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Birds Eye Cod Steak in Butter Sauce

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Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2009 21:40
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      A nice meal, but costs a bit much

      While in the student shop today, I decided to look for a low calorie meal to have for lunch, so that I wouldn't feel too bad about the packet of crisps I'd picked up as well. Although there isn't a wide variety of choice in the shop (though you're spoilt for choice if you want noodles), I managed to find this Birds Eye cod steak tucked away in the corner of the freezer. On inspection, I discovered that it only contained 165 calories, which seemed like too good an offer to pass up, especially considering that this calorie content is even lower than that of my crisps. Despite its small size, I decided that I would give it a go, and since it's so low in calories I wouldn't feel too bad about having a snack later on if it didn't fill me up enough.

      Cooking this cod steak in butter sauce is fairly easy and is explained on the packet: cut a couple of slices in the bag, and cook it in the microwave, or boil the fish in the bag if you don't have a microwave available. Cooking took only around five minutes or so, and it wasn't too difficult to transfer the contents of the sachet into a bowl.

      Once I'd prepared this meal, I have to say that I felt slightly disappointed. I knew from the size of the box that there wouldn't be a huge amount of food, but on looking at the small cod steak and the small amount of sauce I doubted that it would fill me up very much. On tasting it, however, I decided that these problems didn't really matter, as the taste was good enough to make up for it. I am a huge fan of fish, and so this meal was right up my street, and the butter sauce was very nice and creamy without tasting overly fatty. The cod was fine, though I could criticise it for being slightly chewy.

      Nutritionally, this cod steak is pretty good, as with its 165 calories, you could almost have it as a snack without thinking twice. It also contains 14g of protein, which will help you to feel fuller for longer, and the only real problem is its fat content, which is 8.6g. Having said that, it only counts as 12% of your RDA of fat, so if you have this as a lunch with some vegetables, it's a very healthy meal.

      In conclusion, I did enjoy this fish meal and would probably buy it again. The only reason why I wouldn't do so, is the price: in my student shop it set me back £1.55, which is quite a lot for such a small portion. I would recommend giving it a go if you want a low calorie fishy meal that's easy to prepare, but I wouldn't really want to pay more than £1 for it again, so will look out for offers in supermarkets.


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