perfect with a fried breakfast or even eaten as a snack. Keep up the hard work Bessie!

      One quick note, I have been looking in other supermarkets trying to find these, but as yet i can only seem to buy them from Sainsburys. If anyone finds them elsewhere please leave a note. Because of this reason, I can only give it four stars


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        04.03.2010 17:45
        Very helpful



        Great stand by food

        When my son was young I used to make bubble and squeak out of left over Sunday dinner and it was one of the few ways I can get vegetables in him. As he has got older I his vegetable intake has improved but however when I spotted Aunt Bessie's Bubble and squeak in Iceland I decided it would be a great way to get additional vegetables into my son.

        The pack is the traditional Aunt Bessie's blue pack with a picture of the cooked product on the bag. It has a new recipe logo on the pack. Each pack contains 550grams and cost me £1.69

        Nutritional information.

        Each 100g contains

        8.9 g of fat
        They are made up of a combination of mashed potato, cabbage and Brussels spouts. This has added vegetable oil, dehydrated potato starch, salt and pepper.

        Each portion is a small round portion of about 5cm in diameter. And 1 ½ cm in depth. I find for my son I need three and my son two this seemed adequate but not over filling.

        The discs can be cooked by shallow frying, grilling or oven baking. It also states that this product is not suitable for cooking in the microwave. I have always oven baked these. It recommends that they are cooked on a very high heat for 18-20 minutes and I turned them once to ensure they were cooked equally. I did find that this was not enough to get a golden crispy coating so cooked for an extra 5 minutes which gave a golden outer coating and were steaming hot in the middle.

        When served there is a very thin coating of crispy potato and the strongest taste is potato. The green vegetables can clearly be seen but isn't an overwhelming taste rather a subtle addition. I was pleased how light and fluffy the potato was and I couldn't detect a strong taste of salt. When I have made Bubble and squeak for my son and I, they have shallow fried them and so consequently these taste less greasy.

        Both my son and I have enjoyed these and tend to find these go well with eggs and bacon or sausage and baked beans. I did find that my son liked the small discs and picked one up with his fingers. I do tend to find I prefer them with tomato ketchup.

        I did enjoy them and will happily purchase them again however I do prefer my own as I do include a wider variety of vegetables and less potato and more texture.

        I can recommend them though as a labour free addition to a meal but they do not compare to the homemade dish.


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          28.02.2010 12:28
          Very helpful



          Nice As Long As You Don't Wish Them To Be Like PROPER Bubble & Squeak!!!

          My mum makes THE BEST bubble & squeak but I'm crap at it at it always ends up sloppy with hardly any flavour... or burnt with no flavour at all! lol In Cool Trader the other day though I saw a bag of Aunt Bessies Bubble & Squeak and it only cost £1.29 so I thought I'd buy one to try.

          I'm not sure about them actually because they DO taste quite nice but don't actually feel like you're eating bubble & squeak for some reason. They come in tiny little round pieces that you have to cook in the oven for about 20 mins. They don't look all that appealing before cooking but when they're done they've gone nice and brown and you can deffo smell the mixture of cabbage and potato.

          The main thing that put me off was all the fat that come out of them while they was cooking. I put myself 4 in and by the time they was cooked there was loads of oil on the baking tray and I had to put them on some kitchen roll for a bit to soak some of the greasiness up off the surface of them.

          They taste a bit fake, like it's not real potato that's been used to make them. There's just the right amount of cabbage in the bubble & squeak I reckon and it's got a nice fresh taste and texture, I don't like how soft the potato is though because when we have homemade bubble & squeak it's deffo got a rougher and more interesting texture than this.

          I'll probably eat these again but I don't think I'll go mad on them, I would have done if they tasted more like PROPER bubble & squeak because even though they've got a nice flavour I can't get it through my head that this isn't just another potato product but is supposed to be bubble & squeak. They've got a more greasy taste than bubble & squeak that we make at home and don't taste buttery, I think that's a bit of why it doesn't taste like real potato because for it to be mashed into the cabbage it should have had a bit of butter added to it!

          I reckon this is one of them things you've got to try for yourself to make your own mind up. As long as you don't go into it expecting them to taste big time like bubble & squeak then you'll probably enjoy them but personally I wish a bit more thought had gone into making it.

          Recommended.... but not massively like home made bubble & squeak!!


