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Bird's Eye Steamfresh Broccoli, Sweetcorn, Peas & Rice

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Type: Frozen Food

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    4 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 10:59
      Very helpful



      Handy freezer packs for nutritious dinners

      I picked these up when they were on a special deal (which they frequently are) as we eat a lot of rice in our house. Mr Tongueoftruth loves rice and would eat it every day if I let him, but we keep it down to 'only' three or four times a week. I can find it gets quite boring so I'm always looking for new ricey products to try so that I can ring the changes. Anything quick and easy to cook is a bonus!

      Each pack contains four bags of rice, sweetcorn, peas and brocolli, with a little knob of herb butter. These are designed to act as steam-bags in the microwave. Each portion has 190 calories.

      Now, on the contents, I buy these quite a lot and one of the disappointing things is that the contents are not very consistant. sometimes you get a pack where the bags are mostly rice with a little bit of veg. On the other hand, the last pack I bought was mostly veg with a little bit of rice. Sometimes they manage to get a good 50/50 split, but you can't see what you are getting until you open the main pack. So you have to be prepared to be a bit flexible!

      Portions: the theory is one bag per person, but while that's fine for me and the kids, Mr ToT needs two bags otherwise he feels diddled. I also like to use this as the carbs/veggies portion of a meal and if it's one of those packs where it's mostly veggies (as mentioned above) it doesn't have enough carbs/bulk to satisfy.

      No need to cut or slit. Bung in the microwave for about 3.5 minutes. You can do multiple packs but they do take quite a bit longer - around 6 minutes for 3 packs. Make sure you shake them thoroughly and check they are fully heated if you are doing more than one, sometimes you'll find 'cold spots' that aren't ready (but that could just be my microwave). They puff up a lot with steam when they are ready so if they stay flat, that's a good sign that they need another blast.

      As long as it's one of the balanced contents packs, I'd say these are a perfect combination. The herby butter is lovely and just keeps everything moist and tempting. The veg and rice cook well together and achieve that nice 'cooked but with a smidge of a bite still' point at the same time (al dente I suppose, that's how I like it).

      These are very useful for kids as the veggies are familiar family favourites.

      Advantages: quick and easy addition to dinner, nutritious, very tasty

      Disadvantages: sometimes the contents are not well balanced between rice and veggies.

      I always grab a couple of packs when they are on offer to keep handy.


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      08.02.2010 10:34
      Very helpful



      a fantastic way to make a healthy accompanyment to your meal!

      The people at Bird's eye, under the watchful eye of the Captain I'm sure, have yet again produced absolute genius frozen food ideas.
      I love to cook and I try really hard to eat healthily. But more importantly I want quick healthy food; as much as I love to cook by the time I am home from work I don't want to be spending hours chopping and preparing wonderful, fresh vegetables.

      Bird's eye must have had me in mind when they created these packs of steam rice and vegetables. The idea is so incredibly simple that I can't believe its never been done before.

      Each pack contains 4 bags of frozen rice, mixed in with broccoli, sweetcorn and peas. Each bag is one portion, so one per person. You pop this bag straight into the microwave, no opening or piercing required, and cook it for 4 minutes on full power. When the microwave pings you get the bag out and open it onto the plate, being careful not to let the steam hit your hands that is painful I'm telling you!
      And Voila....you have a portion of perfectly cooked rice with vegetables.

      This is not only incredibly simple and quick to use, this is a very healthy way of cooking as well. The vegetables, having being frozen and then steam cooked in the bag, contain far more vitamins and minerals than they would otherwise. Each pack contains one of your five a day as well so you know that you are having the right portion size.
      I also find as well that when hand cooking rice I can quite often end up making mounds of it, which I then try to eat all of in the spirit of waste not want not.

      These portions however save the hassle of measuring or portion control and give you a smallish, but perfectly filling size portion that actually is all you need to eat.

      Most importantly though these packs taste absolutely delicious and fresh! I would recommend any one to try these, they are little cooking saviours!


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      29.11.2009 20:46
      Very helpful



      A good portion of vegetables in each steam bag.

      I think most of us accept that Birds Eye are a very reputable frozen food manufacture and the company obviously have to try to introduce new ideas to their ever expanding range.
      Frozen vegetables can be a minefield, some vegetables freeze well and others lose their shape and texture, for example I think that some of the frozen Brussel sprouts on offer are worse than awful.
      But at one time or another most of us will use some form of frozen vegetables.
      I came across the Birds Eye steam bags a couple of months ago, the normal frozen mixed vegetables hold nothing for me but at least the Birds Eye steam bags looked worth trying.

      Birds Eye say that the whole knack of freezing vegetables successfully is to harvest them and then freeze them in a very short space of time, this makes sure that none of the goodness is lost.
      There are a few different types of steam bag which include peas,carrots and green beans, carrots peas and broccoli florets and rice, broccoli, sweetcorn and peas.

