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Bannisters Farm Cheese & Smoky Bacon Potato Skins

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Brand: Bannisters / Type: Potato

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 23:04
      Very helpful



      Yummy Potato Skins..... That Aren't Really Skins!

      I love bacon skins and when I saw these from Bannisters they looked so yummy on the box that I brought some.... even better they was on special offer so I got 4 halves of potato for 79p!

      To me these aren't exactly potato skins because there is too much filling in them, the filling comes nearly to the top of the potato and that's fine with me but if you're expecting skins with a tiny bit of filling then these might be a bit too much for you.

      You can do them in the oven and they take about 30 mins, but I've been doing mine in the microwave and they're just as good like that apart from the skin on the potato not going crispy. They don't crisp all that much in the oven anyway so your not missing much by nuking them apart from your food being done a lot quicker.

      The filling is like a kind of solid cheese sauce, it's got quite a strong cheese flavour and tastes quite fresh and natural instead of being majorly processed. It's a creamy cheese and that mixes proper nice with the flavour of the smokey bacon.

      There are small bits of bacon in the cheese, they are only little but there are shedloads in each half of potato and it's got a delish ham flavour to it. That makes them a bit salty tasting but it's salty in a good way and doesn't make you crave a drink of water after! lol

      The potato is cooked good and there isn't any hard lumps or dry bits, I think for the price I paid these are wicked. I reckon the best way to eat these is with a bit of bbq sauce on the side of the plate because that goes sooooo nice with the cheese and makes the potato taste loads more special than it really is.

      Recommended..... delish potato skins that won't break the bank!


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