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Batchelors Soupfulls Tuscan Tomato in Pasta

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2 Reviews

Brand: Batchelors / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2010 14:29
      Very helpful



      This is one confused soup thay didnt leave me feeling full!

      Apparently it's May. Now I'm not sure if this is strictly true because I woke up to a layer of snow this morning. With this freezing weather instead of starting to eat salads for the sunnier weather (if it ever comes?) I'm still eating soup in a bid to keep warm.

      On my last trip to Tesco I decided to try Batchelors Soupfulls. They aren't something I would usually opt for as I tend to stick to Heinz when it comes to soups that aren't fresh. However, Soupfulls were on offer so I decided to give them a go. I love tomato soup so decided to try the tomato and pasta flavour. Soupfulls come in 400g blue packets with a picture of the soup on the front which does look very appetising. They usually cost around £1.00, which is a fairly reasonable price in comparison to other branded soups.

      Heating up the soup is very simple. You just need to cut a corner off of the packet and place in the microwave. Cooking the soup takes around three minutes which is quite quick. The packaging doesn't mention cooking this soup on the hob which is a bit annoying as I prefer soup that's cooked this way. Whilst cooking the smell is actually quite nice, smelling very much like fresh tomatoes with lots of herbs.

      The front of the packaging describes this soup as 'a heart-warming tasty soup packed full of ripe tomatoes and filling pasta.' This makes it sound quite nice but unfortunately it really isn't. The tomato flavour is exactly like a pasta sauce, as is the consistency which if I was eating pasta then this product would be quite nice. However, when you're eating soup the pasta sauce flavour really doesn't work so well. The soup has lots of bits of tomato in it, like a thicker version of a can of chopped tomatoes but this makes it loose its soup like consistency. However, it's not thick enough, nor does it have enough pasta in it to be like pasta with extra sauce. This is just a really confused soup which doesn't make any sense to me! The soup is also really herby and this almost overtakes all the other flavours, it just makes the soup (or whatever its meant to be) pretty unpleasent. The pasta in the soup also comes out really soft, almost slimy and not particularly nice. Rather than buy Soupfulls again I would prefer to make up a Heinz tomato soup (or even a Tesco Value tomato soup!) and add some pasta that wouldn't be slimy and add just the right amount of herbs (fresh or even dry it would be better than whats in the Soupfulls).

      The idea of Soupfulls is to fill you up. I don't particularly have a huge appetite but I ate the whole packet of soup with a toastie and I wasn't hugely satisfied by the end.

      I wouldn't recommend this soup unless you like eating pasta sauce on its own or really enjoy soggy pasta. I think it's pretty hard to get tomato soup wrong and Soupfulls definitely got this very wrong


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      15.09.2009 15:23
      Very helpful



      A truely great new soup.

      I have a cupboard full of these batchelors soupfulls for my lunches over the coming week so I will reviewing them all.

      On the menu today however was Tuscan tomato and pasta, sounds nice doesn't it?

      Lets start with the packaging....

      The soup come in a handy pouch which is handy as my tin opening has broke. It is blue with the usual batchelors logo and a photo of the soup which looks really appealing.
      It also states that this product has no added msg,artificial colours or preservatives and that it is low in fat which is great as I am on a diet.
      To open you just have to rip to top off and then pour the soup out.


      I notice first how thick the liquid is and how it is a deep orangey red colour. The soup is packed with pasta bows and lumps of courgette. I can see its going to be very filling by how much pasta there is.


      The soup smells lovely hot or cold, It smells of tomato and herbs and reminds me of tinned heinz spagetti bol.


      This soup really is thick and smooth tasting with generous lumps of veg. The pasta is cooked well and there is plenty of it making it a much more satisfying meal. The herbs added are a nice touch and complement the other flavours very well.
      I felt I had no need for the usual 2 rounds of bread and butter than I have when eating soup.

      I brought these soups for 97p each which is more that a normal can of soup but when in context of what you are getting in your bowl it is worth the extra few pennies.

      Nutitional info...

      Each 400g serving provides;
      208 calories
      33.2g carbohydrates (14g sugars)
      5.2g fat (1.6g saturates)
      1.6g fibre

      Low in calories yet fills the tummy thats got to be a winner.


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