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          22.02.2010 13:04
          Very helpful



          Easier, cheaper and healthier than making your own

          PRICE: £1.99 for a 550g bag at my local Sainsbury's

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g, oven-baked):

          Calories: 177
          Kj: 740
          Protein: 2.2g
          Carbohydrates: 22.0g
          (of which sugars): 2.5g
          Fat: 8.9g
          (of which saturates): 4.5g
          Fibre: 4.9g
          Sodium: 0.2g
          Salt equivalent: 0.6g


          Potato (52%), cabbage (15%), Brussels sprouts (15%), vegetable oil, dehydrated potato granules, onion, potato starch, salt, pepper



          I love trying out all sorts of potato products and dishes, as my diet would feel very sad and sorry without some good old spuds cooked in one way or another. I love bubble & squeak, but just don't seem to possess the knack of making it myself, no matter how hard I try, so I was interested to see Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak in the frozen food section of my local Sainsbury's.

          The bubble & squeak comes in a dark blue-ish/purple-ish coloured plastic bag, and contains about 5 portions - 3 or 4 of the pieces would in my opinion comprise one portion. The front of the bag shows a serving of the product, and the rear shows nutritional information, ingredients, storage & cooking instructions and Aunt Bessie's quality claim with contact details. Despite thorough searching, I can locate no dietary/allergy information whatsoever on the bag.

          The pieces of bubble & squeak are circular and about the same size as mini rice cakes, very neatly formed. Overall, each little piece is a golden yellowish colour, containing what appears to be a generous addition of Brussel sprout and cabbage to the potato. Once the bag is opened and in the product's frozen state, there is no distinguishable smell; nor do they give off any specific or noticeable aroma whilst being cooked by any of the suggested methods.

          The bubble & squeak pieces can be oven-baked, grilled or shallow fried, and it clearly states on the pack that the product isn't suitable for microwave cooking or deep frying.

          The first time I sampled this bubble & squeak, I went for the oven-bake method. I followed the advice given on the pack, but I found that for my own tastes, the cooking time wasn't really long enough. The next time, I thought I'd see how they came out when shallow fried, and though the result was more authentic and close to 'real' bubble & squeak, I found the potato had absorbed a lot of oil from the pan, and for me the outcome was much too greasy. Grilling produced pretty much the same results as oven-baking.

          On the first occasion when I felt the cooking time given on the pack wasn't long enough, I found the bubble & squeak pieces to be rather sad and tired, with a floppy consistency and very little flavour. When grilling for the first time, again I didn't cook them for long enough - despite following the manufacturer's instructions - and the result was the same. Also, on both these occasions, the cooking time was too short to allow the oil contained within the bubble & squeak to crisp up the outer surface.

          If cooked for a little longer than the manufacturer's instructions, Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak is surprisingly good. The outside of the little cakes goes nicely crispy without being too hard, and the oil contained within, perfectly cooks the combined potato and green vegetables. The onion flavour is quite pronounced, but not overly so; it blends very well with the other ingredients, and I could taste the difference between the cabbage and sprouts very clearly. Also, and unlike other products of a similar-ish nature, this rather delicious bubble & squeak isn't too peppery.

          I find that for myself (bearing in mind I have a large appetite), four pieces is an ideal serving - satisfying, without bloating me - and though being very tasty and extremely good to eat, I didn't find them too moreish.

          I like the ingredients used in Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak in that everything seems above board, with what appears to be no artificial additives or other sneaky nasties; just a good, old-fashioned, plain and simple recipe, with all the ingredients in perfect balance and harmony with one another.

          The product is also versatile in that you can eat it with a variety of different things - my favourite way is with scrambled egg, fried mushrooms and a couple of grilled tomatoes, topped with a little brown sauce. The brown sauce really adds a lovely zing to the flavour of the green vegetables in the bubble & squeak.

          So long as the bubble & squeak pieces are cooked under the grill or in the oven for that little bit longer than recommended and so long as they aren't fried and thus rendered too greasy, I'd say that 'Aunt Bessie' has created a winner here, which I certainly shall be buying again, and again, and again!

          Although Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak on first impressions may seem expensive, bearing in mind the general cheapness of the type of products used, I manage to get five meals out of a single bag, which actually works out cheaper than using fresh potatoes to roast or jacket bake, mash etc. I am also very impressed with the wholesomeness of the ingredients, and that as far as I can see, there is a complete absence of artificial additives.

          The product is quick and convenient to use, and doesn't require any chopping, peeling, mashing etc. The fat and calorie content is fairly respectable, and though I don't think the green vegetable content would be enough to be included in our 'five a day', there is a healthy amount of fibre in the product, which can't be bad.

          The only thing I can think of which would render Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak in any way unhealthy, would be to fry it rather than grill or oven-bake, but it's not very nice fried anyway, so that quite likely wouldn't be a problem for most people.

          Nice one Aunt Bessie, and this product will appear on my shopping lists for a long time to come.

          Thanks for reading!

          ~~ May also be published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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