      Inside one packet of the Birds Eye steam bags you will find that there are four individual portions of vegetables all wrapped up and ready to microwave.
      I think that this idea is a good one, the individual portions are easy to store and easy to cook, I know from past experience if I haven't clipped the bag back together properly then I end up with frozen veg running wild at the bottom of the freezer.
      Birds Eye have made the outer packaging eye catching, it is colourful and well presented.
      The individual portions are wrapped in a clear bag that is well perforated and one side has black markings on it, this is done so that you know the bag is put into the microwave right side up. ( black marking facing upwards)

      One good thing comes from the vegetables being put into a clear plastic bag - you can see straight through the plastic and you get a good view of the contents.
      Although at that point the vegetables are still frozen you can see that they look clean and they are not blemished.
      Each bag contains a good sized portion, more than adequate for one serving.
      Birds Eye have added butter, seasoning and herbs to add taste.
      Considering that the contents of the steam bag look pleasing to the eye I would imagine that Birds Eye have worked at hard at getting the balance right.

      The Birds Eye steam bags couldn't be more simple to cook. You place the individual bags on a microwave friendly plate and cook them on full power for around three minutes, then you leave them to stand for a further minute.
      During the cooking time the bag will puff up and in the resting time it will deflate again, the steam escapes through the perforations in the bag.
      The bag has a perforated line which you tear along to open and the vegetables and rice are then ready to serve.
      How easy can life be ?

      The portion of vegetables and rice slide out of the bag easily and as well as looking good they also smell very good. There has obviously been quite a lot of forethought put into the contents of the bag. The cooking times for the ingredients of the steam bag vary but Birds Eye have managed to ensure that they all cook together in the alotted three minutes.

      The combination of vegetables and rice goes well together and they are tasty, they also look very attractive on the plate.
      One 160g steam bag contains 145 calories, 2g sugar, 0.3g salt, 5g fat and 3.1g saturates.
      The colourful contents of the Birds eye steam bags may well appeal to children, more so than a heap of ordinary veg.
      I really like them and I am sure that they will remain on my menu.
      Just one little word of warning, when you want to remove the steam bag from the microwave be careful - the bag is boiling hot !


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        12.10.2008 16:17
        Very helpful



        A nice idea to introduce new flavours to my young 'uns!

        Ok, after reading what this review is on you will think it is very boring, actually I would do too! But I wanted to review this product as it has helped me introduce a few new flavours to my daughters palate without to much disruption.

        The product I will now review is " Birds eye, rice broccoli, sweet corn and peas steam bags"

        Firstly how I came to buy this product. My daughter had always been a difficult and picky eater, however as she has got a little older her taste have developed and widened enabling me to encourage her to actually try things that she would have run away from at one time!

        One of these things is rice, I know many mothers out there will be reading this and saying to themselves, well my child has been eating that for years and yes I do feel that maybe if I had encouraged more forms of food when weaning she might not be as picky, but rice was onr thing I tried introducing quite early on.
        I think it is the texture more than the taste that she disliked when younger, so now there is more variation in her diet I felt it was now or never!

        The practical reason for purchasing this product is the fact that within the single large plastic bag there are four smaller and sealed microwave bags filled with rice and vegetables, just the right size for a daughter sized portion (for a slightly more descriptive idea just the right size for a 7 year old).

        As I mentioned before the rice packets come in a single plastic outer packet, on this is the normal information, brand name, product name, the contents of these particular rice bags (there are at least two different sorts of rice bags that I am aware of), a picture of a microwave and the recommended cooking time and finally the statement that each of these bags holds the equivalent to 1 of your 5 recommended daily portions of vegetable or fruit. There is also a nice picture running down the side of the bag showing how the bags look when removed from the outer packaging.

        When removed from the outer packaging you will notice that each bag has hundreds of tiny holes, this is to allow the steam to escape when being microwaved.
        This really is the easiest thing to cook, you remove from packet, place the bag of rice in your microwave making sure that the green stripe on the bag is facing upwards then nuke for 3 ½ minutes.

        When removing from the microwave take care, the bag puffs right up during the cooking process and when you try to move the bag the steam will rush out of any hole, this in turn scolds very easily and bloody hurts!

        You then simply cut open one end and serve. When served you will see there is a nice selection of rice, sweetcorn, broccoli and peas, what I hadn't realised is there is also a small knob of herby butter added to the pack, this makes the rice portion tasty and moist when served.

        The rice (when served) comes out soft and fluffy with none of the rice sticking together. All the vegetables are tender and well cooked, no mushy veg here!

        This is a lovely and well cooked portion of rice, which thanks to the people at Birdseye has now persuaded my daughter to eat rice and even broccoli (she really did not like tree's!).

        The nutritional information is as follows -

        Per steamed bag of rice and vegetables -

        190 kcal
        6.0g protein
        29.0g carbohydrate
        2.6g of which sugars
        5.6g fat
        3.3g of which saturates
        3.6g fibre

        Each packet also contains 38% of the RDA (recommended daily amount) of vitamin C.

        The other selling point for this product is that it was on special offer at the time of purchasing! When I bought them they were on a "2 bags for £2.00" offer, normal price I think they are closer to the £2.00 mark per bag, so I do think I had a bargain, not sure that I would pay full price though!

        At the bargain price I would recommend these, they are a perfect size, portion wise, easy to cook and even though they are microwaved they are still delicious and perfectly cooked.

        For more information visit - www.birdseye.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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