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Batchelors Savoury Rice Chinese

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3 Reviews

Brand: Batchelors / Type: Chinese Food

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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2012 23:09
      Very helpful



      Not sure if its vegetarian or not and I tend to think it isnt!

      When out shopping the other day in my local B & M store I spotted several different varieties of these Bachelors Savoury rices costing only 39p a pack and I bought rather a few packets of it with the idea of using them as side dishes for myself. I love rice but I am not one bit keen on plain rice so these seemed ideal to me and really rather cheap too.

      The Packaging:

      The packet is is squarish in shape and of quite large size and is coloured red and blue and silver foil inside and on the front of it we are told what it is and who it is made by and we are told that it contains no artificial preservatives and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown along with a photograph of the rice made up and then on the back of the pack other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice, there is a full nutritional chart shown, cooking instructions are given, the weight is stated which is 120g and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Its an easy enough packet to open and there isn't too much of it so not too much rubbish to get rid of!

      The Rice Itself:

      What you get is lots of dried ingredients and a pinky coloured powder and you can either pop this in a microwave or cook it in a saucepan on the hob and either way this takes about 15 minutes to cook and me I cooked mine in the microwave for ease really and it cooked perfectly in 15 minutes and smelt meaty when cooked and looked pleasant enough and not soggy but still moist.

      This is actually a tasty rice though not as tasty as I expected and I thought it was going to taste more like Chinese food than it did however it was nice enough.

      The rice is long grained and that makes the majority of the meal as this contains 81% of it then there are little well cooked bits of red pepper, carrots and tiny crunchy pieces of water chestnut. There is hint of garlic flavouring to it, its very well seasoned and not greasy or spicy.

      The textures are nice enough and like I say it was well cooked through and hot when I ate it and I had plenty of it for one person along with a portion of spare ribs I cooked in the oven to go with it!

      With 444 calories a portion and 0.4g of saturated fat this gives one generous portion of rice and I rather like it really!

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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      18.11.2010 15:18
      Very helpful



      Not bad.

      I have recently started Slimming World - which is a diet based around low fat meals and fresh food. But sometimes I don't have the time to prepare my lunch before I go into work, so I sought out a few low fat alternatives. Batchelors Savoury Rice is one of these low fat finds and I know that I can throw a packet into my bag, go to work, heat it up and it won't ruin the diet.

      You can buy this rice in Asda - for 56p - or you can buy five packets for £2.00. Alternatively, you can often pick these up in discount stores.

      *** Nutritional Information ***

      Per serving (half a pack)

      Energy: 928kJ/219kcal;
      Protein: 5.7g;
      Carbohydrates: 46.1g;
      Carbohydrates (of which are sugars): 4.9g;
      Fat: 1.3g;
      Fat (of which are saturates): 0.2g;
      Fibre: 1.3g;
      Sodium: 0.73g;
      Salt equivalent: 1.83g.

      Ingredients: Rice (81%), sugar, red pepper (2%), tomato powder, yeast extract, salt, dried carrot, vegetable oil, flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, sodium, 5'-ribonucleotide), bean sprouts (0.8%), water chestnuts (0.8%), dried leek, flavourings (contains barley, wheat, celery), garlic powder, citric acid, colour (ammonia caramel).

      *** My Opinion ***

      Batchelors Savoury Rice in Chinese flavour takes a while to cook. You put it in a microwavable bowl, you add around a pint of water, you cover it and heat on full power for 15 minutes - stirring half way through. Once it is cooked you leave it to stand for five minutes and it's then good to eat! The rice comes out fluffy and moist (if you make sure you've added the right amount of water).

      The rice itself is tasty enough, but it doesn't really have a Chinese taste to it - it just reminds me of chicken flavoured rice if I'm being honest.

      There is quite a bit of veg within the rice and the tomato sauce compliments it well.

      The rice is quite filling and it makes a good alternative to sandwiches at lunchtime, but although it's tasty enough, I was disappointed that it didn't have more of a Chinese taste to it.

      Three stars.


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        16.03.2010 18:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not bad

        I like products that provide me with quick, easy food that's not too bad for me in terms of health or weight gain. As such, I often purchase Uncle Ben's Express Rice which goes in the microwave and is ready in just two minutes, providing a really simple and tasty accompaniment to any meal. However, when I was recently cleaning out my kitchen cupboard, I found a couple of packets of rice from my pre-Uncle Ben's days. These were Bachelors Savoury Rice packets, one in Chinese flavour and one in Chicken flavour. I thought I had best use them up, partly for reasons of economy and partly so I could review them on Dooyoo of course!

        Bachelors Savoury Rice comes in blue packets and is available for 52 pence at Asda. Currently it is also on offer, allowing you to pick any 4 packets from the range for £2. This makes it considerably cheaper than Uncle Ben's Express Rice which costs £1.30 for one packet or £3 for 3 packets. So I was interested to see whether this rice at less half the price of my usual one would be as good.

        The packet contains 120 grams of dried rice and this is supposedly enough for one as a small meal or two as part of a main meal. Being alone in the house on the night I chose to use it, I decided to have all the packet with a small piece of fish. However I couldn't finish all the rice and I would be surprised if many people could eat the whole packet even without an accompaniment. It is much better suited to split between two people and you get quite a lot more than in the Uncle Ben's packets.

        The rice is easy enough to cook. You just add water, bring it to the boil on the hob and then leave it to simmer for around quarter of an hour. You can also do it in the microwave but you have to keep stopping it and adding more water, so I chose to do it on the hob. Obviously it's not as convenient or as quick as the Express rice though and you end up with more washing up!

        The rice tasted ok, though nothing special. It had a nice enough texture although it was a little too moist for me even though I'd drained off all the water. The Chinese taste didn't seem particularly Chinese, it tasted more like a very tomato-ey sort of sweet and sour sauce. The rice is supposed to contain 'a tasty mix of red pepper, water chestnuts and bean sprouts' but I could locate no bean sprouts and only a couple of water chestnuts which was a disappointment. I think Bachelors should really add a few more of these to the rice and that would improve its taste and texture.

        This rice was alright but even though it is good value compared to my usual rice, I probably wouldn't buy it again as it doesn't taste quite as nice and is more of a hassle to cook. If you don't mind watching over rice on the hob and are looking to save a few extra pennies though, this might be a good purchase for you.


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